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  1. There is a good chance that concrete is being poured right now and I've posted some photos of it on the Intern Site... Concrete at Magic Mountain!
  2. Joe, would you have said hello if you saw you?
  3. For those interested, the second tallest bent is currently being stood. The one before that was stood earlier today. http://prowler.worldsoffun.com/public/latest/webcam.cfm
  4. Yes, there's typically that amount indoors (more even.. this year seemed a little lighter), and the outdoor attractions supplement companies that have booths inside. But the outdoor section had significantly less attractions than I've seen before.
  5. The trade show floor is open tomorrow until 4:00. At-the-door registration is pretty expensive. I'd recommend just trying for next year instead so you can be there for longer and pay less.
  6. It looks like a few supports are already turning grey, or perhaps a baby blue, it's tough to tell. As long as the colors don't clash, I'll be happy, well as long as it rides the same or better. I think that's plastic covering the supports. There have been photos posted of the supports being repainted the same general shade. Edit: While I'm at it, I hate the purple, but I think it's for more personal reasons. It's like they've slowly been changing things since I worked there and this is just one more (big) thing. It's tough when I spent so much time with that ride.
  7. As the site points out, the work was done to the far turnaround and half of the figure eight. Besides the profile work that was done in these areas, you can see wooden structure (amidst the original steel bent construction) where we completely replaced what was there. Perhaps I can dig up a couple photos to include on the website for that project... http://greatcoasters.com/?p=projects&id=18
  8. How long is the Kentucky Rumbler? I have to admit I was bit disappointed by the 2800 ft (approx) that was announced for Terminator. I knew some things on the new site would come in handy: GCI's rides listed from longest to shortest
  9. No, you actually have to click on the text that says "Click here"; links should turn red when you mouse-over. Maybe it makes sense to expand it to the whole text... You can still contribute more! Like I mentioned in the first post, there were a few cases where we weren't able to use any submitted by a given person for various reasons. So, it's nothing personal!
  10. You're right, thanks. I've updated the caption. I guess it's true that the more you stare at things, the easier it is to make silly mistakes without catching them.
  11. We debuted our new website yesterday! I suggest checking it out: www.greatcoasters.com If you submitted one or more photos to the site, there is a good chance at least one of them is being featured (if not, it was typically due to repeat shots, low resolution, etc.). We will continue to accept photos for possible inclusion, so it may be more helpful now to see how they're being used. Overall, I think it's a great way to showcase our fans' photos of our rides! In any case, browse around. There are some cool new features on the site, and a few others being played with that could make an appearance in the future. The best part of the new site is that is has updated information on it and will continue to! Feedback is more than welcome. With the new site, it's never too late to make changes for the better, so I'd love some constructive criticism. Enjoy!
  12. My feeling is that if something as simple as a reverse stock split will prevent the company from being de-listed, it will be approved as a last resort. There's no compelling reason it wouldn't be.
  13. Credit ratings and defaulting on payments isn't directly linked to "the end" for Six Flags or any company. It's true that there may be some changes to try to prevent this from happening, but this doesn't mean they'll go out of business completely if they can't pay. This is also a good chance to gamble on whether or not they can/will make these payments. The downgrade by Moody's is based on their opinion and is, by no means, fact. This has obviously driven the stock price down for worried investors. But if you disagree with Moody's opinion, the stocks can be considered very cheap right now and you can make a nice profit in the near future as the stock price changes to better reflect the true value of the company.
  14. If anyone is interested, the park is asking for people to submit ideas for the name of this coaster! For more information, see the park's site. (Translated by Google here)
  15. All good brakes are designed to be fail-safe. That means that they require energy to disengage, rather than engage, so in case of a loss of power, all brakes default to closed.
  16. I know I said I'd hold off, but let me just add this to the mix of consideration... Perhaps what you are saying about Superman simply needing some TLC is true. But if you were a park spending millions on necessary new trains and other repairs, why not add a gimmick or two to make the investment marketable and re-hype the ride? I'm still not saying how I feel about the changes, but I completely understand the decision and figure this is a case of "as long as we're making these necessary changes..." (By the way, wheels are replaced more often than you think. A new set of wheels has no noticeable effect how the coaster runs in the long-run.) So why didn't they "completely luck into" El Toro? It is clear that Superman was intended to not be a typical installation. They based an entire section of a park around it, added tunnels, and ended up with exactly what they were going for. I can almost guarantee there was enough room in the park for the other Superman layout.
  17. I was purposely not posting in this thread for now. Maybe when the train design surfaces... Oh and that photo of you licking Joe's head is fantastic.
  18. From http://www.wlwt.com/news/17452194/detail.html?rss=cin&psp=news&gg=true (typographical errors are from the article, not me )
  19. I also haven't seen the track piece for the base of the lift in any of the staging areas from any of the photos that have been taken recently. That piece should be pretty bulky.
  20. The conversion from potential to kinetic energy is not linear, so twice the height will not yield twice the speed: mgh => 0.5mv² (potential => kinetic) For an example, if h = 1 m: 9.81 = 0.5v² -> v=4.43 m/s Doubling the height: 19.62 = 0.5v² -> v=6.26 m/s There is also friction and other energy losses, but this conversion is the primary reason.
  21. Sorry for the bump, but the arbitrary "deadline" that we've set up is approaching. We would love to have the majority of photo submissions by September 1. We will continue to accept submissions after the fact, but we are aiming to have a large amount in order for our new site to go live. http://www.greatcoasters.com/submitphoto/ We've received just under 200 photos so far, and are really impressed by the quality! Keep them coming! To offer an incentive, there are a few rides that remain low on the photo submission count. These are: - Renegade (Valleyfair) - Thunderbird (PowerPark) - Gwazi (Busch Gardens Africa) - Roar (Six Flags America) If anyone has some great photos of these rides especially (or plans to visit soon and would want to take some photos), we would love to see them! To reiterate, the idea for the photo submission is to allow for the fans of our rides with an interest in photography to showcase your photos in a slightly different way. We'll admit that it also benefits Great Coasters in allowing our new photo-intensive site to function a little better. So, it's a win-win situation! Thanks again for everyone's help! Evan Great Coasters International, Inc. To get you excited, here are a few photos that have been submitted that will be making an appearance on our new site: Kentucky Rumbler [Credit: Hanno Roos] Roar West [Credit: Ian Booth] Evel Knievel [Credit: Dustijn Hollon, MidwestInfoGuide.com]
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