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  1. Another thing I noticed being around this coaster all weekend is that nobody screams on this coaster! It truly takes their breath away. JEFF
  2. I was there tonight as well too with my kids and my son got to ride Rebel Yell & Grizzly for the 1st time. (He liked Rebel Yell much better, He's 6) Got 2 rides in on I305 with my Sis so I wanted her opinion as a "Civilian" coaster rider. She did like it but thought it was a little rough and she could not take more than 2 rides back to back. (Especially after seeing a guy lose all of his dinner over the railing after his ride ) One really crappy thing is that ALL of the trees from the infield of Grizzly's first turnaround have been removed and really killed some of the atmosphere. Also noticed that Shockwave was missing the chain cog at the top of the lift and its chain. so itmight be a while before it opens again. Sad thing is that in 1.5 hours today I got more rides in than 9.5 hours on Friday JEFF
  3. There was one op that was very rude on opening day with the assigned seating. On our first ride we asked for the front and she said no so we went close to the back (fine) Now our 2nd ride is where I was beyond pissed off, picture this, the whole station is filled with one trains worth of riders (meaning 2 people in every lane, even the front) we figured alright worked out good. she remembered us asking for the front and told us to go to row 2 so I argued with her saying there is nobody in the front and that is where you need to start loading from. she kept saying row 2 but we just went in row 1 anyway. later in the day some ops were very nice, if you asked for the front they would let you go. I just hate assigned seating on coasters and single rider lines do not work on anything but B&M's in my opinion. Thankfully I live close but it still sucks for out of towners. I am still a little peeved that I had 10 rides on Diamondback when I visited last summer and never got the front row. JEFF
  4. Forgot to mention we rode the new Boo Blasters and it was surprisingly really good....had some really cool new effects but I won't spoil anything. I think it is better without Scooby doo and I am a fan of Scooby JEFF
  5. Nice Report Most opening days for parks are rusty and I think most of their resources went into making sure I305 was running and at full capacity. They did add a 2nd train to Rebel yell and I think you guys are spoiled by El Toro cause Rebel yell is running Awesome! They have retracked about 75% of both sides in the last 3 years. JEFF
  6. Parks pay money to use another company's product on an attraction (nickelodeon,Scooby doo, Italian job/mini coopers) AKA a license Rather than pay BMW for the privilege of using mini coopers likeness on the coaster CF decided to save some coin and turn them into generic coaster cars. like the ones in the pic. JEFF
  7. For those curious about backlot's trains...they did lose the BMW license. so this is what the train looks like now. JEFF yuck
  8. Well there is not much I can say that has not already been said. The ride is Outstanding however I do give the edge to SROS/Bizarro as my #1 The ride got much better throughout the day and we stayed around for a night ride and it was amazing a night, dropping into the blackness like that with nary a light back in the woods. Zipping through the course at 80+mph gives an unbelievable sense of total loss of control. I took a little over 300 pics today but I looked at Chucks and everybody else's and only picked what I thought were the very best/unique. It was also Great to finally meet Robb and some other members from the board today. Enjoy, JEFF OK TPR shirt w/ I305+ Mr Alvey should equal 2 bags O crap Opening day is finally here Intamin Sexiness at its finest here we go This thing is massive (you can tell by the FAA light way more Air on this hill than I was expecting The Future is.........no supports Another good shot of air time before we define insanity no words needed In 1 train length the train rotates 180 degrees at about 80 mph what just happened? beautiful come ride me
  9. I watched it test last week and the lift did slow down considerably at the top. I am sure it will probably happen soon or maybe it is with the 2 train program. looks great...can't wait , only 10 hours left JEFF
  10. nice update Chuck The ex-Bavarian village pic sucks. I was hoping they might keep the buildings for themeing on the future ride. 15 years ago 66.6% of BGW coasters were in Octoberfest....now 0% JEFF
  11. depends on my work schedule but I will be there at some point in the day....probably morning-afternoon JEFF
  12. Clint posted a sick teaser video that has clips of a real POV of I305. (looks intense as hell) maybe we will get to see the whole thing before Thursday. only 4 days left!!!! JEFF
  13. Went by the park tonight. they were running it at around 9:00 (seemed like only one train though) The lift hill slows down alot once the train reaches the top lift is louder than I thought it would be but it might not sound so loud when there are people in the park. Enjoy, JEFF plain pic from Denny's The red lights do trace up the lift The train is on the lift (you can see the streak) 1 more week
  14. drove by last night (from work) and the lift hill has red lights on the lift just like Dominator. could not tell if they were tracing or not. looked cool at night though JEFF
  15. Nice pics Kumba was painted in May 2006 I believe I think it is scheduled to be down this May too so it might get some love. That bleeding rust look is not cool JEFF
  16. Thanks for the pics....very unlike BG to leave the footers for BBW there. JEFF
  17. /\ it's been happening since the russian ice slides "ice is too soft! it needs to be resurfaced" "no rerides!!! this place sucks" "the layout is totally lame" you can find TR's on RRC JEFF
  18. That thick bar part is still there. it is just hidden by the angle. the only difference I see is the enlarged "ear" pads JEFF
  19. My guess would be Ocean park in China. seems the most logical choice considering their "clue" JEFF
  20. They usually have a really hard time staffing the park that week (public school's around Richmond's last day is June 18th). Rather than open half the rides this year they just decided to stay closed. They have done this before in the past. JEFF
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