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  1. No. Does your home park sell gum inside the park?
  2. Yes. Are you sad that coasters are pretty much done with for the year?
  3. I actually think it looks pretty good! The layout is a bit on the short side, but it could fit well in a lot of different places. Looks good! Btw, what Custom Scenery did you use? I'd really like to use some of what you used in mine! (because it looks so good)!
  4. -4577. That's also when my grandfather was born. Why is the toilet the cleanest place in your house?
  5. ^ Lives in England < Likes school but hates the work V Has a busy schedule for the year
  6. Nope! (My friend did, though) Have you had your appendix removed?
  7. Yes. Have you ever blurted something out in front of a person that wasn't supposed to hear it?
  8. Going through labour. Why should I buy products from people that are selling them?
  9. That would be so cool if he got to ride Maverick before he died. No one will ever know for sure, but I say he did. Things like this could happen at any time. Just goes to show how vulnerable we are. It's still just so sad... RIP Dan EDIT: 1000th Post. Just for Dan...
  10. Nope! Have you ever had an itch in a spot you couldn't reach?
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