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  1. How? If the arms failed, then it would be highly likely that 1 or 2 arms would have lowered past the normal loading/unloading position. Since all the arms are past the loading/unloading position, and the arms are not flush against the support tower (when racked up for transport, the arms are flush against the support tower so they can fold the support tower to a horizontal position), we should look at what happened to the hydraulic ram that raises and lowers the arms. I wonder if there's some kind of an arrestor that stops the arms from lowering past a certain point? Since all the arms lowered at the same time, it could be that the attachment between the hydraulic ram and the arms that failed, or a hydraulic line ruptured, causing the arms to lower, but not stop at the loading/unloading position. There's still a lot of technical questions to ask to figure out what the cause could be...
  2. Actually, it's not the pole that makes it tilt. There's a separate hydraulic ram on the side that tilts the center hub. We really don't know what happened, but there's many things that could have caused the arms to collapse. The center ram that causes the cantilevered arms to rise may have failed, or a hydraulic line ruptured that caused the ram to extend fully and in turn lower the arms. Let's wait until the state inspectors find out what caused the ride to collapse.
  3. The reason why the Looper took all season to build is because the ride arrived before the season started, and required a major overhaul. It took them all season to find/build the parts to get the ride in working order. That's why it didn't open until towards the end of the season. As for the Wipeout, it's a portable model. I saw someone posted a picture of the ride set up, next to Fandango. It wasn't ready to open at that time, but I'm sure it will open either this weekend or Memorial Day weekend. I will be in the area over Memorial Day weekend, and I'll get a HD video of it.
  4. You're right about the WipeOut. It does seem a little "plopped down", and hasitly put in place. Hopefully for the off season they will build a nice location for it and make it look more permanent. Looks like all they have left to do is run the electrical to the ride. I prefer the traveling version over the park model. The reason being is that the turret is on an incline, while the park model is flat. That means the platform will be angled more steeply on one side than the other. That means...
  5. What magazine was this article from? All we know it's on page 73 in the August 1980 issue... Popular Mechanics? There might be a microfiche or a digitized PDF document out there on the internet.
  6. There's a soft click when the bars lower, and then another slightly louder click as they lock into place. If you turn your head and look at the side of the restraint housing, you can see a knob slide into place on the final click.
  7. Knoebel's Power Surge has the hub motor mounted similar to this one: http://www.zamperla.com/dettaglioImmagine.asp?nome=immaginiFoto/dettagli/powersurge13_400.jpg The one you have in the picture above, has the hub motor mounted similar to this version: http://www.zamperla.com/dettaglioImmagine.asp?nome=immaginiFoto/dettagli/powersurge28_400.JPG As for the hydraulic restraints, they usually are very hard to open, you have to give extra effort to push them open, and you usually cant lower them until the operator flips a switch that allows them to close. The restraints usually can lower on their own. They normally don't make a ratcheting sound like you usually hear on coaster restraints.
  8. That's strange.. Knoebel's Power Surge has its restraints hydraulically locked into place. Maybe the Power Surge model you had ridden might be an earlier model before Zamperla changed the restraint locking system. I also noticed that the motor for the arms is perpendicular to the boom, where Knoebel's model and all the newer ones out there has the motor parallel to the boom. I've noticed that Zamperla will change how the restraints are locked into place on their rides. For example, the prototype Hawk where the lady fell out used Mixer restraints, Seabreeze's Screaming Eagle (Hawk 24) uses a motor actuator to raise and lower the restraints and lock them in place, where Dorney Park's Meteor (Hawk 48) you have to manually raise and lower the restraints, and they are hydraulically locked into place. The Power Surge restraints that pop up a notch might have been a 1st generation design, where Knoebel's is a 2nd generation design.
  9. Hmm.. when I was at Marnier's Landing back in the 90's, it was called Cortina Jet. It did look like a Musik Express.. Is there any way to tell the difference between a Mack model and a Bertazzon model? They look very similar.
  10. Here's what I've heard: The wheels on the front axle of the lead car lifts up for a brief moment as the train makes the transition from one turn to the next. Knoebel is not liking that, and they're sure that the state inspector won't either. They're trying to figure out what causes that, and what they can do to fix it. I've heard that one idea was to add a zero car. They have to do everything in small increments so that they won't miss anything. Every adjustment they make, it changes the way the train behaves so they have to do it one at a time until they get it right. This is also why they haven't ordered the second train yet. Once they get the first train running the way they want it, they will take all the adjustments and modifications to Larson and have them build the second train. The first train will be the prototype and the second one will be the final design.
  11. Actually, those footers are for the service/storage track that runs parallel to the 540 helix. They didn't start on the helix until they could figure out the turning radius of the train chassis so they could build the transfer tracks. The transfer tracks were built last September. Its the only thing that is left to build. The entire track is completed, and could run without the storage track. It's just the kinks related to the train that they're still trying to work out.
  12. No, it's not the Flying Turns... Knoebels will be adding a Chance Wipeout to hold us over while they work the kinks out on Flying Turns. So, they're officially announcing the Wipeout as the new ride for 2008! http://www.knoebels.com/whats-new.asp It appears to be a last minute addition because there's no price set for the ride and it's not on the map yet.
  13. Trust me, we ALL want it to open soon! This is one of the most anticipated coasters to come. Is it me, but it looks like 2008 is the "Year of Coasters" for PA. Knoebels, Dorney Park, Hersheypark, and Waldameer
  14. Those pictures are actually from 2006. The track is completed, except for the service track that runs between the first lift and the second lift. During PPP, they did a demo of a two-car train running through the ride. It made full ciricuts. Right now they are testing it, and adjusting the prototype train as they go. There is no official announced date. When the testing is done, and passes state inspection, the ride will open. Now with the warmer weather, I'm sure Knoebels is doing more frequent testing and getting things resolved.
  15. Yep. Dinn did a lot of things wrong when constructing his coasters. One thing I noticed absent from Dinn's creations were the stompers. Stompers are long beams of wood that run from the track all the way down to the ground. They add extra reinforcements on high-G areas, such as curving uphill or pulling out from a drop. You can see the stompers from the queue when waiting in line for the Phoenix on the turn around next to the station. They prevent the wood from sagging between the bents. Dinn also placed bents at a fixed interval. I've noticed GCI and probably Intamin placing bents closer together in high-G areas, to provide extra reinforcements. With the bents at a fixed interval, the wood would sag and cause the roughness. Also PTC is known for tearing up wooden track. That's why GCI developed their own train, and even swapped the train out on Hersheypark's Wildcat coaster.
  16. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? The "quick links" to the PTR updates and other interesting things to note in the forums 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? It's clean and simple. I didn't find anything confusing on there. 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? Not much.. I do scroll down once in a while to see if there's anything I missed related to the forum updates. 5. How often do you look at the front page? Once in a while. The only link I have bookmarked to TPR is the "Posts since last visit" link. I use that all the time. 7. What would you like to see added to the front page to make your visits to TPR better? I think what you have on the front page is enough. 8. Anything else you would like to mention? Like any thing else you would like to see us add/change/leave alone/etc? A better FAQ! The one you have for the Forums looks like the standard install that came with phpbb. I've seen people using posted pictures with comments in their quoting and I'd like to know how!
  17. Hmm.. couldn't you make the images a tad bit SMALLER? Cool pic of a winterized Nautic Jet by the way...
  18. Have a red Palm Centro... Love it! My phone...
  19. I don't think there any out now, but now with HD cameras being cheap, we can expect them soon. I have a 720P camcorder from Apitek that records to a memory card. I plan to do some POV's at Knoebels this summer so you might see something this summer! I already have some on-ride POV's of some flats that I filmed during PPP last year.
  20. Disregarding the parking fee, Knoebels is more expensive if you were to compare to what Dorney Park and Hersheypark offers. Hershey is 48 bucks a day, and that includes a water park, buying your ticket at a Giant Food Store would bring the price down, probably to 40 bucks. Dorney is cheaper- 40 bucks with a waterpark as well (and that's without discounts). If you were to combine the entire pool, water slides, play area and all but 2 rides, it would come out to $49.50. I don't think the pool has in and out privileges. I think once you leave the exit, they cut off the band if you had a swim and slide combo. On Knoebel's website, there's this disclaimer: "Pool, Haunted Mansion, Skyride not included in any pay-one-price plans". However, due to poor design on the website that could cause a potential customer service nightmare is that under the Rates section, they list the X D Theater (Good thing I hit preview otherwise it would have said "XD Theater"!) , Mini Golf, Boat Tag, and two different sized buckets of balls for the Boat Tag. Those are upcharge attractions at Knoebels, however since it is not mentioned in the disclaimer, one could argue that they are supposed to be included in the pay-one-price plan since the disclaimer made no mention of it. Alright, I'll stop being a devil's advocate... Now back to the Flying Turns topic: Screamscape claims that Knoebels is having problems with the testing of the Flying Turns, and the ride may not open this season. I'm going to wait until I hear from Coastin Steve from RRC to see what he has to say. It's a hot topic over at RRC right now, with people deciding wether or not to go to PPP based on the opening of Flying Turns.
  21. Pre-drops are not a B&M-only thing. Arrow's do have pre-drops too. The Viper at Darien Lake has a pre-drop as well. It's all to releive stress, and wear and tear on the chain as the train transistions from one chain dog to the next. If you have noticed, the sprocket at the top of the lift hill appears to end at the bottom of the pre-drop as well. This is so that by the time the first chain dog disengages, most of the train has already crested the lift and gravity starts to take over. It's almost like the 2nd chain dog isn't necessary but they put it there for one of those "what-if" situations. I think B&M is eliminating pre-drops to keep costs down and save space. Pre-drops take up space and uses more steel work than those that don't have one. There are also other designs where a pre-drop IS necessary, but not used. One fine example would be the Vekoma Whirlwind coaster, formerly at Knoebels. At the top of the lift, there's a flat section of track before it starts to drop. When the first chain dog near the front of the train disengages at the top, there's still a gap between the second chain dog near the back of the train and the chain link. What ensues is a very loud bang and jolt at the top of the lift. Robb has consistently made fun of this fact while the coaster stood at Knoebels. (Just check out the fifth photo from the top of this page: http://www.themeparkreview.com/pa2004/knoebels/knoebels2.htm )
  22. It has happened. I remember an article about people leaving a football game and a lot of people got on the elevator to go from one level to the ground floor. I think it was a 40 foot descent. There was too many people on the escalator that it became overloaded. Once it became overloaded, I think the speed regulating system failed and became a very fast ride. Of course, there were injuries. You could assume that it was one scary escalator ride!
  23. Uh, this isn't the Funtime Star Flyer that Martin's Fantasy Island is getting. They are getting a Zamperla model, the Vertical Swing.
  24. Water gun with red food coloring. [Taken from a FoxTrot cartoon]
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