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  1. Hmmm.. interesting design- the whole lead car is cantilevered. There's no zero car like the Millennium Flyers. As a matter of fact, I think this is the first coaster train to feature a cantilevered lead car. Or, the renderer was too lazy and just cut and paste...
  2. Knoebels has posted pictures on their facebook page of the new Flying Turns chassis. It looks quite heavy duty!!! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=logo#/photo.php?pid=9598060&id=207828210550
  3. My last coaster ride of the season was on the Phoenix at Knoebels, in seat 1.3, aka the Schmeck seat...
  4. Turns out she's getting married! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/5972632/Woman-getting-married-to-fairground-ride.html I wonder where they're registered and what's on their wedding registry? Who's the maid of honor? Who will be Weber's best man?!?
  5. The only other news is that Knoebels is now waiting for what is supposedly the final train design for the Turns. What they have on the track now is a conglomeration of modifications as they went through the testing process last year. Also, in the facebook pictures it appears that they are now framing the roof over the final brake run as well as what appears to be the two storage tracks running parallel to the brake run.
  6. Here's a picture submitted by a reader to the Democrat and Chronicle that shows the tornado near Darien Lake.. And here's another article about the 2nd tornado that may have touched down at Hilton- where a carnival was going on at the time. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20090726/NEWS01/907260349/1002/RSS01 (submitted by K. Charbonneau)
  7. An F1 tornado touched down north of Darien Lake, and was visible from the park itself. The tornado was 100 yards wide and traveled for 4 miles. It then became a funnel cloud and crossed over I-90 heading northeast towards Rochester. It nearly formed again near Hilton where a town carnival was going on at that time, but all they got was a very severe thunderstorm with heavy downpours. Here's the news article from a local Rochester station about the tornado: http://www.13wham.com/news/local/story/ ... gT31g.cspx
  8. Umm... I'm trying to figure out if the person in the green shirt's a guy or a woman... o_0
  9. I've noticed that people are able to reply to a post and include a picture that had already been posted by someone else in their reply as a quote. How do you do that? I tried search to see if someone did mention something in the past and search turned up nothing.
  10. I wonder if there were signal lights at the switches similar to a railroad switch. If the signal lights were there, the operator of the monorail train could do a quick visual check to make sure the switch was properly set. As with the MAPO and the overrides, I'm surprised that there's no secondary fail-safe system in place in case there is a dangerous situation about to happen while the MAPO is overridden.
  11. I remember Dorneypark's wave pool back in the 80's used large baffles attached to a crank mechanism to move the baffles back and forth to create waves. I don't know if it still uses the baffle system, or they upgraded to a different kind of system. The system in the "How Wavepools Work" seems to use a system that pumps water up into a holding tank above the water line, and then dump them into the pool. Other systems use air pressure to push the water out and then in, creating waves.
  12. Why bother with these when KMG Move-It's are so much better?
  13. Don't forget Morgan... Now granted, they haven't built a hyper since Steel Dragon, but it's in their line-up.
  14. I snapped some pictures with my smartphone's camera. Here's some pictures of Kozmo's Kurves. And finally, a sign announcing the new coaster, along with a top-view of the layout. Even the MotorBoats were running. Here you can see more footers that have just been poured, and some additional ones near the station. Working on the footers
  15. I think the caption and the photo didn't quite make sense. If it had said, "Farewell Philadelphia! Next stop- NYC and Coney Island!" then the photo would have made sense. It's just that the caption led me to believe that the picture of the city was NYC...
  16. Umm.. that's not NYC. That's Philadelphia... You can see the Ben Franklin Building (City Hall)!
  17. Big Ass Fans. Yep, it's a real company! www.bigassfans.com (website of company that manufactures these fans)
  18. Dear Holiday World, Please don't stall as long as we do/did. Signed, Marineland Dear Holiday World, Please don't drop it all together like we did. Signed, Knoebels
  19. Actually, the Starfish is a Chance Wipeout. It is merely a park model. Knoebel's is the portable model, much like Kennywood's Wipeout and the one that used to be at Mariner's Landing in Wildwood. Knoebel's Wipeout had some modifications made to the ride to allow single riders. The ride becomes very forceful when the turret stops and the platform continues to spin. The Wipeout is basically a Trabant/Casino 2.0. The haunted mansion's cars are actually Pretzel cars (even DAFE states this). I don't know if Allen Herschell ever made any dark ride components at all- the company mainly made carousels, and later expanded into making kiddie rides and a few adult rides, such as the Sky Wheel.
  20. Roto Jets came from Freedomland, which originally came from Forest Park Highlands) The Pretzel cars and props in the Haunted Mansion came from Rolling Green Park and West View Park. The Spanish Bambini came from Roseland Park in Canadiagua, NY.
  21. He was referring to the creator of the thread, as it had the word 'porn' in it. Actually, my original title was much different, until Wes changed it to include the word "porn". So blame the admin for this one... Is Wes really a spam-bot or not? Who knows...
  22. Who would have thought of a Weber 1001 Nacht that is viewed as a sex object? The YouTube clip shows part of a documentary about a woman who views material objects as a sex object. Apparently, a Weber 1001 Nacht gets her aroused, because of it's shape, the noises it make when running, etc... The documentary ends with the woman having an "intimate moment" with a 1001 Nacht, located at Knoebels. Yeah, I know you're thinking, WTF?!? RC!
  23. From what I know, is that Schwarzkopf came up with the Enterprise as well as several other designs that used the same base as the Enterprise (Gigant, Katapult, etc..). Huss apparently found out about the Schwarzkopf design and came up with their own and got the patent for it.
  24. Knoebels has been selling them for quite some time, called "Travelin' Tacos" at the Roaring Creek Saloon.
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