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  1. Without getting into detail, I've witnessed a pretty bad situation involving a camera being dropped on a ride. There shouldn't be any question about following posted rules about them (and any other "loose articles"). It's more than just covering the park legally.
  2. Odd. We received the photos yesterday through email from one of our guys on site.
  3. We interns got some photos in from the job site today. Views from the top of the lift. Take a look: http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
  4. To clarify, what I meant is that airtime, by definition, is simply when your body is feeling less than 1G forces. I know that there are plenty of coasters that do tend cause actual movement (less than 0G), and, depending on the lapbar, it is possible to literally come up out of your seat. But you can still experience airtime with the lapbar perfectly pinned to your upper thighs and with little to no actual movement from your seat.
  5. Airtime is a sensation based on forces felt by the riders, not actual movement in the seat. I'm fairly certain the goal for most designs of lapbars is to have direct contact with the rider.
  6. Unfortunately, no to both. Shoes are required on Superman. And with the shin cuffs, you'd want them on anyway. I hope I am speaking for most current or past ride operators when I say that we don't enjoy turning people away. When checking a rider that is close to any sort of restriction, I did all I could to try to get them to ride. But if it became clear, after trying it all, that the rider would not qualify, the rules needed to be upheld. I know there are plenty of parks and carnivals where there are people that don't think the way I do, but when it comes down to it, the responsibility of a ride operator or attendant is a great one that I certainly never took lightly.
  7. Having probably trained that ride or attendant, she did exactly what she was trained to do, so I can't feel bad about that... To address the size issues (specifically at Superman) without getting too far into it, the restrictions are purely based on ensuring that the restraints are in an effective position. Yes, body types are different and when you get into height issues, proportions may differ, but, ultimately, there is a good reason for it all. In regards to what was said about riders assuming the risk when getting on the ride, I couldn't agree more. This gets into the whole theory of darwinism, but if signs are posted and ignored, well, that was stupid on the rider's part. Unfortunately, things don't work that way and, if there's one thing I learned from working on that ride, it's that we need to assume that we are responsible for every person that boards the ride because they can't be responsible for themselves. Not to criticize (because you are close), but you did expect to ride knowing that you're over the max height. And, unfortunately, size is pretty much the only thing we can check, besides the obvious checking of restraints. As far as waiting 90 minutes in line before being told you could not ride... well, you should have found me and you would have been compensated
  8. Yeah, it's all protective covering. Just an FYI... the first shots of Renegade's trains (with color, etc.) should be up early in the week, with blog updates to accompany.
  9. Six Flags redesigning the website won't necessarily change the fact that parks are responsible for updating their respective sections. It seems that that's a bigger problem than the site design alone. Just a thought to put out there...
  10. Everything on a Millennium Flyer car is spaced exactly and so all of the components fit together. To modify each car would require a lot more time, work, and energy than modifying the few components on the ride. And to clarify: the chain dog isn't moving. It's actually the chain itself that will adjust to accomodate alignment differences.
  11. It's the largest GCI to date. And to clarify, it's a station fly-through.
  12. Haha, if only we had that kind of pull. About Hershey's old Wildcat trains... what Hershey does with them is obviously up to Hershey (not us), but I haven't heard of any plans of the trains being reused elsewhere.
  13. Send me a message through the intern site and we can chat. Architecture actually isn't that far off, but it depends what exactly you want to do.
  14. 2002 - 2005 SFNE Ride Ops ...finished there as a supervisor with Superman (among other things) in my division.
  15. Big day today. I posted about it in our blog and I believe Adam did, too (though, as of now, it hasn't been 'approved' yet). www.greatcoastersinterns.com Photos in the next few days. Just letting everyone know...
  16. This is Evan... Just thought I'd say hello and that, yes, it is a pretty damn cool internship. We'll keep the blog and photos pretty well updated.
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