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  1. I know it sounds healthy and it sounds like the complete opposite of what you would want at a park, but the salads at the international food court are the most amazing thing in the world. I would say that they are the best value food in the park. For six bucks you get what feels like five pounds of food and a real "American" salad. The salads are loaded with bacon, chicken/turkey/ham, cheese, pasta, and the most amazing piece of garlic bread you will ever eat. I would recommend the CBC or pasta club salad. Do yourself a favor and get the salad at least one time. You will not regret it.
  2. This will be the intern update forum for now, but anyway, check out the intern site to get a first look at the first train of Evel Kinevel on the track.
  3. Check out the GCII intern site for the latest photos and blog entry from Rumblefest as well as the latest on Evel Kinevel. http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
  4. As of today at noon, two cranes are in place to begin bringing down Superman Power Tower at Kentucky Kingdom. I only managed to take a photo with my phone and it is not a good pic. I will try to take my digital camera out when I go back to class later today.
  5. Check out our site to read about and see photos from our GCII trip to Beech Bend during the holidays.
  6. Check out the intern site for new photos of the Evel Kinevel job site.
  7. Keep up with the intern site to read the latest on Evel Kinevel and to find out the latest news at GCII.
  8. Check out the Intern Site for Exclusive Photos of the bottom of the first drop on Evel Kinevel.
  9. Check out the Intern Site to see our coverage of the IAAPA trade show.
  10. Just a real quick update. Check out the site for a new blog entry.
  11. UPDATE: Check out our site for a quick construction update.
  12. No, although it was built partially on a lake, it was designed for one elevation. All the supports were at the same elevation on the lake.
  13. As the 2007 seaon comes to a close, we are headed back to help out GCI. Updates are on the website so check them out. Keep with us this enitre off-season for the latest info from GCI.
  14. No, those were the Renegade trains. That really is how we put in the seats. It is really labor intensive as you can tell.
  15. Check out the site to see the exclusive video from the Discovery Channel from when they came to the office. Just go to the blog section. Also, check out some photos from our trip to ValleyFair to ride Renegade. Keep checking back with the site to read about our ValleyFair trip.
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