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  1. Cool video thanks LOL at the people flying out of the chute the chutes ride from the 20's JEFF
  2. This sucks worst place they could possibly put them too! I wonder if those strips are trims going all the way up too. Why couldn't they have put them on the next hill. I really do not think the airtime hills are gonna be the most aggressive things about the ride, I think the first "S" turn is gonna be the most violent part of the ride. JEFF
  3. I agree Alot of people complain about MF having alot of flat track where it is doing nothing which certainly adds up to its length. (although they were trying to fit it in certain areas) I305 looks like one of those rides that won't let you catch your breath till the brakes then your first breath is WOW! JEFF
  4. why? it is there now. I bet if KD had got the boomerang that would not have been "thrown out" All former paramount parks had short coasters (except the Beast, SOB, Vortex at KI) JEFF
  5. I think most people in VA are having flashbacks of our other Intamin.... Volcano (originally planned for memorial day weekend it opened on Aug. 3) But that was very new technology, not to mention starting const. late due to structual tests with the existing then 20 year old mountain. JEFF
  6. Awesome! thanks for the update. I have been back there about 4 times since vetical const. started and I don't ever remember seeing the KK trains. I wonder if they just arrived or if they have been there a while. The 2nd hill looks so tiny. it is gonna be flying over it. from the route 30 pic it does not even look like it is half the size of the lift hill. JEFF
  7. well congrats on the engagement. That penguin exhibit is a joke. We have a much better exhibit at the Richmond Zoo I had no desire to go before and now I know I would not go even if it was free. BGE just sees this as a cheap way to sucker people. There does not even look like there is anything to do except try to plow through the crowds of people. JEFF
  8. I disagree, The feeling of speed is going to be Awesome at the bottom. I am glad it does what it does. There will be air on the 2nd hill anyway. JEFF
  9. Had to go see it for myself. Here are some pics I took today. What an Awesome sight. Enjoy, JEFF Thats tiny Anaconda at the bottom of the pic (ANA is 128ft) picture would have sucked 3 years ago pure Awesome gotta have the flag geek shot
  10. Glad to hear they will save the trains. Anybody seen pics on the de-construction yet? JEFF
  11. sad news but he lived a nice long life. I remember my cousins grandfather and him were good friends. They would talk all day while we would ride the rides. Festhaus has never felt the same since he left and to my knowledge BGW has never tried to replace him. JEFF
  12. Can't go wrong with MF from the lake. To me the lift hill is very symbolic of coasters. JEFF gorgeous
  13. So much for no trims.........guess CF told the computer animator dude to not include them anymore. ride is coming along nicely though JEFF
  14. Went to BGW for the last time on Friday 10-30-09 Very dead in the Morning from 10-1:30, I rode Griffon-12 times Alpengeist-8 times Apollo-6 times Loch Ness-3 times Pretty pissed to see that they have not touched BBW at all with the exception of removing the trains. So much for closing it on Labor day so we can start dismantling right away . I will not be renewing my pass till the replacement coaster is built. JEFF
  15. Due to Heavy rain today I guess I took my last ride of the year on Friday Loch Ness Monster- front row JEFF
  16. Kings Dominion (9 times) Busch Gardens Williamsburg (5 times) Go Karts plus* Central park fun land* Worlds of Fun Six flags America Freestyle Music park* Dollywood* Kings Island Holiday World Six Flags New England* Great Escape* * indicates first time visiting park 36 new credits this year, my best year since the glory days (for me at least) of 1998-2000 on track to break 300 next year JEFF
  17. Went out to the park for a few hours after work, here are some pics of I305 before the park opened. JEFF Should be a nice scene in a few months Steep as a Mo Fo Looking good held up by guy wires for now
  18. Well here was the original plan 10-3: drive from Richmond to Lake Compounce to be there at opening at 5pm 10-4: spend all day at SFNE Well we got a great deal on a flight from Dulles to Bradley Int airport (in between SFNE & LC) so we flew out to New England, got to the Hotel around 2pm weather was overcast and calling for rain. Since we were all getting 6 flags passes we decided to go to SFNE for a few hours before LC. This was my first trip to SFNE and I was very excited about riding Bizarro for the first time. Right as we walked through the gates at about 3 the skies opened up and poured rain so some of us grabbed a bite to eat while the rain passed. it stopped raining about 10 mins. later so we headed to Bizarro, 1 train wait for the back seat and then it started Pouring down rain again. hurt like hell but was a fun ride and very memorable. we made a run around the park to ride all the coasters (except great chase & Flashback) and they announced that they would be closing at 5:30 due to the weather, ugghhh. We called LC and they had a recording that also said they would be closed for the evening. Bummer! We did not do too bad for 2.5 hours in the park. 5 rides on Bizarro 2 rides on Batman and 1 on the rest of them. we came back sunday night and had a good time picked up the rest of the credits and rode Batman and Cyclone again and Bizarro 5 more times. The park was pretty much like I expected. Employees could have been nicer and more efficient on Bizarro. Here are some reviews Bizarro- WOW this ride deserves its praise, IMO it is the whole package of drops, turns, positive G's, Negative G's, Height, Tunnels etc. I really liked all of the extra theming on the ground but the speakers were so Dumb and really detracted from the ride IMO. It is way too loud (you cannot even hear announcements in the station) and it makes no sense, It just spits out movie quotes from any and every movie out there (Pulp fiction, Scarface, Shrek, Dark Knight, Goonies etc.) I was really hoping the batteries for the speaker system would have died before the end of the night. Batman was a decent little B&M, Nice zero G roll Cyclone was one I was really interested in finally riding (wish I could have rode it before the re-profile) Back seat was awesome and out of control. Since we had already rode almost everything at SFNE on Saturday we wanted to see if there was another park nearby we found that Great Escape was about a 2.5 hour drive and they opened at noon on Sunday. I have never heard a bad thing said about Comet so off we went. I was honestly not expecting too much from this place but it was a very nice little park nestled in the mountains. Reminded me of Knoebels (but with pavement) No real unique rides or thrilling rides to write home about except one. Comet- An awesome classic coaster with great airtime and speed, very smooth too, well worth the trip. plus the employees were really nice Here are some pics from GE No pics from SFNE cause the first day it was raining and the 2nd it was night time. Sucks we did not get to ride Boulder dash but at least we got to ride comet as a concelation prize JEFF Nice paint job on this oldie A new S&S tower was erected this year, cool name too they do have a boomerang odd theming Some really nice scenery in the park They had a really nice rare bobsled We could not believe how incredibly smooth it was Comet holds a world record: Most unnecessary anti-rollbacks through out its course (6) awesome classic layout She did not disappoint The reason we came we are in the Mountains The Wolf Lodge at GE
  19. Funny this topic arises after this past weekend. Saturday (10-3-09) was my first trip to SFNE and our first ride on Bizarro was in a torrential downpour. Hurt like hell but worth it. Sadly we arrived at 3 and they shut the park down at 5:30. JEFF
  20. Sounds great, Thanks for the report. I only rode it once in 1992 and it was one of my favorites. I would really like to do a Texas trip when this is done. JEFF
  21. Awesome! Thanks for the link. That transition is gonna be quick from drop to turn. Exciting to see "action track" going up now! Looking forward to the lift hill....hopefully it will be done by Nov 1st. JEFF
  22. Have you been on it since they installed the more "butt hugging seats?" I've found the new seats to be a LOT more comfortable on the junk. --Robb No, I have not been on it since 2002, good to hear the replaced them. JEFF
  23. Acrophobia....Worst ride ever No way a man designed that ride....... JEFF
  24. I always thought the layout looked great but the execution was very poor. SLC's really age badly for some reason, most of them run "Vekoma smooth" their 1st 2 seasons or so Batman has always been one of my favorites though. I have: 5-Batman credits (Georgia by far being the most intense, I have no reason why) 6 SLC credits (Canadas Top Gun in 1998 seemed to be my best experience on an SLC) JEFF
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