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  1. Time Machine if it were to come to KK, it would have to go where Chang was; which the waterpark expansion will be utilizing. It's too big to fit where the current coaster will be going (not to mention TM's elements are mainly focused on the left hand side of the lift hill which would either place it right over the road or they'd have to take out a good chunk of that side of the park). I would love to see a megalite, and it seems like one could fit in the space with maybe a little customization, but I'm still thinking Euro-fighter or S&S Launch.
  2. Yes, Six Flags made major repairs. They bought a new train and catch car components as well as a new computer system for the ride. it is now Flashback at SFNE.
  3. From some of the pictures shown on KK's FB page that's exactly what it looks like, just a thorough refurb; maybe throwing some topper track into the mix.
  4. In some cases plans become accessible to the public after being submitted to planning boards/local governments. They can be viewed by residents/general public if you know what you're looking for. Not saying that's the case here but it might explain why the video hasn't been taken down and the media can discuss those submitted plans without any action but silence from KI....just throwing in my .02
  5. Yes, the highest height allowances are in the front portion of the park. I wonder if the new ride will turn out to be a custom tilt coaster.....would definitely grab GP attention being such an exotic choice. I hate to say it but I actually would be content with one as long as there is a bit more than just a loop and helix. My bet is still on a Eurofighter though.
  6. Don't mean to derail this too much but I was browsing YouTube and came across some awesome old school footage from the park. I don't believe these have ever been posted in this thread, if so my apologies. The first two are of the lovely hang and bangs T2 and Vampire. It's neat seeing T2's all red scheme on film; and wtf is up with the sound Vampire makes on the second lift? No wonder the Chinese thought it was haunted ..... Perhaps the most interesting footage is of Thunder Run during it's opening year, which I'll bring up in a sec. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be][youtu_be] [/youtu_be][youtu_be] [/youtu_be] So if you watched the TR pov you'll notice something I never knew....Thunder Run had a double up! I always thought that straight-a-way was weird and misplaced. Looks like they were removed prior to 1995, does anyone have any info on why? Anyway, seeing the park fill out over the years in those videos is pretty neat!
  7. My guess would either a Launched Eurofighter or an S&S launch coaster, or the world's first B&M spiral lift hill with an abrupt stop 150ft in the air, followed by the most convoluted evacuation stair case ever.... Edit: Here You go. Major Work Underway at Kentucky Kingdom
  8. The next chance I'd get would be tomorrow, but it's almost gone already. I generally see the park on my way from 65 to 264 but don't actually pass it. WDRB is running a story on it right now, guess it'll be up on their site shortly. KK PR says announcement will be made in a few weeks about the new coaster.
  9. Looks like GL is in it's last days, there is now a crane hovering over it. This is the area where the new coaster will be located, wondering if the shop was in the way as well as in disrepair?
  10. Ed originally set out to make KK a "Thrill Park" adding either first of their kind and/or record breaking rides. Everything that was invested up to 1998 was part of a 10 year capital investment plan, and it did work well (even with the Starchaser accident, and Vampire's uncontrollable urge to valley) from an attendance stand point. Who knows how things would have panned out if he owned the park when KI fully rolled out the Action Zone. The coaster investments seemed to be more specific answers to coasters KI installed (Top Gun 1993; T2 1995/King Cobra; Chang) but those major coasters would have been added no matter the type. I wish I could locate some of the news articles that came between Chang and Twisted Twins, but I believe right around the opening of TTs, he said there would be a shift in direction (focus on the waterpark) although he'd still invest in unique flats for the dry side, coaster installations wouldn't be as frequent as they had been. I don't know if this can be said for everyone in Louisville but almost everyone I'm in contact with here in the city never chose one park over the other. Even when KK was in it's heyday with Chang, my family would go to Kings Island once a year, Holiday World 2-3 times, and KK just about every other weekend since we had passes. Most of the people I work with or talk to did the exact same thing; each park had something different ride/entertainment department to offer so visiting every park was justified. As long as Kentucky Kingdom is able to provide a unique ride/experience on the dry side every other year I don't think it will have a problem succeeding in this now very competitive market. But it will fail if investments are not made to both the dry/wet side.
  11. If he is able to recapture the drive/plan he did with the park originally, it will last at least 10 years lol......I'm sure this first year he should get close to the attendance goal just out of the novelty of having the park back open, but there will have to be some real major changes to T2 or TT if he really wants to keep things going. I just don't see T2 or TT with a refurb as enough to keep the locals coming back.
  12. For anyone interested, here is the original October 2012 proposal submitted by KKRC that includes the picture I posted earlier. This document contains some of the proposed slide complexes for the water park beginning on page 85 of the printed materials, and the two coaster layouts are on page 100. It is possible that the plan has been changed (especially since in the newest press releases there was no mention of the family wooden coaster going in the front of the park), but this gives you an idea of the expansion plans. KKRC Proposal Document One other interesting bit of info, it appears that there is construction work occuring on the other side of the Batman theatre by T2. It could possibly be for the new technical services building for the park but it appears that Ed will be utilizing the previously untapped land on the second side of the park in this new version of KK. EDIT: Caught this exchange on FB, apparently part of the new coaster will be going in GL's spot....hmmm From the KK FB page.
  13. Maybe I'll try for a part-time ride op job if possible; I loved working there in 2006. One thing I am still wondering is if these plans are still valid or if there is a new plan. Nowhere in any of the announcements was the family wooden coaster to go in Greezed Lightnin' and RRE's spot mentioned. Screenshot from Ed's most recent submitted proposal.
  14. I'm wondering if the plan that was submitted to the Fair Board is still happening. They made mention of the steel coaster but no mention of the family wooden coaster that would take up Greezed Lightnin' and roadrunner/sky coaster's spot. Either way, glad this is really happening.
  15. They really just need to put that ride out of it's misery. But hey, great news!
  16. The Saga Continues.... Metro Council approves financial support for Kentucky Kingdom
  17. I have run into this myth more times than I can count; When Chang opened at Kentucky Kingdom, it got stuck at the top of the vertical loop. I actually recall having an argument with my best friend over this. He said he was there when it happened and they had to get a cherry picker....I was there with him that day; it was the Vampire which valleyed and stranded people between the loop and second lift hill. The brakes caught the train strangely and caused the last half of the train to be in the loop. Oh, and speaking of the Vampire, When Greezed Lightnin' opened, I heard guests (quite regularly) state to friends/family that the ride was the original Vampire, just painted and moved. I've also heard from quite a few people that Thunder Run had seat belts installed because someone in the back seat was ejected from the train on the first drop and killed on the rocks that surround that first turnaround.
  18. ^^ From my understanding, the KSFB allowed Six Flags to keep Chang if the chain gave those parcels of land back. I believe all the land is now currently owned by the fair board.
  19. That depends on what section of the property we're discussing. The very front section of the park has a height limit of around 180 ft. The further back you go, the lower the height limit is; it's actually quite wonky. By the way page 90 indicates the park (in the slim chance it does open again) would install a family wooden coaster, and a 135 ft "Vertical Swing". There are also photos of the new water rides they would like to install. *Edit: Here is a screenshot that shows the plans for new additions. It looks like the family wooden coaster would be placed in the Greezed Lightnin' and old RRE spot. Park Plans found on pg. 99/100.
  20. Has anyone read the KKRC RFP Response? Under section II. Patron Experience on page 6, I stumbled across an interesting bullet point: "• Restore all of the existing rides, with the exception of the shuttle loop coaster (Greezed Lightnin’), which is prohibitively costly to repair." It's sad and unfortunate but judging by the age and condition of the ride, along with the high stakes of trying to get this park back open, I can understand why the KKRC would make that final determination. Goodbye GL... *Edit: Upon further reading also found this little nugget (located on page 27): "...The first order of business is to find a suitable replacement for Chang. Working with the industry’s leading supplier of cutting-edge roller coasters, KKRC is planning a spectacular new coaster that combines the best features of both Chang and the Hellevator. The price tag for the new coaster (including installation) will be $15 million. It will be the first new coaster introduced at Kentucky Kingdom in more than a decade and is expected to garner a great deal of attention in the media, both locally and nationally." p31- THE IMPORTANCE OF MARQUEE RIDES: "This was proven in 1997, when the former Kentucky Kingdom (before its sale to Six Flags) unveiled Chang, the tallest stand-up steel roller coaster in the world at the time and built by one of the top roller coaster manufacturers in the world, Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland. (This is the same manufacturer that will supply the new coaster planned for installation at Kentucky Kingdom in 2015.)" Sounds like a mini B&M Dive Machine; vertical drop, similar height to Chang, and $15 mil USD is right around the price of Krake at Heide Park.
  21. I love the quality of the Blu-Ray Raw discs, coasters in 1080p is a completely different viewing experience. I normally buy the blu-ray copies and download the mp4 versions that include footage that isn't found on the BR copies.
  22. Apparently Hart decided to resubmit his proposal. I'm waiting for the article to pop up on wlky.com but I seriously doubt anything is going to go through and have this park open again. It just needs to be put out of it's misery.
  23. POV is up guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x1b2FAK500 This ride hauls from that last video, I guess I really will have to take a trip across the border! Edit: Oh wow, I completely missed that it was already posted, sorry all.
  24. Looks like this is flying along, I just hope the fair board doesn't mess this up too. Good luck to the Kochs! Koch family reaches tentative deal to run Kentucky Kingdom
  25. I placed my order for HD vol 2 last Friday after seeing it pop up on Screamscape and prepared to wait for the 25th. I was quite surprised to see that it arrived in the mail YESTERDAY!!! I stayed up until 4a.m. because I could not go to sleep without first watching it all. Absolutely stunning footage, especially with KUMBA in HD! The coaster selection was well rounded and after watching The Phoenix in 1080p, I've decided I have to go to Knoebels next year! I also really appreciated the SFOT and Skyline park guides/maps, that was one more wonderful surprise I didn't expect. Thanks for making the beginning of the week Rock!!!
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