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  1. Just posted a bunch of photos to the Intern Site. Enjoy! www.greatcoastersinterns.com/
  2. Yeah, that's like designing a heartline roll that needs to be taken out before opening the ride to the public...
  3. Were the photos originally in JPG format or converted by everyone that uploaded? Because I was part of an online scavenger hunt once that required us to use a utility like this to decode a PNG or BMP image. Each photo could have the full phrase encoded in it... It's a stretch, but I thought I'd offer that.
  4. I don't know if you're referring to me from the other thread (this one), but from what I understand in all of my research, The Giant Dip was located approximately where Thunderbolt is now and Lake Takeadip was next to it in the general direction of the DC section & Scream. One of these days, I'll try to dig up the article that leads me to believe that.
  5. Though the overall point of your post may be valid, this section is not exactly correct. The "failure of the ride attendant" was the fourth of four factors listed that contributed to the accident with the first three being "girth of the victim", "pre-existing medical condition" and "varied seat belt sizes". In the case of the "failure of the ride attendant", the attendant actually did everything within her training and the training program developed from Intamin's recommendations. This is just one of those subjects for me where it bothers me when people believe things that are not true.
  6. Cool update. Did Superman have one or two trains running?
  7. I don't see anywhere official that indicates it is opening any differently than intended (except for the date of opening). I honestly don't know what all the speculation is about. The (temporary) removal from the website was probably a last-minute marketing move because it will be opening late in the season so they're going to try to "save the hype" so to speak. The decision to put it back was probably a result of further marketing talks. It's all about the opening date; nothing to do with whether or not the coaster is still going to be built. The most recent statements from the park support this. And the whole situation in general is just weird. From what I understand (based on my following it closely and general knowledge of this sort of thing), the original stop order was issued because it was clear they began building the "tall" building before receiving the height variance. All of the subsequent problems have been a result of the town "looking more closely" at the project because of this supposed violation. As far as the most recent fire suppression systems, etc., the permits don't even need to be in their hands until just before the building is occupied (again, from my understanding). I don't know why the town is preventing them from continuing with construction. The GM has noted that they knew they'd need to get these permits but, due to their experience, they took the gamble that the permits would be granted prior to occupying the building. If officials didn't like the system they had, it would have not been good, but, again, it was a gamble they wanted to take to speed things up. In conclusion, this whole thing has been sensationalized way too much, both by the town and by everyone speculating as to what's going on. It was a small problem that the town seemed to make bigger than it needs to be. Someone please correct me if I'm missing something.
  8. I have a very weak stomach, so too much of any ride will make my stomach uneasy. While "marathoning" a coaster, I'll often need to sit out for one or two cycles every once in a while. And some rides clearly affect me sooner than others. It stinks, but I've accepted it.
  9. That's what I thought, too. It doesn't make sense that people would fall out from that type of accident, but the group on the right doesn't seem quite the same after. I can't figure out why.
  10. Sounds about right. During the Great Depression, they only opened one day per year, though. Cheaters.
  11. Awesome find. I literally have hundreds of photos and old articles dating back to the 1890s from Riverside Park. Because of that, they let me be the one to design the Historic VIP Tour at SFNE (that lasted like 4 months). I've always said I should do something with everything I have. Maybe a book? I mean, if it weren't for the Great Depression, Riverside would be the oldest park in the US. It's an amazing park with so much history. One of my favorite stories is that they once had monkeys there (a long time ago) and kept them on an island in the middle of some small man-made pond, but never put fencing up because they thought monkeys couldn't swim. Well, they could, and they all escaped. The wooden coaster you have pictures is the Giant Dip and, from everything I've found, seems to have been located near where Thunderbolt sits, so you weren't too far off.
  12. By all means, if you're familiar with any... Though we prefer our "15 minutes" to be related to the enjoyment of our rides.
  13. Here's the story: We've recently expanded our office and have a new closet. We opened the new closet door and found that there is an exact semblance of Gene Simmons (KISS) ingrained in the wood! So what do we do? Put it on eBay!
  14. The article (and perhaps the new legislation) is quite vague. Is there a distinction between operators and attendants? I know similar laws are in place in MA, but attendants can be 16+ as long as they're not operating the main control panel of a ride (and are, therefore, not "in charge" of the attraction). And the part about alcohol is interesting. I mean, it's completely reasonable, but why was this brought up in the wake of the accident?
  15. I'm not sure this is an issue. Traveling to Iraq right now can't be compared to much else - it's not exactly a typical destination spot. Dubai is going to be a huge destination in five years, and, if there aren't any already, there will be plenty of directly flights from a bunch of US cities. I can definitely see myself taking a trip there when the parks and surrounding area are developed. As far as everything else is concerned, I see nothing but good coming from this for Six Flags. It's a great move that will provide them with great profits and little risk. Just my two cents.
  16. Great photos. You got some really good angles of the coaster. To confirm, you are right about the brake run. [The last photo is what I was referring to in my above post that I removed from the Intern Site for a bit.] Edit: Sorry, I thought you had taken them... by "you", I suppose I mean whoever posted them.
  17. I typically hesitate to self-promote, but we got a few new photos on the Intern Site, including a good one of the massive bents being stood up. I mentioned having worked on these bents in the blog, but they incorporate the lift, transfer building, and beginning of the S-curve, so they're pretty intense to both design and construct. Hope you can appreciate them like I do Intern Site Edit: Sorry, they're down for a bit, but will be back. It figures... the one time I post it here...
  18. If I'm not mistaken, RumbleFest is that weekend, no? I should probably know this.
  19. I knew the first one looked familiar. There was a model of it at IAAPA '05. I think it was at Martin & Vleminckx's booth. Sorry it's not the greatest photo, but it's the only one I have of the model:
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