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  1. Everybody. I will post a poll after April 5th (due date) so everyone can vote. ^Great! I'll add your name to the list!
  2. POLL IS NOW UP. YOU ARE ALLOWED ONLY 2 VOTES, AND MAY VOTE FOR YOURSELF. I WILL LET THE POLL RUN FOR 1 WEEK, AND THEN WE WILL HAVE THE RESULTS. GOOD LUCK! Hi! This is my first TPR Nolimits contest, but I'll give it my best shot at running it. The rules are as follows: -Your coaster has to be a B&M standup in order to be judged. -It must run 2 trains smoothly. -You must build it under 5,000 ft long, and it musn't exceed 75mph. -May use 3d's as long as you post another download with just the coaster also. -Can use standard Nolimits scenery, and Nolimits software (ex. tunnel maker, object creator, white environment, etc.) -It can't exceed 180 ft tall. -All support types are allowed. -Has to pass the tunnel test, and E-stop test. NOTICE: IF I FIND ANY OF THESE RULES ARE BROKEN WHEN I SEE YOUR COASTER, I CAN AND WILL DISQUALIFY IT, AND IT WILL NOT BE JUDGED. Due date for coasters is Saturday, April 5th. Feel free to post any questions you have about the contest! I will update the list of people who are in the contest as the posts are posted. Winner will receive bragging rights. Good luck! As for judging, after the due date I will run a poll for one week of all the coasters that are in. Please post some screens for your coaster also! Progress pics never hurt, either! Thanks! EDIT: You can use 3d's, as long as you post another download with just the coaster. 1. riccoaster 2. DBru 3. vekoma_fan 4. EuroTre 5. coasterlover420 6. weetopia 7. Vekoma Fan Boy 8. Force 310 9. Liseberg4ever 10. jamjar 11. Tanks4me05 12. CCJared 13. nannerdw 14. sasquatch --- 16. KrazyT 17. Mike240SX 18. zano --- 20. DATman Gigawatt http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=173152 Apocalypse http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=172797 Grape Crush http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=172752 Stasiphobia http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=172578 Rage http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=172401 Bestial http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=171147 Furchtbahn http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=170462 Typhoon http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download.php?id=169812
  3. ^You can find it on Nolimits Development Center, in the toolbox. www.nolimitsdevcenter.net/pageid-3.html Also, some nice elements! I can tell that you took some decent time in them. Thank you for posting them. If you do, I can't wait to see some more!
  4. I am also taking a guess, but the numbers they call out are usually seat or row numbers on the train to tell if they are secure, or if someone has pinned themselves in and need to undo their harness. I know it is something with the trains.
  5. ^Well, CS wise, I use Aceana's Pavement Essentials, (all four packs) that you can get on most sites that have CS available for download. Try: www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=547005
  6. ^ Look at the link to the set with flags. It's Marnetmar's Leftoverz, the set with all of those killer rocks! The post is 3 up from here.
  7. This is the first I've heard of a new album, and now that I've heard it, yes I am very excited! I'm definitely going to buy it when it comes out, or is available on Itunes. But man, Disturbed ROCKS!!!!
  8. I spend way too much time on these sites... 9/10 for me!
  9. Well, all of our schools got off today, seeing that it is -40 degrees fahrenheit out, and wind gusts of up to 50 mph. It is then supposed to get to be to near white-out blizzard conditions later today. Yesterday, it rained, and now everything froze, so it is very slippery outside! Coasternut-"wants some nice warm weather"-17
  10. Your screens show up in your Nolimits folder, and that is where you need to get them from. Mine is under local drive C, then program files, then Nolimits coaster, then sreenshots. Good luck with your coaster!
  11. ^You know what? Maybe I will send a quick E-mail over to them. Thanks for your interset in helping!
  12. Well, what do you see? When I pull it up, a video comes up and the music is playing on it. It works fine for me.
  13. This is really starting to make me mad. Does anybody know the name of this song? www.splatterhaus.com/Downloads.htm Can someone help? Please?
  14. Well, it's definitly your best coaster! I think it just lagged a little in the middle, but other than that, great job on G's, and the layout. You're definitly improving! Keep it up!
  15. ^Okay, if you do it that way, can you make it go below the ground level? In a normal simulation, it won't let you do that. I wonder..... Thanks!
  16. ^I am working on it, and I think it will be good. Maybe I could add some 3D's?
  17. ^So, what could I do to fix it? Or would I have to wait until another update comes out? Thanks, btw! Also, do you have Tunnel Maker? I know the basics, but if I tried to build a tunnel through any terrain surface, it still blocks it off, and I've seen other coasters that use tunnel maker and don't have this issue. Can you help?
  18. ^All right, I gottcha. I've been playing around with it, and am getting better. I have another question. How do I use theNolimits Terraformer? Also, I just downloaded Track Packager, and whenever I open a package from someone else, it says something like "application not found". Can someone help?
  19. Alright. I just downloaded the latest version of Anim8or, and I'm not really prepared to read through the 114 pages of instructions. Is there anybody that could explain how to use this system, as I can't really use it until I know how. So, could someone please help? -EDIT: After a little bit of searching, I found tutorials, and we'll see how they help me. I'll post after I watch them.
  20. You know, I just got this wicked picture editing software that I didn't have on my computer before, so now I will happily add pictures to future coasters, unless you guys want ones on the current ones also?
  21. ^^Nice pics! This thing is really starting to shape up really fast! I like how it weaves throughout the supports for the building. Pretty cool! Is it just me, or does that drop look like it's pulling out of the angle way to soon? Anyway, I'm going to have to go back there sometime to ride these new coasters. Can't wait!
  22. Yet another coaster, Eruption, is my fifth coaster, and I think I am improving. The coaster takes you through many hills, and intense turns. It was inspired by Nitro at SFGadv, as you can see in the lift supports. The first download is without scenery, and the second is with scenery. I think the scenery actually makes it lag a little, so that's why I'm putting up a blank one. Comments are welcome. Enjoy! Blacken.nltrack With Scenery Eruption.nltrack Without Scenery
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