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  1. Well in 1991, in my eyes and at my age looping coasters were it. I couldnt wait till March 23, 1991 It was my new #1 coaster (out of 6!). It was definitly smoother back then and when it opened it had 3-6 car trains. But soon after it opened they realized that 3 trains were impossible so they stuck an extra car on the back of each train to make 2-7 car trains. it also wasnt braked nearly as bad back then so maybe that has something to do with the roughness. Thanks everybody, glad you liked them, JEFF
  2. Hi everyone, I have some pics of PKD I will share with you guys that are not the same ones you see everywhere else (i.e. Eifel Tower pics). Last one is the best Enjoy, JEFF Rebel yell & Hypersonic Rebel yell Rebel yell from slides Volcano from anacondas lift Volcano Cool shot from slides ok not rare...but I like it Shot from anacondas lift Awesome pic from the slides by the wavepool POV with Yell in perfect position Anaconda from slides Anaconda from slides Anaconda from defunct speed slides 1995 Me and Sis in front of the PR Display Anaconda as it stood the whole year 1990, just waiting to be finished King Cobra and Lake Charles from the Skyride 1983
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