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  1. Looks like a Mondial Heartbreaker is under construction, coming to America soon! For those who don't know what a Mondial Heartbreaker is, here's an offride video: http://www.kermismovies.be/new/?a=view&b=1327 Does anyone know who's getting it? Now can we get someone to bring a Mondial Diablo (Intoxx) over?
  2. I can see the tagline for TPR now.. "Theme Park Review - now Idiot free!"
  3. Here's a run down on what's happening, taken from rec.roller-coaster and other places: The influx of Asians at Knoebels: Turns out they're foreign exchange students from South Korea. Here's a local news article that I read on Sunday that spotlights the students that have been living in the area over the summer: http://www.dailyitem.com/archivesearch/local_story_238080440.html The trains: Knoebels has been statisfied with the outcomes from the testing done with the test train they have on track and the seating mockups and have already ordered a train to be built. The second train will come later. The two missing gaps in the track: Obviously, those are where the transfer tracks are to go. The reason why they haven't been built yet is because John Fetterman wanted to find out the turning radius of the train so the correct radius of the transfer track could be built. Now they have the turning radius, the transfer track has been designed and construction has begun on the transfer tracks. The two footers yanked out: Due to the design of the transfer track, a "double bent" was needed, and the current footer that was already poured was too small. So, they yanked it out, and dug out a much larger hole for a larger footer to accommodate a double bent. This is the information I got from "Coastin' Steve" who is a carpenter working on the Flying Turns and a rec.roller-coaster contributor as well.
  4. I saw the station in person- It looks like Knoebel is going with a hangar theme for the station itself. They put in some more brake hardware. The operator's booth is built, but no wiring or controls yet. It also seems that there's an influx of asian people in the area- I saw 4 asian people working the Twister last night, and two at the Phoenix. Either they're college students, or the area is becoming more diversified. It has been predominately white for a long time.
  5. Knoebel's original Eli Wheel always gave me the heebie jeebies when I was little. I hated it when they would slam on the brake to stop the wheel for unloading and loading while I was on the top. It would cause the car to swing back and forth. At least their current Giant Wheel stops more gently. Even Hershey's former Intamin double Giant Wheel made me nervous- thinking that the chain holding up the pod would hold!
  6. I saw the semi circular "platform" and assumed it was one of the left over rings for the trough. I remember they put a ring as an entry arch for the queue to the station, then removed it. It might be that same ring, or a different one. EDIT: I went back and looked at the picture. The ring I was talking about was actually on the loading side of the station (the lift side), and is no longer there. They might have used it as a guide for constructing the operator console. I didn't notice the platform on the unloading (Looper) side. You can see the booth off the edge of the camera's field of view. It's placement is similar to where they put the main console on the Twister. There appears to be a space between the railing in the back of the station and the operator's console.
  7. Great pictures! Looks like they have a redundancy system for the brakes. The runway lights for the lifts look awesome! Are they lit from the bottom as well?
  8. You think 4 flips on Twister (Huss Top Spin) is super awesome? To me it's "meh". I've ridden programs where there's 6 flips in a row, and some rare instances, 7 flips! Overall, the total flips in the entire ride would come to 9-10 flips. I miss the pre-Six Flags Top Spins! I haven't been to a Strates shows for a while...
  9. Someday, someone will have an idea and sew a backpack to the back or the front of an shirt or hoodie.
  10. Re: "weird braking hardware": It looks like Knoebels is using the same skid brake design as the Twister. The Phoenix uses a slightly different design, but both work similar. The wheels you see are actually attached to the brake rails. What has yet to be installed is a cam system attached to a pneumatic actuator. It looks like one of the photos actually shows the cam lever, without the actuator. The cam rides on the wheels and makes the brake rails rise up and down. Phoenix uses a sliding rail with wedges mounted on the rail and on the brake rails. One end of the rail is mounted to the pneumatic actuator. As for the cars, If you go to knoebel's website that shows the picture of a 2 car train testing, you can see one of the car has a prototype seating built on the lead car. It shows that there will be two individual seats, tandem style. Only one person will sit in each seat.
  11. Actually, she's signing "three"! (And some one said it was the "I love you" sign- they're wayy off on that one. The "I love you" sign has the thumb, index finger and pinky finger extended, while the middle and ring fingers are folded).
  12. I looked over at Knoebel's "What's New" page, and they added 4 photos of the June construction. It shows the chassis on the lift hill, as well as the chassis going through a turn. The third photo gives a clear picture of how the chassis is built. It looks like they went with the 2nd version that Bartlett developed in the 1950's. There are some changes, especially how Larson used flat pieces of metal to tie the 3 axles together that makes up a car and allowed to flex up and down, like a leaf spring so it could flex on the curves. The fourth photo shows another test run with a mock-up of the seats on one car. You can see how high up the trough it gets. Also they added some extra side rails on the straight section leading to the brakes to help guide the cars into the side friction track. Here's the page: http://www.knoebels.com/whats-new.asp
  13. No and yes. Does Vekoma still use wire coat hangers to design their rides?
  14. I don't think "pointless" is the word we're looking for here.. Frivolous would be a more befitting word..
  15. Uhh.. like everyone else have said, the "Drop Zone" is actually a Mondial Top Scan. It is not an Intamin 2nd generation drop tower! Now imagine riding PCW's (what should we call it now? CW? CFCW? ) Shockwave 10 hours straight, with the only breaks during the load/unload part.. Click on the video in the first post- it shows the guy riding the ride itself, as well as having some chinese food while locked in the restraint. He's sitting on the outermost seat, on the blue row. You will notice that they changed the colors of the turbolites on the back of the seat to show where he's sitting during the challenge.
  16. I suspect they will close the one in SFOG. I hope they can wrap up the inspection and open it again when I visit SFOG in about 1.5 weeks.
  17. Wasn't Hellevator the first 2nd Generation Freefall? It could be a prototype, and I suspect bad maintenance as the cause of the cable snappage, or if maintenance was followed to the manufacturer's specifications, it could be a manufacturing defect, or a cheaper wire rope was used and not the manufacturer recommended one (Remember the Schwartzkopf Wildcat accident?) . I do feel bad for the girl and her family, as well as the people who worked at the ride.
  18. According to Jeff Johnson, yes. However, it is considered an impulse shuttle coaster, so I don't know if ACE would categorize it as a coaster.
  19. I think they're all out of them. You could ask Rastus.. He's got so many that they had to build an add-on to the house just to store them!
  20. I'm a Mac user since 1993. Currently, I have a Mac Mini (Core Duo), and a MacBook Pro (15", Core2 Duo). I use Windows at work, but I always browse TPR using Safari.
  21. Look, we don't need any emotwits here.. At least the guy who was in an accident had every reason to have a "worst day ever". As for the one who was rejected by a girl he liked, move along. There's other fish in the sea anyway.
  22. I heard that they do have an prototype train, but it's not at Knoebels yet. They will run only one train to see how it goes, make any necessary tweaks, then manufacture the other 2. right now, they have the structure and rings up for all the troughs, and all is left is the structure for the station, and 1st lift. The footers are already in place. They haven't put the footers in for the service track. The station and the lift hill are side friction track, which means that it can be constructed in about 3 - 4 days. They're still progressing on the first 2 layers of wood on the helix, and soon we will see the final 3rd layer. Now with the warmer weather, it should make the track bending a bit easier.
  23. Don't worry about the damage.. it'll buff right out! I'm glad to hear that you're okay. Hope the insurance will cover for a new one!
  24. Found this over at rec.roller-coaster: (Friday, May 18, 2007) - In Rakvere, Estonia, an Enterprise-type amusement ride somehow caught fire, leaving 37 people with burn and smoke inhalation injuries. The victims, six of whom suffered serious injuries, were rushed to local hospitals where they were treated and released within 24 hours. The carnival is operated by Tivoli Tuur. The carnival manager suggested that arson could be to blame, but no evidence of arson has been found in preliminary investigations. The ride consists of twenty 2-passenger gondolas which are suspended from the outside of a wheel that is raised to a vertical position while spinning at high speed. The fire broke out while the ride was operating at full speed. A criminal investigation is also underway. The ride passed its last inspection in Sweden last month. And here's some video links: (WARNING-- NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!) The fire looks like it is in the hydraulic pump area.
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