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  1. ^What the hell are you talking about? Anyways, I've never really wanted to go there, because there really isn't anything special there now. It would be nice to have a roller coaster within about a half hours drive of my house, but I would also like to have something a little more than a kidde coaster. Guess we have to wait and see!
  2. The houses are $5 before 5pm, and $8 after. ^^Your him aren't ya? Great job there!
  3. That's pretty cool. We also saw one of the head guys there and he talked with us because he saw my TPR shirt. Awesome! I think the reason that Studio 13 was so lame is because they just got it this year, and really had no time to perfect it or spend a bunch of time on it. Nice pics, by the way!
  4. Cool TR! I was there on Saturday. I didn't think that the Studio 13 house was very scary, but the Mausoleum of Terror was great! Sounds like you had a good time. Btw, in Necropolis, did you see a different guy with a shovel (it was another grave digger without all the blood around his mouth)? He kept talking with me about my TPR shirt, and how the next time I came back he would have one of those coffins made out for me! Good times.
  5. Ya know what? I'm in! Sounds like fun! Also, when exactly is the due date?
  6. Yes. Do you want to ride a roller coaster rignt now?
  7. I think he means the smallest you can get with scenario editor. Am I correct? I'd totally be in, if that's what you mean.
  8. I'm also going to be there on Saturday, but I don't know if I could get a chance to do it. I would do it, but the odds of getting chosen out of all those people are slim to none. How do they choose who gets to do it, by the way?
  9. This park is really cool! I have a suggestion. How about some really wacked out japanese rides, or one of those "Jet Coasters" that really don't do anything? Cool park!
  10. Resident Evil is awesome. s8chool7i, su7cvjksw This is fun!
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