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  1. Didn't a CF Intamin coaster open on time just last month? I do not see why this is a big deal from the animations this looks like another "soaker" water ride. Most of the time a warm day in May at CP is in the 60's I know it is CP but it is just a water ride. JEFF
  2. For those of you that were not around when Hurler was new it was an Awesome ride when it opened in 1994. Smooth as glass with monster airtime on most of the hills. Here is a video from 1995 that I took. Check out the Hurler scenes! Very smooth and fast and you can see the people getting ejector air in the front. Video is a good look down memory lane too. [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=PKD95[/coastertube] Enjoy, JEFF
  3. Small TR from yesterday (5-7-10) KD's first May Friday before memorial day being open. Park was dead for the most part, with the only lines being on I305(1 train) & Volcano (2 trains) KD advertised opening at 9:30am but only Dominator opened at 9:30, rest of the park opened at 10am. I was there from 9:30-3 and managed these rides I305-8 Dominator-3 Volcano-2 Rebel yell-3 Hurler- 3 Grizzly 3 Shockwave-1 Drop zone-1 I305 went down for about an hour from about 2-3 While I was waiting for it. They will not run 2 trains on I305 unless it is really busy cause they are having a real problem keeping the wheels cool so they run one train half the day then switch them. Hurler now has 2 trim Brakes at the bottom of the first drop and barely any track work was done (a few top layer of wood replacements here and there) so the only thing the trims accomplish is killing any airtime that was left on the ride. Such a shame the ride used to be so good its first 5 years. I keep waiting for them to retrack the turns to make the ride more enjoyable but I guess that won't happen. JEFF
  4. I cannot believe Nobody has mentioned Adventureland in Iowa I visited in 1998 and thought it was a very nice park with 2 very good woodies but they have not built a coaster in 14 years. They have a good amount of space and are due for a new coaster. I think it would be a great fit for this park. http://www.rcdb.com/4576.htm JEFF
  5. What hill did this happen on? Can anybody familiar with the ride confirm which one? At first I thought it was the lift but that is Not the lift hill "box" track. Very Scary incident, I wonder if this will affect other Intamin hypers/gigas this weekend JEFF
  6. That building has been a waste of space since they removed Questor....Bring that back and I will give it some love. I am not that excited about a drop tower though. I would rather have an S&S space shot, the mid-atlantic really needs one, but since they said single tower that would probably mean a gyro drop. JEFF
  7. Its not "gone" (sign is still there) They are just not using it since they are not assigning seats anymore. Might go to a Saturday only thing but who knows. JEFF
  8. Good pics thanks for the update. Are they still assigning seats on Diamondback? JEFF
  9. I hate the fact that the Q dumps into the front of the station, cause of course you have inconsiderate people waiting for the front and taking up the whole Q!! Is it really that hard to stand to the side or at least let people know to go by. At least they did some planning for Dominator's Q in this regard. BTW I saw you Shannon, I was wearing my red BBW shirt waiting for the 2nd to last car and you just came in on the back car. I will say Hi next time now that I know what you look like (cross referenced you with Danny's facebook page ) I was there with my kids and Aidan was dying for some Rebel Yell (his new #1 he just turned 48") JEFF
  10. /\ Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland doesn't have one either but Volcano is good enough but CW main invert is a Standard SLC I am curious to see how CF will treat them all now that they have all got their Hyper/Giga that they all really needed. (except GA but that is a big mess) In regards to SOB's layout, they are doing a major over haul to Giant's layout. JEFF
  11. So your argument would be they need a new stand up? they already have 11 non-inverted coasters. Top gun is a totally different experience IMO Mini slc.......come on man.... Invertigo is a small low capacity coaster for a park this big, plus from what I hear it has many mech. problems. I just think it would be a good fit for the park, but CF may wait and see how the Texas Giant turns out and see about Moding SOB. JEFF
  12. Not that they need it next year or the year after that but I think a big B&M Invert is what KI needs. and would be my bet for their next big coaster. but I am looking at 4-5 years from now. JEFF
  13. Went for a few hours tonight, very cool but sunny day, park was dead! I305 seemed to be running a little faster, airtime seems more forceful. Volcano was down (and on the board at the gate) might have been all day, I got there at 5. I did not see anything unusual. Shockwave was supposed to reopen this weekend but was still missing the chain cog and chain. (if anybody cares) JEFF
  14. Amtrak is an option if driving isn't, the closest Amtrak stop is Ashland (about 8 miles) Cab from Ashland to KD as far as trains this is your best bet Train 67 departs Washington DC Union Station daily at 7:30am, get to Ashland at about 9:30am Train 66 departs Ashland at about 6:15pm (this one is usually a little late) but be sure you plan ahead for the cab ride back (allow alot of time) Train 66 is the LAST northbound train of the day. Both trains stop in Alexandria, VA if that is more convenient for you. fares run about $30 (each way) if booked far in advance. not sure what the cab fare would be. JEFF
  15. I renewed my platinum from last year at KD last fall, never needed a new pic........ I think it is just a fall thing though (it was $10 cheaper too) JEFF
  16. At KD it is kinda dumb because it is the most Inconvenient place to put it. KD opens up International street at about 10am but you need to go down the tree filled path on the opposite end of the fountain (the one that leads straight to the carousel ) there is a little side entrance around the gate and security will let platinum and gold pass members in at 10:20am but it is a LONG power walk to Volcano/I305. It was fine when Hypersonic was the big new thing but it is just stupid now (they need to move it by Dominator or at least planet snoopy). JEFF
  17. Actually I noticed that Carolina cyclone lost theirs too. I believe it has to do with fire codes actually. Back in 1998 we had a backstage tour of the construction of Roar at SFA and the reason they did not enclose the shed/tunnel is because with it being enclosed they would have to install sprinklers. Maybe the fire marshal said that they either had to install sprinklers or take the walls out. JEFF
  18. Yea the snow did a number on the Nick/Snoopy stadium too. It has no roof but I assume it will have a roof by the time the show opens though. KD seems to be having trouble with the anti rollbacks engaging on the trains and that is usually why they take them off. On opening day they added the 2nd train back on 15 mins. AFTER the park had closed. so they do make every effort to have them both running. Nice pics JEFF
  19. These brake runs have magnetic brakes to slow the train down to a crawl. Much less wear & tear on the friction brakes. The "super slanted" angle is needed to advance the train more quickly. hope that makes sense. Good example I know of is TTD with an empty train, since that brake run is not very steep the train takes forever to clear the block. Since the angle is not very steep the train inches forward. JEFF
  20. This was my first trip back to Carowinds in 8 years. I was eager to try out their new coaster and get some missed credits that have accumulated at the park over the years. I was very impressed with the look of the park, The paint job on Nighthawk and that area really look great and the shortcut through Nighthawk was a welcome addition (most places close off shortcuts to get you to walk by more games/shops etc.) Planet Snoopy was very well done and looked outstanding. My first ride on Intimidator was in the morning and in the middle so needless to say the ride Sucked (not unusual, Apollo always sucks in the morning too) But towards the later half of the day both the front and back were delivering great rides. (although the trims were very inconsistent). These new B&M Hypers feel very different to me but I would give the edge to Diamondback as the better ride for the simple fact that the layout is better IMO. As for comparing I232 to I305 you just can't. If you like a smooth relaxing up & down ride then the B&M hypers are for you But IMO they never feel out of control or thrilling, just FUN. On the other hand Intamin's FEEL out of control and totally unpredictable with balls to the walls speed and excitement. I do prefer I305 but that is the type of ride I like, I232 is an awesome and much needed addition to round out Carowinds growing collection of coasters. I am gonna rant a little about this whole assigned seating/single rider crap!(on Diamondback & Intimidator's) IT DOES NOT WORK! I am in NO way saying the crew is doing a bad job (They were really getting the trains out fast)but there were many instances of empty rows & empty seats (I counted 12 on one train) I NEVER see single riders in the single rider line, it is always GROUPS! The GP is so dumb on this one. they see a shorter line and think they are gonna get on faster but the regular line moves about 30 people per train (average) while the singles line moves 2 per train. most of the day yesterday the regular line had only 100-150 more people in it than the singles line. Once I rode twice before this group of girls rode once in the singles line. Not to mention the fact that People WANT to choose where to sit! I seriously do not think that whoever at CF thought of this crap has ever actually sat on the platform and watched how chaotic it is with people arguing where they want to sit or not sit and switching rows anyway. Not to mention they are paying an extra position at the ride. I wish they handed out surveys to all guests to see if they like being told where to sit. I saw more people complaining about the empty seats though. This is not a Complaint of Carowinds but The CF policy in General that seems to be popping up on every one of their big new rides. I really enjoyed my day though and all the staff at the park was very friendly and energetic. The Afterburn & Intimidator crews were very efficient all day long. (Good to meet Andrew on I232, tell your crew mates to keep up the great & courteous work, it was very appreciated) Here is a link to all of the photos I took (full size HQ) Here are some of my best pics from the day. JEFF The Reason for a 618 mile round trip in a day They really need a big new flat ride (a Maxair would go great here) here we go, A good first drop is important The pullout was very drawn out on this one for some reason Sadly the 2nd hill looks cooler than it is IMO A nice turnaround the strongest positive G's are after the turnaround entering the 4th hill very nice floater airtime good pop of air in the front entering the MCBR patriotic pic meh Good news Carowinds fans! It is not a used Vekoma! quite the eye catcher from I-77 This whole area was really well done this year Still an Awesome inverted Even without the Top Gun Theme Love the vibrant paint job At least it was a little different from the other 2 I have ridden it will not be another 8 years before I return.
  21. BTW I have to agree that KD's food has always been bad....never get a Burger at KD Nice pics though JEFF
  22. I will be heading down there tomorrow. First time since 2002 Can't wait! JEFF
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