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  1. I interned with Great Coasters for six months in 2007 assembling Millennium Flyers, and then for 10 months in 2008 in the engineering office. If you're not familiar with the Intern Blog, Adam and I started it in 2007, and all of our interns since have posted about our experiences interning with GCI. That's at www.greatcoastersinterns.com. Good luck at the well known ride manufacturer within the United States, EastCoastn07.
  2. Our work on Thunder Road was for the 2008 season, in which we worked on the turn-around. Nothing since then, however.
  3. For what it's worth as someone who has worked on sites for a while... The one thing I think the current front page is lacking is a visual hierarchy. Right now, your eye is drawn to whichever of the small images happens to have the greatest contrast of color, or is most eye-catching in some way. I think the new front page should have a definitive "this is what you should look at first" piece that is larger than everything else, so it will draw attention no matter what everything else is doing. From what it sounds like in the discussion, the "most recent updates" section seems to fit the bill best. Some of the designs have already done this, which is great. Everything else should be easy to find once the visitor settles in. And I echo Robb's original recommendations of more graphics/less text, simple, and easy to navigate. People will not stick around if it becomes work for them to enjoy the site. (Though it's an extreme example, Google has a full-time employee whose only job is to make sure the homepage stays simple.)
  4. For those interested: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_display.asp
  5. Going to the IAAPA Expo is the #1 thing I recommend for anyone seeking a job in the industry. The reaction you get from companies there will be mixed, but the amount of young professionals attending has steadily increased over the last few years, so it's nothing new to anybody. Most companies will speak with you if they aren't busy when you visit. Just be aware of how busy they may be when you approach, because, as you noted, that is the main purpose of the show. Aside from the networking opportunity at the show, you can also learn a lot about the industry in the few days you're there. This could prove to be as advantageous when you're talking with prospective employers down the road.
  6. Mark is a great leader. I worked under him at SFNE when he was General Manager. Kemah will certainly benefit with him there.
  7. No, the flume actually travels through the "rock", which is actually the back of one of the park's hotels. Edit: Here is a photo of the other side.
  8. In your third photo, the first drop will emerge from the castle shown in the middle of the hill.
  9. Actually, the rides are divided into four groups and each group closes based on proximity of lightning. "Alpha" rides are the only ones that close when lightning is at the 30-mile range. As you'd expect, these are the coasters and other tall rides.
  10. Well, ejector air, yes. Floater air is between 0 and 1 G.
  11. Official release: http://www.greatcoasters.com/?p=news&s=archive&id=6
  12. Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you sometime this week. Evan AT greatcoasters DOT com
  13. Larson is doing the trains. Mike designed the most recent iteration.
  14. Though I'm not an intern anymore, we're still keeping the site going. In fact, a new intern just started! To celebrate the occasion, I spent some time upgrading the site. We've jumped on the WordPress bandwagon, so you can all get RSS feeds, post comments, and really keep on top of what's going on with our interns (and projects). So head on over and meet Eamon from Ohio State University. I know he'll be good about keeping the content updated, so if you haven't bookmarked it yet, now is a good time to. www.greatcoastersinterns.com
  15. I submitted one a couple years back that has since been removed from the database. Do you know anything about Europark near Acre (if I remember correctly) in Northern Israel? Is it gone?
  16. In order: "This is our war" "Here they come!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" [A couple seconds of "The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson] "It's a war zone out here" "Follow me" "Take the tunnel!" "We're holding 'em back" "The machines!" "This is our salvation" [A sort of call-and-response chanting]
  17. It's all about the money. You find a lot of coasters coming into the brakes with so much energy because the parks want something X feet tall, Y feet long, but only cost Z dollars. It's a very difficult balancing act. Theming is also what the parks want to do with it, and that's based on money, too. Many parks want to put more money into the ride than the theming, and vice versa (see a related thread somewhere around here). Most designers are pretty damn creative given the constraints they are given.
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