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  1. The reason why it can spin that much is because it's a Top Spin 2, or known as a Top Spin "Junior". It's a smaller version of the standard Top Spin and doesn't use the water boxes to weigh down the ride that the standard Top Spin has. I believe this version only holds 28 people while the standard holds 40 people. It's more lightweight, and that's why it is more agile than the standard Top Spin. It can execute flips more easily and keep flipping without much movement on the arms. I remember watching a movie clip of a Top Spin in action and marveled at how easily it could flip without much effort.
  2. I actually went during that $10 admission weekend.. I was glad to see that Ranger was actually working properly! In the past it only went in one direction, now it goes both ways. Now if they could fix the Mack Sea Storm ride- get it back to the way it is supposed to work. Hope they'll overhaul the Cornpop.. *ahem* Rodeo Roundup so that all the cars do 90 degree swings..
  3. The situation could have come out better if it was the other wheel bogey that came off. The car could have tilted away from the handrail. Either way, it's very unfortunate that it happened, and I'm suprised that from what the root cause of the failure was, that the Japanese typically maintains their rides well. Heck, I've heard from Robb and Elissa's TR's that TOGO's in Japan are more smoother than their US counterparts!
  4. I LOVE the Huss Break Dance! It's the only ride that has me disoriented when the ride's over! I've ridden a Break Dance 1 and 3, but the Break Dance 2 is a rarity, and haven't found a park with a Break Dance 4. Here's where I've ridden a Break Dance: Morey's Pier, Elitch Gardens (pre-Six Flags), and the Rodeo at SFGAdv. There are a lot of imitators, Sorani and Moser, Sobema, and others. I know that Huss sued Nauta Bussink over their Star Dancer since it looked like a copy of Huss' Break Dance. There are also variants, such as the Mondial Shaker, along with it's imitators.
  5. When I first read the header I somehow pictured a hat that looked like Spaceship Earth. It would look like a giant metal afro!
  6. As for compressed glass, there's two Apple stores in NYC that uses glass for a staircase and one store has a bridge that you can walk across that is made out of compressed glass. Glass Bridge: http://homepage.mac.com/thinkdifferent1984/.Pictures/Apple%20Store/Opening/27180056.jpg Glass Stairway: http://homepage.mac.com/thinkdifferent1984/.Pictures/Apple%20Store/Opening/27180050.jpg Another view: http://homepage.mac.com/thinkdifferent1984/.Pictures/Apple%20Store/Opening/27180040.jpg Yup- it's quite strong! http://homepage.mac.com/thinkdifferent1984/.Pictures/Apple%20Store/Opening/27180027.jpg Glass Elevator and spiral staircase wrapping around the elevator at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store: http://images.apple.com/retail/fifthavenue/gallery/images/photo4.jpg RC!
  7. Jet Star (Knoebels) Whirlwind (Knoebels) Flying Dutchman (Dorney Park) Hercules (Dorney Park) Steel Phantom (Kennywood) Quantam Loop (Seabreeze) Nightmare at Phantom Cave (Darien Lake) Wildcat (Martins Fantasy Island) Zyklon (Morey's Pier and Mariner's Landing) City Jet (Gillian's Wonderland Pier) Python (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  8. Just like how Knoebels bought the PTC trains from Michigan's Adventure and they're not affiliated to each other! I'm sure GCI took the old trains from Hersheypark's Wildcat and told LC, "Hey we've got some used PTC's for you at a cheap price!" when they were doing the track work..
  9. Basically, start off as a ride operator with kiddie rides, move up to the bigger rides, eventually become a ride lead, then an area lead, then ride supervisor, and keep going up until you land in the office, swim around in it for a while, then voila, you end up being a theme park manager. Oh, and yes, work your butt off, be nicer than a Disney CM, and do a lot of butt kissing. A few years in college in business management would help too.. Good luck!
  10. Too early to tell. I think the 2 for 1 admission with soda promotion is also a Six Flags thing. I do know that Tops and I believe, Wegmans did allow you to buy discounted tickets at their stores. I don't know about this year, it hasn't opened yet, and again, they just finalized the sale. The only discount going on now is the online purchase option.
  11. Unfortunately, all of their websites are not Mac-friendly.
  12. My sister is not one of the brave ones. She did not even go on cobra at SFDK. She is into animals and games. I on the other hand will go on anything(not vekoma though ). I prefer B&M and Intamins. EDIT:you also have to take into account were I live because the trip to California and the fact the my hockey is 2500$, we are not going across country any time soon. check out Hersheypark- the park has an B&M inverter, and a Intamin Rocket coaster, and a single-loop lap bar only Schwartzkopf, not to mention 2 GCI coasters, and a Mack Wild Mouse. Your sister might want to try the Trailblazer, an Arrow mine coaster. The only drop is a dip about 15 feet high before entering a 720 degree helix. There are plenty of smaller rides for your sisters and they are placed throughout the park. There is a zoo next door, which I beleive last time I checked, is included in your park admission. You can also drive 1.5 hour north to Knoebels, which is another great family park. They have many classic rides that the whole family can ride. It's worth checking out.
  13. I doubt it will have Q-Bot or Flashpass. It isn't a Six Flags park anymore. They finally closed on the sale recently, and have already begun to de-Six Flags the park. You can expect a lower price in parking, lower prices on food and local vendors, and new shows. Looney Tunes stuff is being phased out.
  14. Here's an update from Easter weekend- Rides have been "unwrapped" from winter storage and trains are in place on the Phoenix. Not sure about the Twister- I didn't go back there. Noticed several houses raised onto concrete piers next to the river. One house got a major overhaul and was expanded into a 2 story house. Flying Turns construction is coming along nicely- The structure for the 540 helix is 90% done, and is waiting for the trough to be built. It appears that the first 180 turn is flat, with a sudden drop in the second 180 turn (which is the tightest portion of the helix), and I'm not sure how the final 180 will have any rise or remain flat until the lift hill. 3 large concrete blocks with bolts and conduit are in place for the lift hill motors. The silver control building has the large computer cabinet in place, don't know if the electronics are inside. They are now starting the structure for the 90 degree turn off the brake run and into the 3rd lift that will run parallel to the midway. Footers for the first lift hill are already in place. No footers for the run from the 3rd lift hill to the station and the station are in place yet. It probably will be in place by opening day. I will post some pictures later as soon as I get them off my camera.
  15. The local newspaper did have a small tidbit about what's in store for Darien Lake: They'll keep the park admission price the same at $35, $25 for people 55 and older. After 5pm the price drops to $20. They did cut the price of parking to $7. There will be a musical performance at the main stage, Le Grande Cirque, and a kid's show, Blake Daring's Storybook Adventure, which has a pirate theme. Here's the link to the article: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070411/BUSINESS/70411006/1001
  16. Actually, it does show the difference between a coaster enthusiast and a wanna-be. The enthusiast calls them brakes while the wanna-be calls them breaks.
  17. I read blurb about a state rep proposing a bill into legistation for an official state amusement ride. The state is Minnestota, and the official ride would be the Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl. Here's the link to the article: http://www.owatonna.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=25718&SectionID=21&SubSectionID=&S=1 Ironically, the news blurb where I first found it was listed under "Strange". Makes you wonder- if your state would have an official state amusement ride, what would it be? I assume PA would be the wooden roller coaster since that's where PTC trains are being made, and is also home to Great Coasters International.
  18. I was wondering that too. Could they be new trains for the Comet? Won't work- they're not compatible. Comet uses skid brakes. They have an trim brake on the turnaround above the station that is a skid brake. The will have to modify the station to accomodate the side plungers for the bar release, and change the gates to switch from 3 benchers to 2 benchers. Too much work from a business standpoint. Hope they can sell the Wildcat trains to Darien Lake!
  19. That's odd. The layout is the exact same as Canada Wonderland's SkyRider.
  20. My first Mad House in a park was the old Town Hall Meeting at Hersheypark. It was housed in the old Cinema 180 building, and is now a game room next to the Claw. My first Haunted Swing was Houdini's Great Escape at SFGAdv. I also remember a traveling ride called Barrel of Fun which was basically a platform with two motorized tea cups that spins inside a barrel that spun around.
  21. No- it is the logo for Mack rides. Here is MACK's website: www.mack-rides.com . The brushed metal look was an older design- I think they changed it slightly to celebrate their 225th year. As for the tools, you're probably thinking of Mac Tools ( www.mactools.com )..
  22. I'd better get to MOA before there's no more Zierer Hexentanz (Witch Dance) in the USA !
  23. Screamscape got it partially wrong- It's nothing more than an Ali-Balba with the seats being able to tilt forward 25 degrees. I've ridden a non-tilting one at a traveling fair, and it does produce some strong forces, not to mention airtime!
  24. That's odd- the only Beemer I've ridden with magnetic brakes was Shiekra. The brakes didn't seem that powerful, but once you hit the friction brakes, there was quite a jolt. The magnetic brakes was smooth and gradual, not powerful like the brakes on the Superman coaster at Darien Lake. Then further down the final brake run was the friction brakes which would give you a whiplash.
  25. I've ridden the Huss Frisbee that was at SFGAdv, the Psyclone at Canada Wonderland, and Knoebel's Fandango. I've also ridden the KMG Afterburners at Dorney and Hersheypark. Of the 4 different models/manufacturers, I like Knoebel's and the original Huss Frisbee the best. The rest are boring- you always point in the same direction on the apex of each swing. Therefore, you must get the "right" seat to maximize the thrill factor. With the original Huss Frisbee and Knoebel's Fandango (Moser Rides Sidewinder), there is no "right" seat- no matter where you sit, you always get the best thrill out of the ride.
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