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  1. ^I have Toon's supports...I don't think it comes with one. There must be others then? I'll have to look some up. Thank's for the input!
  2. For RCT2: I just recently downloaded custom scenery, and I was wondering how I would kill the supports that come up without turning them off?
  3. ^Well, it's just the beginning, so in the next update (this weekend) will include some flats, and completed sections! Till next time...
  4. Yup! Also, the final date to enter this contest is Sunday, so if you want to join, do it quick!
  5. This looks like the perfect addition to any park. I mean, come on? What park have you been to that doesn't have a dippin dots stand? Great job so far! Keep it up!
  6. Update: A new coaster has been installed, including the base for some decent landscaping and queue. The area is not quite finished, yet I will have it done in a couple of days. On the other side of the park there is the shell of a restaurant and a 75% complete log flume. The next update will show all of the projects done and new ones! Enjoy! More photos of the new coaster in the next update. Cool shot of airtime hill and zero-g. The new Maverick like coaster! (All the open space will be filled with the station, queue, and possibly an underground/underwater tunnel! A nice shot of the entrance. The completed entry plaza for Cave In. Custom signs may come later. Inside Cave In's station at night. I've been using some rocks as "natural" footers. I think the drop is quite picture-esque, don't you?
  7. ^Do you guys notice that the entrance thing in front of Spongebob is now white again? Is it just a cover or did they mess up? Anyways, all these webcam shots are teasing me. Can't wait for some more pics. A video would be nice...
  8. Yes, I know, but I am going to wean the rocks out as the park expands out. Thanks for the comments! Possible update tonight....stay tuned!
  9. This park started out with me screwing around with a plot of land one day, and now I have the beginnings of Evergreen park. Now, I say again that this park is near the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, so it is definitley going to get spectacular within the next few updates. This park will mainly focus on detail, and making and enjoyable experience for all the family to enjoy! I'll let the photos do the talking. Also, this is a CS park, and if you guys think I over did it on the rocks, well, you might be right, but It's only near the enterance! Overvi...wait? What's that I see in the background? -Till next time- Overview. The half pipe is called Cave in, and the drop tower is called Ripsaw. Next, we come to the other side of the park, that contains a drop tower and half pipe coaster. The first part of the queue. Overview of Fury. It launches you at over 55 mph into 2 inversions, and through deep caverns. We come to the first coaster, a launched X-Car coaster called Fury. The unique rock-style entrance gates.
  10. This is my first coaster, called what other than, 1st. 1st.nltrack
  11. That should be fine, don't worry about it. ^^Everyone will post their downloads on April 5th, so you could keep tweaking it or whatever until then.
  12. Welcome to the contest! Looking good! I think you should continue to make your coaster better (tweaking minot things), at least until the due date rolls around, so nobody steals ideas. Basically, just don't put anything up for download until the due dates; that is unless you guys want people copying elements and what not... Anyways, everyone's enteries are looking good so far! Can't wait to see the finished products!
  13. ^It would be under 1524 meters, and musn't exceed about 121 kph. Thanks for asking!
  14. Whenever I try to view them, it always says contains scene objects that cannot be found or something. If you want to use 3ds, just make sure you also post one of just the coaster also. ^^^AHG is fine, yes. We have got a great list so far! No, are these tracks from an NLpack, or are they just straight tracks? If they are just straight tracks, your computer doesn't have the objects and therefore cant display them. (And NLpack packages the .3Ds files and textures and puts them, and the track into one file that can be opened with the track packager.) Well, I have Nolimits Track Packager, and whenever I open a track file (or NLpack file-I'm not sure) with 3d's it says that. Is there a special way to upload and download things through the Track Packager? Also, there is room for everybody, and I will make more spaces available if needed. Thanks for all the entries so far! This should make for a great contest!
  15. Whenever I try to view them, it always says contains scene objects that cannot be found or something. If you want to use 3ds, just make sure you also post one of just the coaster also. ^^^AHG is fine, yes. We have got a great list so far!
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