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  1. According to Screamscape, it has been delayed again. "Drastic construction issues" was the reason. I'm wondering if it was because the wooden trough was wearing out very heavily from testing. I could see the heavy wear on the top layer of the wood in one of the walk-throughs that took place over the summer time. Hope they are able to solve it, as I would hate to see it become an expensive failure for Knoebels.
  2. Or better yet, lobotomies for those twits.
  3. Looks like there will be approximately a total of 45 pipes for the simulated wing dip. The pictures show the first layer, and it looks like the pit will have a matrix of 5 X 9 pipes. I wonder if they will use fan-type nozzles or just a stream?
  4. You're right, sclisso, there is indeed a brake right off the lift hill. This is the first time I've seen one on a B&M Inverted.
  5. Everyone has listed great drops on steelies over 100 feet tall. How about steelies UNDER 50 feet tall? #1 would be the Schwartzkopf Jet Star I. #2 would be any Zyklon / Galaxi.
  6. Darn it! I came in a bit too late and missed out on the Knoebels pictures! Photobucket (or Photo*uckit as some has called it) couldn't take the heat! The "Golden Bolt" is on a bracing member for the high jug-handle turnaround leading to the first drop. It's right next to the entrance/exit.
  7. While I normally drink iced tea (using real tea bags and sugar, not that instant mix crap), I pick in order: 1. Mug Root Beer 2. Coke 3. Sprite When I'm at Knoebels, I usually choose the White Birch Beer.
  8. Knoebels has released their calendar and ride prices for 2009. Their opening day is April 25th, from 12 pm until an undetermined time. Knoebels will be open on weekends only until it begins it's daily operations on May 20th until Labor Day, where it will return to weekend operations until September 27th. Covered Bridge Festival is October 9-11. On the ride prices page on their website, www.knoebels.com , they let slip two new rides for 2009 (and a third, if it gets done). Both new rides are the Mini-Himalaya and another kiddie ride called "Gone Buggin'" The third, if it gets done, of course is the Flying Turns. Knoebels raised the prices for most of the rides. They are now in 25 cent increments. It now cost as much to ride the Phoenix as it is to ride the Twister at $2.25. Prices range between 75 cents up to $3 for the Scenic Skyway. The Flying Turns is still at $2.50, even when Dick said it was a $3 ride after riding a test run. Knoebels hasn't released their POP rates yet. Knoebels is now jumping on the Halloween bandwagon that other parks have been doing by opening the Park every Saturday, October 17, 24, and 31st after the Covered Bridge Festival. Called Hallo-Fun Nights, the website does not state the times the park will be open, nor it doesn't state what rides will be open. This might be an expansion on the "Phoenix in the Dark" nights Knoebels had for the past two seasons. Now a bit of bad news. Word on the street is that the High Speed Thrill Coaster is on it's way out. "Old and worn out" is the reason. There's a flurry of discussions on rec.roller-coaster that Dick Knoebel might have been the undisclosed buyer of the Golden Nugget. The discussion expanded into the word that the HSTC is leaving. Also discussed is that when the HSTC leaves for the coaster in the sky, a small coaster will take it's place. A re-engineered HSTC was brought up, or another kind of coaster, or if Dick was indeed the undisclosed buyer, a rebuild of the Golden Nugget might happen at Knoebels. Also said was that it seems that it will be a few years before HSTC will leave, but that could change.
  9. Quantam Loop (The "Q") - Seabreeze Nightmare (Jet Star) - Darien Lake Jet Star - Knoebels Whirlwind - Knoebels City Jet - Gilligan's (Ocean City, NJ) Hercules - Dorney Park Lazer - Dorney Park Steel Phantom - Kennywood Double Loop - Geauga Lake Raging Wolf Bobs - Geauga Lake Big Dipper - Geauga Lake Batman the Chiller, Robin Side - SFGAdv Deja Vu - SFOG
  10. There's some small chatter on rec.roller-coaster recently. One said that they have figured out the problem they were having all summer and are now satisfied with the modifications to the train. I assume that Larson now will build the final train for the ride. The development crew has been riding the Flying Turns to see how it behaves during the turns all summer last season and tweaking the cars to get it where they want it. They want to get it right where it will provide a safe ride for all and to minimize wear on the trough lumber. (The original Flying Turns designs caused a lot of wear on the trough, which is why it did not succeed.) Another story brought up is that they still need to do more testing and the ride may not open when the park opens in April. It was also said it may not open for most of the season. The final word is, "It'll be done when it's done." I was at the park over Thanksgiving weekend, and nothing special to note, just some park improvements going on. They removed most of the gondolas from the Giant Wheel and it appears that they are getting a new coat of paint. Knoebels also got their hands on another old Herschell Looper, probably to use as parts. Another park improvement we might see is a new wooden fencing around the flyer to replace the chain link fence that is there now. They had a sample set up near the exit on the Stony Gables side.
  11. Where can I find that interview? I would love to know more about how Big Bad Wolf fell out of Schwarzkopf hands and into Arrows. The reason why Arrow took over the coaster started by Schwarzkopf was that Busch Gardens originally ordered a Schwarzkopf Flugbahn, and had the design work and footers poured. Unfortunately, Schwarzkopf went bankrupt (see this page, about half-way down about why the company went bankrupt: http://schwarzkopf.coaster.net/unternehmenGF.htm ) and couldn't finish building the coaster. Busch then went to Arrow who had already built a suspended coaster to finish the job.
  12. Cool! That will make it two Zamperla Flying Carousels in PA.. With rising gas prices and the economy, people are choosing to do things close to home. I remember reading an article a while back here in Rochester saying that Seabreeze saw an increase in attendance since people are traveling less, and are not traveling far to the bigger parks.
  13. Same here.. My company uses site blockers, and sometimes when they update the list of sites, some sites are blocked when they are considered allowable. They do have a link to report sites that are accidentally blocked when they should be allowed and I've had sites that are blocked where they should be allowed and I reported it, and they usually unblock them.
  14. DAMMIT!!! You guys were at Seabreeze? I live 5 miles from that park- I would have joined you guys!
  15. To be honest with you, I thought the movie was "meh." Even my friend, who's a comic fanatic, thought it was "okay". I found myself checking my watch several times during the movie and wondering when it will be finished. If I don't check my watch during the entire movie, then it's a really good movie.
  16. I think you only just registered to be just a jerk. I found out about that article on that website originally, and while that website shows only headlines for free, you had to register and pay in order to read the article. I'm sure the original poster wasn't a registered user, and of course wasn't going to pay for a subscription just to get an article about the Flying Turns at Knoebels. Luckily for us, we have a local who reads the boards and was nice to give us an summary of the article. Frankly, I think your common sense has about 3 inches of dust laying on top of it. How about dusting it off and using it?
  17. Nah... This ride from Mack would be a better pick for the Monster Inc. coaster ride. Better speed control and a more consistent ride that would make the Disney managers happy.
  18. Knoebels has a campground as well. Not only Knoebels has an amusement park, it has a swimming pool with some water slides and a kiddie play area, two campgrounds, a golf course, and a lumber/ hardware store. The entrance is free, but you have to pay for the rides. There's no fence around the amusement park itself. It's great for those who are afraid of heights or have motion sickness. There are many other parks that have free admission
  19. Wait a minute... Terrence.. sitting tandem style, in FRONT of someone?!?!?! *GASP!!* The world is coming to an end!!!
  20. What's more ironic is that the characters are very similar to the Country Bear Show animatronic show that used to be next to the Haunted House at Knoebels. There's now a laser tag game in the building. [EDIT: As I was checking the pictures of the locations around the US, Knoebel's Bear Show was actually a Rockafire system! It had a Hillbilly theme, with the 3 stages.
  21. Wow.. I could say that this PTR actually made the Ultimate more exciting!
  22. One other thing people have been complaining about is that you have to activate with a 2 year contract in the store before you can walk out with an iPhone. Looks like you can't jailbreak the iPhone to use on different carriers anymore. By restricting iPhone purchases to in-store purchases only, and doing the activation in-store, Apple was able to reduce the price by $200 by subsidies from AT&T. Cool features: GPS tied in with Google Maps (the service is free, and you don't have to pay extra like other carriers). Suppose you are walking down the street and want to find some restaurants nearby. Google Maps tied into the GPS functionality (Core Location) can help find it. I think there's also a functionality where it can find where your contacts are. iStalker application, anyone? Applications on the iPhone. The coolest thing I thought was Cro-Magon Rally from Pangea Software. It's a go-kart racing game, and uses the tilt sensor of the iPhone to function like a steering wheel. Very Wii-like... The medical software demoed was pretty cool. Microsoft Exchange support. Finally push email on the iPhone. Even syncs contacts, calendar, and notes along with email. I use Mail2Web Live, which has Exchange support for my Palm Centro. All I have to do is set up my mail2web account on the iPhone and boom. Everything's synced. I thought it was funny when they said "ActiveSync" as "ActiveStink" initially... The price drop, tied in with Exchange support, and the ability to add applications, along with the excellent OS and Safari, is sufficient for me to buy one.
  23. I know that everyone's been posting trip reports about Hershey's newest ride, Fahrenheit. But here's an TPR first- a video! The quality isn't that great- cheap camera, and a newbie at videos. Hope you enjoy it: [edit: Looks like the "Video" button doesn't work with vimeo.com, so I can't embed the video here.. bummer.] A quick report on the ride. We rode it right when it opened in the morning, and there was a long line for the ride spilling out into the midway. They opened more switchbacks including the overflow queue and that ate up the line that was out on the midway. We waited about 45 -60 minutes to get on the ride, opting for the last row. The ride is smooth, had a very quick lift, and there was a gentle "pull-out-of-your-seat" airtime going down the first drop. The element transistions were smooth, and no head banging. There was some floating sensations on the Norwegian Loop, and the bunny hop between the 2 curves had a nice pop of air. We rode it again later on the day, choosing the front row of the 2nd car this time. There was some head banging on the double corkscrews, so I assume there might be more head banging as you move towards the front of the train. Compared to Storm Runner, Storm Runner's top hat has a more powerful "yank-you-out-of-your-seat" sensation when sitting in the back, where Fahrenheit is more gentler. I felt that Storm Runner was more agressive than Fahrenheit. If you are helping future coaster enthusiasts up the ranks, I would recommend starting off with Fahrenheit before moving onto Storm Runner.
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