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  1. Depends, but for the most part yes. Do you think B&M should get a wood coaster section to add to their list?
  2. ^Ummm, yeah that's why I posted it. Also, alot of cheats that I have dealt with and tried (for RCT2) don't really work, so be sure to post ones that you know work, to try and reduce the frustration. Thanks!
  3. Okay, I did seacrch this and nothing came up, so if I missed it I am sorry. This thread is basically for all that you know about little cheats like rename a person to get this, or press this number at this screen to get cash. Well, as I was searching a website and I found this: Go crazy! (Btw, it actually works, I will post a screenshot in a little while)!
  4. Sometimes. Do you like to re-create rides on coaster simulations?
  5. ^How about Imax? Didn't watch the video yet, still loading, but it seems like it's going to be great!
  6. Never been to Great Adventure, but yes to TTD! Do you like giga's more than hyper's?
  7. Never been there so I couldn't tell you. Do you like calling people (on the phone) ?
  8. Yes, for a number of reasons. Do you like ankle socks?
  9. It has been a while since the last update, but they have made a lot of progress! Check it out! www.discovermyrtlebeach.com/hardrockpark
  10. I am totally not kidding when I say I got one that said this: "Please pick another fortune cookie." I don't have the picture taken yet, but I could post it if you don't believe me.
  11. Never been there, but yeah. Can you get 20 words out of "adrenaline"?
  12. No. Have you ever been to all the sports games (for one sport) in one year (season)?
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