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  1. Ah ok. I remember how mad I was in 2006 because they had the massive set of suspended speakers not very far away and couldn't hear the music. This year was different though. They had some speakers hanging under the 2nd street bridge above the warf and we could hear it at waterfront park crystal clear! When the tested the system the night before, my friend and I had to turn away not to far from the Belle cause it was so loud. I felt sorry for the people who were actually sitting right under it!
  2. I was totally suprised by the new album. Most of it was not very hard, but the two songs that were, really impressed! I was shocked, but impressed, to hear Chester finally curse on a record, and him screaming it put the icing on the cake!
  3. Well it was magic because that was the overall theme for the festival this year. I loved the soundtrack, classical techno/dance whatever you want to call it! What was your location? I was in the top most corner on the left of the sand area where the big black thingy sits in front of lol.
  4. I missed it by accident. I was walking to my friends house to watch it and when I got there everyone was all like "Wow, that was crazy!" But seeing as the only part of Derby Festival I care about is Thunder, it was no biggie.
  5. Titan's midcourse block brake Twisted Twins Roadrunner Express
  6. Make sure you make it the last ride of your day!
  7. Yep, they sure do. After 2002 they started cramming the fireworks towards the middle because some of the debris and sparks were making it to the crowds near it but now it's absolutely safe for spectators. During the week before Thunder they close off the bridge to set up the fireworks and they keep it closed until afternoon the day after. What's funny is that if you walk across the bridge during any part of the year you can see permanent smudge marks at the very top of the girders from the fireworks!
  8. Don't you just love how far promoters will go to tag "largest" at the beginning? Just like in the roller coaster world.
  9. It gets kinda complicated when explaining. Thunder Over Louisville is the largest annual fireworks show in America. The record for the largest show (1 time) happened New Year's in some city in South America I think. There are only two or three shows that is bigger than Thunder and those are in other countries like Japan, so really to see anything bigger than Thunder you pretty much have to travel outside of the USA.
  10. You're welcome! There was a family beside us that was from Pittsburgh who came because they saw something on the Discovery Channel about it. This is one of those experiences were you just have to be there to really take it all in, videos don't do it justice! After the show I asked them what they thought and they were speechless, then they decided that they will be making the trek again next year lol. I have some videos of previous shows on google video, and you can see how much the show has grown in scale over the 18 years of it's existance. Thunder 1994 Thunder 1996 Thunder 1998 Thunder 2001 Thunder 2004 Grand Finale I live in Louisville too coasterfan, and this year the traffic wasn't bad for us at all! Although we decided to leave the parking garage at 12:55 am. There was NO traffic on the roads, I was suprised. Hopefully they will keep the traffic plan for next year because I usually don't get home till about 3 am.
  11. 2 weeks before the running of the Kentucky Derby, hundreds of thousands of people line the riverbank in downtown Louisville, KY to watch the greatest pyrotechnic display on the continent. Thunder over Louisville is the largest annual firework display in all of North America, and one of the largest in the entire world. For 28 minutes, over 60 tons of firework shells are launched from eight 400 ft long barges separated by the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge which is also laced with thousands of pyrotechnic devices. A new theme is chosen every year for the show, and the soundtrack is built around it. Thunder also has one of the top 5 airshows in the USA but the real reason 800,000+ people wait as much as a day in advance is the amazing firework show. This year's show was "The Magic of Thunder" and you should check out every minute of this fantastic display! Watch Thunder Over Louisville 2007!
  12. When I was at SFOT a couple of years back, I went on a weekday and was able to marathon Titan and Mr. Freeze. I started with Freeze and got 28 laps. Then I decided to go to Titan and rode that 18 times. I started blacking out so I had to quit that for a second, so I went to Freeze and rode it another 23 times, then I left the park. I think the weekend (could be two or more) after Greezed Lightinin' at SFKK opened I went to the park and rode that baby 68 times in a row (I was aiming for 69 but my friend was beginning to get sick; psh...light weight). By the end of the day I had 82 cycles. And finally, my most recent coaster riding rampage occured at Holiday World. My 13 yr old niece and I rode the Voyage 15 times in a row, took a break to catch 10 or so laps on the Raven, then I rode the Voyage another 25 times in a row...I was suprised I got to ride it that many times, I guess I can thank school being in session.
  13. I would expect it to look like Borg seeing as the only difference track-wise between the two isn't visible from pretty much anywhere except for the entrance plaza for the ride.
  14. Wow, from afar, the drop off of the lift looks incredibly drawn out! Can't wait to ride X-flight (still boycotting the name Firehawk) lol.
  15. The supports will be grey. To be exact, steel gray. Ok, so I totally made an animation for the ride using the Flying Dutchman track in No Limits. That Stealth animation was making me sick. You can Watch it
  16. As a young adult I sometimes find myself impatiently waiting for the day the older generation(s) passes on. I know that sounds harsh but coming into this world as a African American, bisexual guy, I've seen my fair share of ignorance. From my own experiences, I've realized that black people tend to be VERY homophobic and some of the things I hear coming from my grandmother, and even my mother are shocking to my ears. You would think African Americans of all people would be more accepting considering the all too known trials of the past, but many seem to be the first to jump onto restricting the right to equality of another minority group. Anywho, watching all of the injustice, bigotries, and downright hate on the TV everyday makes absolutely no sense to me and most others in my age group. It all seems so pointless and I feel like there's nothing that I or my cohorts can do to really end it until most of the older generations (and their prejudices) are gone. Thankfully, younger Americans are beginning to open the eyes of our (mostly respected) elders to show them just how much time is being wasted on complete bull crap. To make this post more on topic, even though I don't really understand the whole "love" and "marriage" thing, especially since Disney gave me false impressions on just what "love" is, I think Disney doing this another step, be it a tiny one, in curing America of it's paralysis aka prejudices.
  17. I really don't understand how the hell the park came up with 14 inversions, and I really don't get how Guinness gave it the record. Anywho, it does look better than X, even though it's close to almost being the same. I probably wouldn't fly out just for this ride.
  18. So true, so true! Am I the only one that hates the fact that it is being repainted a different color? I thought the green was so f'n cool. They could've just touched it up.
  19. That brownish-red paint is just a primer. As I understand it, the ride will be painted once most if not all of it is up. If you look at some of the photos on the official website you can see that the supports that are standing haven't been painted either. The final paint color for the track is supposed to be a nice, vivid red.
  20. I thought that part was the back spike. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm liking the updates. I'm going to definitely drive up there some time and check it out. It's the front spike and the twist is at a 45 degree angle or something. I really like V2's colors and all of the improvements/signs. I hope this sets a standard for the chain and all of the SF parks get a little more customized and unique like this one.
  21. The main problem I had with the whole coaster accident part (other than the producers or whoever who totally ignored their own layout for the ride) is that the guy with the camera got off in "reality". Now the restraints still would have failed, but the train wouldn't have de-railed, especially on the first drop.
  22. I'm hoping to get out to SFoG this year to ride Goliath. Nice TR btw. Oh, and I love the avatar!
  23. Great Update! If I went to BP and Infusion was open, I'd most likely ride it...not because I've never ridden an slc (my homepark has the worst of them all) but because of the colors. They are F'N awesome!
  24. ^^Yeah, CF just likes to end the names of their rides with hawk!
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