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  1. It was a special privelige for Joe Cool Club members. It was one night last summer, and they do others things different nights with other coasters as well, but our vacation landed right over Maverick ERT. It was pretty cool!
  2. I like the Storm Runner idea. Whenever I make those in RCT3, they usually look good, and with this park it would look great, and would add to the lineup of the coasters well. By the way, this park looks great! One of your best!
  3. Because I played video games today. (Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 789!) Why did 7 eat 9?
  4. About a month and a half ago at CP. When was the last time you stayed up so late that you weren't tierd anymore?
  5. Wouldn't closing your eyes have the same effect? I don't know, but the everything after the S-bend at night comes really unexpectedly. It would probably work, even though they have a couple lights shining on it (at night) . I haven't been on many rides, but there was just something special that I liked about this ride, like the perfect mix of a whole range of elements. I don't know, but it seemed more than good to me. If I would wait in normal lines for it, I'd only wait for the full queue probably once or twice. My opinion is probably different than a lot of others because I got over an hour of night ERT (seperate from Midwest Trip) .
  6. Yes, if I could just get some money real fast... Is there a light on right now?
  7. It's so worth the wait. 95 degrees down is awesome, all the quick transitions feel so powerful, and the air time is just amazing! Then there's the launch with a lot of special effects, the horseshoe roll which is perfectly heartlined, and the turn around and final 90 degree banked turn and the stengel dive. Hint: Ride in front and then back, if you can. Also, night rides are way better and increase your ride by about 50%!
  8. I think you must be confused little buddy. You are putting me down for what I am saying, yet you are trying to say the same thing. I am asking why people get in those aquatrax conversations when we no CP is not getting one. The answer is becuase it's TPR. It's not like it's dominating the entire thread, just something extra to talk about. TPR=Random/Funny. I also think CP should either move their sky tower over to the center of the park, or get a topspin. Possibly an "Aquatrax 2008!"
  9. Because I'm having some issues... Why do people use soap? (Liquid soap)
  10. Pool water is really cold after it's been raining for 4 days straight! I found out the hard way.
  11. Our longest wait time was for Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAm in one of the years following the opening year. We waited about 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is 165 minutes. That was horrible! Also, for Firehawk at KI, which had about the same line time, but with a much shorter line. Ahh, Vekoma!
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