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  1. Yes it is x-flight....and remember the official press/media announcement hasn't taken place yet. It will later today. Crap, you beat me.
  2. Yeah it isn't much cjeagle35, but there's a possibility pictures and stuff will be added at the announcement today. If you noticed, it doesn't mention anything about Firehawk on KI's homepage. It would've been awesome if the track was neon orange instead of red. What is up with CF and ending their ride names in "Hawk"?
  3. "After boarding their four-across yellow and red pilot seats, guests are lowered backward and begin their ascent up the 115-foot-tall red and steel gray lift hill, only to be flipped over and jetted at top speeds through ½ mile of steel track over the course of 2 minutes and 30 seconds!" Yeah, it'll be a different color. Although I think neon orange track would've been awesome.
  4. If Firehawk is the actual name, I guess I'll be the only one in line calling it X-Flight!
  5. "Quad Boobage!" haha, loved the updates! We'll know for sure if KidTums is the devil child if there is 666 etched into the head!
  6. I'm a ride op and there are plenty of things I have said/done on purpose and some that weren't. I was working the pirate ship at sfkk and once the ride came to a stop I went to press the open restraint button button but I accidently pressed the start cycle button. I said "oops, that wasn't supposed to happen" over the mic. The people in line looked at me all funny, it was great. Then one time I was at road runner express and something fell off from underneath the car. I asked my other co-worker if he saw it, he said no. I didn't dispatch the car that was waiting and I ran over to see what it was. I couldn't make it out but it looked like something that went to a sensor. I called him over a back up my assumption. I then shut the ride down and called techs. One of the cars was full and the restraints wouldn't pop up. One of the guys was stuck in it for 10 min. He didn't care though. The piece that fell of was a "silencer" for the lift clicker thingy(the name eludes me right now). A little after we opened back up a guy brought a camera on the ride. I asked him to put it up and he pointed out that it was wrapped around his arm. My answer to that one was, "Have you seen Final Destination 3? Cameras and coasters don't go good together." The kids behind him got all bug eyed....I guess I scared them....muhahaha.
  7. This ride looks awesome. I love the flip in the first raven turn. But where the hell do they get 14 inversions from? Even if they counted the actual track inversions and seat rotations it still doesn't equal 14... The ride still looks bad a$$!
  8. Colossos at Heide-Park Soltau is taller and has been in operation for 5 years and isn't super rough. I could have ridden Son of Beast a couple weeks after it opened but I didn't because my aunt wouldn't ride it with me and I was scared of the height at the time. I wish I did. Now, the only way I'll get on it is if the switch to PTC trains.
  9. That's because Shapiro really liked the park. He approved the money to repaint Chang and SFKK was one of the first parks to recieve capital investment money for the 2007 season.
  10. That's really weird that you found Chang to be rough. I started working there about 2 weeks ago and I rode it 10 x's in a row. Those were the smoothest rides on it I've ever had. Usually Thunder Run is my top ride at SFKK, but in the back it seemed unusually rough, I actually prefered T2 to Thunder. Oh well, one more week till' I get to ride the Voyage!
  11. Yeah, the triple down is in the dark, it's right after the mcbr. Only two weeks for me!
  12. i must admit i have a fetish with T2 at SFKK. I have to fake with my friends when the ride ends. I don't find it painful. I also like Twisted twins for the g-trains. Don't know why, I guess cause they're lower on the track.[/img] T2!!! rcdb.com Twisted Twins!!! rcdb.com
  13. I watched the hand held POV of Kumali on ukrides, and it had none of the characteristics of a jerky slc pov lol. And in the photos with the close-ups of the train in the station, there doesn't look to be any spaces between the track and wheels! link: http://www.ukrides.info/flkumali.htm[/url]
  14. No problem Heres a few more Edit: sorry forgot to add the credit. got those from here. http://bbs6.fc2.com/php/e.php/coaster/ a very nice little japanese forum. This coaster looks really happy, literally! In that last picture, the piece of track laying underneath the second raven turn looks like a happy face!
  15. Chang was built a year before KK was turned into a six flags. The latest I heard is that the dragsters will be taken out this year and a new attraction will be put in its spot.
  16. I haven't been on Nitro but from what everyone says, it is a coaster you could marathon. I rode Titan its first year and I attempted to marathon it. After about the 5th ride it started wearing me out. I rode it 18 times and about the 12th I started blacking out. I didn't realize it until my 18th time. If you like g-forces, titan is for you.
  17. did anyone catch the four trains in the one animated picture of Goliath in the gift shop?
  18. A couple seasons back I rode Chang at SFKK and was sitting on the very left in the first car and when we were about to enter the second corkscrew, I was attacked by weeds. -why does it always happen to me?- :?
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