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  1. ^I was kind of thinking that also. That part is starting to look "ghetto fair-ish." Lol! I do think that the giant wheel looks alright there, though!
  2. Hmmm. Maybe some kind of dark ride? Let's wait and see...'cause it looks good!
  3. I like it! Just one suggestion, though. In the area where Adventura de Rio is situated, maybe you could make the water ways more "natural" by not having square corners and such. Just an idea.
  4. *Whispers* ^You may want to look at the times between those two posts... About the park-I love the coasters! I only really have one problem. I think it would look much better if you built your own structures, rather than using scenery objects (pictures #6 (the buildings you made there look fantastic, but try to avoid the pre-built ones around there)+ #11). But other than that, looking good! Keep it up!
  5. ^Oh ok thanks! Just wanted to get that little bit cleared up! Sounds like it's going to be a great contest!
  6. Blue Man Group, in the theater where it all started. It was pretty good! Also, I don't know if you'd call it a concert, but I went to see Jeff Dunham live. He was filming his Christmas special DVD "Spark of Insanity," and it will air on Comedy Central. It's been a pretty good week!
  7. I liked it. It could use a little bit more smoothing in some areas, but for the most part it was good! Nice way to incorporate some "unique" inversions! Keep on building!
  8. Everybody is saying that they hate the turn into the tophat; but I like it! It makes for a little "change" from the normal coasters, and adds a little more "kick" to the ride. The layout was smooth for the most part, and flowed really well! I liked it alot! 9/10! Coasternut "keep posting coasters" 17
  9. Lookin' great Jarmor! I've been trying for the past 2 weeks to get those awesome downward helices correct, and still no luck. Here is the deal. If I can get it worked out by the due date, I'm in. If I can't, then my whole coaster is crap, no matter how good it looks. So if I can't get it worked out I'll say so.
  10. I own so many coaster shirts...it's almost all I wear! (How un-stylish eh?) I own somewhere between 31-40. They've been adding up over the years. I guess it is sort of a collection. I won't let my mom sell any clothes that have to do with coasters...even if they don't fit, have stains, and whatnot. When I get older I might have them made into a blanket or something. I'm wearing a Maverick shirt right now! Lol.
  11. This is by far my favorite park in RCT2. I love the look of the halfpipe, and the new coaster fits in very well also! Keep it up! I also love how you incorporate all the dark colors and tones. It fits the theme very well! I can't wait for the next update!
  12. Nice job! Sounds like our show choir. We are one of the top middle school show choirs in Wisconsin (had a score high enough to make it to nationals if there was a competition at that level). It really is an odd feeling (but good)! I am glad to hear about your success! Sounds like you guys had a great year! Keep it up!
  13. ..so I'll give it a go! Also, is it alright if the station track is inside the pink box, but the station roof extends over the top?
  14. Nice TR! Sounds like you had fun. It's great to see that Voodoo is testing! I didn't know that they tested Impulses like that...but now I do! Thanks for sharing your pics with us!
  15. ^Thanks! It felt so surreal standing by it; it was all reflecting off the light. It just looks amazing, I agree! At first, I didn't think I would like it, but when I got there I was just blown away.
  16. About the new TV's, yes they are there, but I only saw them in Batman. I guess I wasn't looking too close! (Even though I think they are in Demon also...I kinda remember seeing them). Did you guys look at all the pictures? Coasterwarriors is still a new site, so if you can join we are slowly but surely expanding! Check it out! I might upload all of my photos here when I get the time. Thanks for reading!
  17. -Photos are here: http://coasterwarriors.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=1474#1474 (Keep checking this link, as I will be uploading more photos from my trip). I took a visit to Six Flags Great America on Sunday, May 4th to get my coaster fix. I must say, I came out of that coaster withdrawl! Here is my ride count (in order), considering that there was a dance festival going on, and that it was 68 degrees out and sunny (perfect to draw crowds in with) : -------------------- Whizzer: 1 Viper: 1 Raging Bull: 1 Giant Drop: 2 Demon: 1 Iron Wolf: 1 Vertical Velocity (V2): 1 Batman: The Ride: 1 Superman: Ultimate Flight: 1 Sky Trek Tower: 1 ---------------------- The lines weren't too bad, but Raging Bull was only running 2 trains. The maximum wait was about a half hour. I didn't have to wait for anything more than a walk-on. My secrect? Not flash passes, but these special "sorry for your inconvenience" passes (you'll get to see them later in this TR)! What you do is walk up the exit on any ride, and get on the next available seat. I used this on Raging Bull (got a back seat), V2 (got another back seat), and Superman (got a middle seat). They are very cool! We got them because last season, at Angelo's, we got hard meatballs. Ha! My mom was mad, so she E-mailed the park and complained. We got 3 of those passes, and $40 worth of meal vouchers. What a deal! So my day went like this: We left home at about 8:30, picked up McDonalds for breakfast, and headed for the park! We drove, and drove. Then, we got to the park! As we drove in, you could see Dark Knight, just looming over that section of the park. We paid for our parking when the idiot in front of us broke his mirror on the barriers of the employee huts. What's funny about that is that the lady giving us our pass said it happens all the time. "To anxious to get into the park," she said. Lol! So we get in, pick up our vouchers, and head for Southwest Territory. I just had to stop at Whizzer. I couldn't pass up a ride when it was a walk on! It was running pretty good today, just like normal. After that, I headed for Viper, where I was greeted again by no lines. Awesome! So I take a back seat ride. This ended up being one of the best rides of the day. Viper seemed to be lagging a little, probably just warming up! I definitely like the new logos on the trains. They look great! The crew was doing a great job of dispatching trains! After Viper, I headed over to Raging Bull, and let me tell you, that new paint job is AMAZING! The pictures really don't do it justice. This is when I found out how to use those inconvenience passes. You just walk up the exit, and give the op your ticket. They then give you the next available seat. It works like a charm! I got to sit next to some people that were on Bull for their first time. I was thinking "Why are you sitting in the back seat on your first ride, dumbos!", but I just said "Yeah I've been on it before. It is awesome." They just went with it! Their hands were glued to the restraint the whole way, while mine were in the air! I just loved how they freaked out when they realized they were getting major air on the drop and I was just laughing! Overall, Raging Bull was running quite well, except for the fact that the blue train was out of commission. I got a picture of it just sitting on the pavement behind the ride. Also, another something about the paint job; there were little orange and purple drops of paint everywhere in the queue from the recent painting. It was pretty cool! Next I headed over to Giant Drop. Now, drop towers always get me, but it seems like Giant Drop was either running really good, or I was just getting used to G-forces again. Probably both! I got two rides in, considering it was another walk-on, and deserved another ride. I couldn't tell you how awesome Bull looked from up there. After that it was over to Demon for me! Demon's crew surprised me the most. The op was saying cool slogans like, "The Deja Vu is dead, so let's ride the Demon instead!", and (jokingly), "Have fun on Superman: Ultimate Flight. Fly, fly, fly!" . The new logos on the trains look exeptionally sexy, especially the one on the yellow train. Demon always deserves a ride, even though it might not be the smoothest coaster in the park. Then it was time to take pictures of Vu and Splashwater Falls' old spots. I have to say, that area of the park looks very bare now, and will take some time getting used to. The only thing left from Deja Vu is the base of tower 1, and a couple piles of supports. Splashwater Falls is completely gone. Just down the path is where we ate for lunch. We paid all of $.59 for our meal at Papa John's (thanks to the meal vouchers). The food service is not the greatest, by far the worst thing that happened today. We waited 30 mins for two slices of pizza. What a rip! Hey, maybe my mom will complain again! Just kidding. After we ate, I decided to take a ride on American Eagle. When I saw the line (which was almost as long as Raging Bull's running two trains), I turned and walked out, heading for Iron Wolf. Now Iron Wolf is not what you call 'smooth'. I was standing next to two guys from ACE, and I don't know how their ears survived! Mine didn't! Seriously though, I don't know if I will be giving Iron Wolf even a courtesy ride next time I go, even if it is a walk-on. It just hurts. The layout is the only good thing about it, besides that it is the first coaster by B&M. Letting my ears recover, we headed over to V2, and used our second inconvenience pass. The line gets pretty large on some days (like today). I got a middle seat, which was good, but I would have preferred a back seat ride. V2 always gets me. It is just pure fun! Next up was Batman: The Ride. Even the queue is interesting and well themed (if you've been on it, you know what I'm talking about; if you haven't, there are pics below). Batman is still one of my favorite coasters at Six Flags Great America. It pulls tons of G's, and was another top ride of the day. We then walked over to Superman: Ultimate Flight, where I used my last inconvenience pass. While I was walking up the exit, I got pics of Dark Knight construction (see pics below), and S:UF operation. This ended up to be the last ride of the day. Didn't get a back seat ride, so the G's weren't all that incredibly forceful, but the pretzel loop still gets me. We then got on Sky Trek Tower, where I got some nice shots of the park. After that, we went to some gift shops, left, and went to White Castle for dinner. Overall, the day went pretty well, and I am looking forward to going again. I might upload some pictures here, but if not you can find my ongoing PTR here: http://coasterwarriors.com/community/viewtopic.php?p=1474#1474 Also, the new loose article policy isn't that bad if you wear cargo pockets. Here is the preview of the construction going on around the park. I really encourge you to check out the photos I took at Coasterwarriors, as I have a huge update of everything happening at the park! Dark Knight construction! More photos where this came from! Not much left! No more Splashwater Falls! Overall, this PTR includes ride photos, construction and more! Check out all the photos! I also got some nice shots of the "insides" of Dark Knight! Also includes general park photos. One more...I love Raging Bull's new coat of paint! The pictures just don't do it justice!
  18. I'm going to have to bail. I have a fairly good layout, but the pumps are everywhere! I've been trying to smooth them out for a week, and I just can't seem to get it. Real sorry.
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