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  1. Is it sad my first thought goes to Family Guy? "What kind of freakin' king lives next to the train tracks? What is this, Mexico?"
  2. I get tunnel vision a lot and have certainly blacked out. I've figured out that my low blood pressure is to blame. Straining yourself to force blood into your head during high intensity elements helps. I always hate phrasing it this way (but I think everyone can picture it easily): act like you're trying to force a bowel movement, but obviously adjust the muscles you tense so the focus is on your upper body. I've done a lot of experimenting with it, and it has definitely helped me.
  3. For anyone who may be interested in the construction of this new coaster, I've posted a few photos to the Intern Site today. I'm hoping to keep this coaster's construction updated there, so check back there if you remain interested! (In other words, I won't keep bumping this thread ) Looking down the first drop and where the adjacent return run will be. The ride will wrap around the pond that can be seen further down the hill.
  4. I'd rather have another airtime hill. This should be TPR's slogan... THEME PARK REVIEW "I'd Rather Have Another Airtime Hill"
  5. They actually do that about eight inches down. I was curious when I first saw it at SFNE, but the supports are almost cup-shaped to begin with, the supports bolted on the bottom, then the foundations are filled in after the entire structure is standing. I'll try to dig up some photos when I get home.
  6. Forellenhof, or "Erlebnispark Forellenhof Plohn", is indeed getting a Great Coasters ride for 2009! Here are some stats: - 90-foot elevation change - 70.8-foot first drop - 45.5 mph top speed - 2,379 feet of track - Two tunnels The ride intertwines well with the surrounding rides and shows beautifully from the rest of the park; it's a really cool setting for a coaster. And, of course, it will have low-to-the-ground speed, pops of airtime, and quick direction changes. There will be one of our Millennium Flyer trains (hence the lack of a maintenance building, as someone pointed out). Construction is under way, as the link indicates. Forellenhof has posted a banner of this coming attraction on site. Good job to those who got the clues!
  7. Yeah, it bugged me that the last "article" in that blog relating to Magic Mountain had Screamscape as its only source. It's like he's just posting the latest buzz and rumors in a more formal setting.
  8. End of 2006. It was a 10-day trip with a program called Birthright that allows any Jewish young adult to go to Israel for free if they haven't been. I discovered this ride while I was there, and subsequently got special permission to go to the park alone to ride it. Luckily I knew how to say "roller coaster" in Hebrew...
  9. Were you also wondering how a single car could be so loud?
  10. Yes, we will. They're being used primarily for the website right now, so I'm planning on emailing everyone that submitted one before the new site goes live. At this point, the goal is to use at least one photo from everyone that submitted something on the new site, but we still can't guarantee it.
  11. Just a quick update... we've received more than 100 submissions so far and have already put to use more than a third of them! Thanks to everyone who has submitted something; they look great. Keep 'em coming! We want to involve as many different photographers as we can! This will probably turn into an ongoing project, too, so if you find yourself at a park with one of our rides, be sure to get a couple shots. I think everyone will be pleased with how we're including them on our new site. Oh, and I know this comes a little late (I just got your awesome photos this morning, Hanno), but there is no maximum number of photos you can submit. Thanks again to everyone who has or plans to submit something! Evan
  12. Hey everyone - We've come up with the idea to solicit anyone and everyone for great photos of our rides! If you have a good one that you've taken already or if you want to head out and take a photo specifically for this, we're all for it! For all of the information and for submitting a photo, visit: www.greatcoasters.com/submitphoto/ Thanks, everyone! We look forward to seeing your photos! Evan Great Coasters International, Inc
  13. Yeah, this conversation already happened: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35614&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=440 The ties just depend on factors like the radius of the curve so everything under the train clears them.
  14. For the "Random Stuff" at the top of the page, is it possible to add the date that the item was posted? I always find myself trying to think if I've seen that update or not... Just a thought.
  15. Just to satisfy curiosity... a 5,000' track with a 4,200' plan length has to be at an average slope of 33°. In other words, the actual track length isn't typically that much higher than the plan length. In any case, I'm not going to rely on too many of the newspaper's "facts" about the ride simply because I've seen how the media reports on amusement-related items that I actually know about.
  16. What email address did you send it to? Has anyone responded yet?
  17. Specific majors out of those mentioned won't necessarily limit what you actually do for work, since most of the training is on-the-job. But either Civil or Mechanical Engineering will provide you with enough to get started.
  18. Joe is speaking objectively, of course (He does know his stuff, though.) I'm looking forward to visiting St Louis for the first time next weekend!
  19. It was actually canceled altogether. See: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42482&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=40
  20. Six Flags released a video and photos this morning about the ride's opening: http://www.prnewswire.com/mnr/sixflags/33238/
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