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  1. Skycatcher's tower has been fully erected, saw it on the way to work today!
  2. It looks like Skycatcher has gone vertical. Couldn't snap a pic, a little too far away but it (along with it's crane) is beginning to poke into the air.
  3. ^^There really isn't anything I can think of other than 3-4 patio tables that could fit in the space the train takes up.....that might be a bit of an exaggeration but seriously, what other ride (that isn't a kiddie train) could make use of it? The teacups certainly wouldn't fit haha.
  4. Not quite sure how rust is orange paint. If you've ever looked at any worn steel track after an off season, it'll be that bright orange rust color. I'm gonna say, the Rio Grande Train is receiving an expansion, but other than that, you guys are reading into this WAY too much. I love me some good ole' sarcasm.
  5. O.M.G.. I just figured out what that picture is. At first I thought that was rust on those tracks but it's obviously orange paint. That can only mean one thing...RMC is turning Rio Grande into Iron Large River, the first RMC kiddie train on PCP! Seriously though, I think that picture is just them showing rides coming out of hibernation, just like the Enterprise cars.
  6. Looks like the Rio Grande Railway that I used to operate by RRE and BBB. A part of me is really concerned about their goal to reach 650,000 for this year. I just don't have a lot of faith in that number for some reason. Not because of HW's Thunderbird; I don't see a two or three new flats, and T3 (anybody who knows KK knows T2) increasing attendance figures over 50,000. I really hope to see a return to seasonal events back (Halloween) and the like back to the park. Hopefully there's better weather, and press for the park than last year but I fear attendance won't really get there until the "whole" park is open aka TT. I still need to buy my pass for the park. I will make sure I visit the park way more than the two times I made it last year....gotta do my part to help figures....
  7. Finally a new B&M with the old school roar! Can't have a name like Thunderbird and have your sound muffled....Oh and the coaster itself looks great too!
  8. SUF, BKF, and X-Flight (parking lot) from SFWoA were to go to SFKK originally.
  9. Iron horse on a Steel lattice work frame would be a first....just saying. I'd have to see if I can find it but I believe it was mentioned in some local news the amount of money they planned to spend on TT....it wasn't the same figure from Ed's first two proposals. IIRC it was drastically lower than anything that seemed to indicate a major overhaul and more like a retracking. Then there was the Business First Louisville article shortly before the park reopened that stated a "rumor" that Ed wanted to actually merge TR and TT to create the longest wooden coaster in the world and make other modifications. With this park's current plans constantly being adjusted (aka all the new rides to try and cope with HW's new coaster) and the request to free up more money from the state, who knows what they really have in store over the next two seasons.....which reminds me, I still need to renew my pass.....LIGHTNING RUN <3
  10. I would travel up to HW just to ride it if they did.....Best pun ride EVA.
  11. Normal pricing is $99.99 for passes. It was $59/69.99 until Christmas but it looks like they've extended the discount. I am so thankful though, as I forgot to set aside the money to renew my pass for next year, and won't be able to until 1/2/15. I'm wondering though if they actually are having issues selling as many passes/renewing which is why they are extending it.....that whole "billboard" thing seems a little....odd.
  12. I mean 90% of the fairgrounds is just a parking lot. They could list turn the stadium area into a parking lot, and allow KK to build on the parking lot close to them. That way they could expand and keep the same insane amount of parking they already have. Well, they do use a lot of that parking space up when it comes to the State Fair coming into town. I've had friends with stories of having to park far away or in grass just to go to it. I get what you mean though, as there is still some room for possible expansion. There are some plots of unused land behind T-Cubed and Deep Water Dive. I think the biggest disadvantage of being there would be the fact that it's directly under the flight path to one of the airport's runway, so the height limit in that area would be super-low. I'm sure you'd see the rides portion of the park expand in the original direction/plan if the park stays successful; expanding behind the 5D Cinema into the area the current KSF Thrillway/animal trailors lots. There is more than enough undevveloped property at the fairgrounds to make up for the lost spaces (mentioned in the hotel RFP during the time KK was open and doing good) and with Cardinal Stadium coming down there is even more space to work with. I'd imagine with the Chang removal/waterpark expansion, we will probably see HB fill up the rest of land closest to the airport. Don't know if I'm pulling this out of thin air or not but I think I remember one of the SF RMC announcements mentioning IH treatments being exclusive to SF parks...Could that be a way around an exclusivity contract? Personally I think if RMC redid TT it would keep it's wooden track, kinda like a reversed IH Outlaw Run; whatever happens I hope it's not just retracking the coaster.
  13. Wow, It's amazing how easy that color combination can go from quite nice to....eh. Getting Orange supports to not look unappealing can be pretty difficult.
  14. IIRC the trains were shortened due to some miscalculation/design flaw with the track. It be nicer to have 10 cars per train but I doubt it will happen without track work ala El Condor... Unless I'm completely wrong about the reason for shortening the train.
  15. Apparently two people have filed lawsuits against Kentucky Kingdom for giving them the wrong tubes and causing injuries at Hurricane Bay... I'm waiting for the story to show up online. Edit: Here we go. Two lawsuits filed alleging untrained staff at Kentucky Kingdom led to water slide injuries Source "LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A pair of lawsuits have been filed against Kentucky Kingdom alleging staff at Hurricane Bay is improperly trained and allowed the plaintiffs to use the wrong tube for the water slide they were on, causing them to fall out and hurt themselves. The lawsuits were filed by attorney Hal Friedman on behalf of Brandon McClellan and Felicia Evans, who Friedman believes were on the ride together. Both lawsuits claim staff at the water park instructed and/or allowed the plaintiffs to use the wrong tube for the slide they were on, which is what caused them to fall out of the tube and get hurt. McClellan claims to have suffered a shoulder injury in the fall, while Evans claims to have suffered a head injury which causes her seizures. Evans's lawsuit alleges staff members at the bottom of the slide were improperly trained on what to do in the event of an injury. When Evans reached the bottom of the slide, the lawsuit states she “received little or no assistance from Kentucky Kingdom employees, who appeared untrained and unclear regarding their obligations or responsibilities.” The lawsuits ask for punitive damages and compensation for the plaintiffs in an amount to be determined based on the facts of the case. Kentucky Kingdom sent the following statements: "We do not comment on pending litigation. For their own safety, we expect guests to follow all instructions relating to rider responsibilities. This includes the instructions given by Kentucky Kingdom's ride operators, pre-recorded audio instructions and signs posted at each attraction which detail the park's rules and regulations for that attraction. "As we know, there are always two sides to every story. Kentucky Kingdom strongly disputes Mr. McClellan and Ms. Evans account of the incident. [Kentucky Kingdom] completely supports its staff of over 100 lifeguards who worked diligently this past summer to keep the water park safe and enjoyable for the almost 600,000 men, women and children who experienced it." Copyright 2014 WDRB News. All rights reserved."
  16. Prediction: Fury 325 will be rated #1 ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD that has a teal paint job. All kidding aside, I think this looks like a very solid ride. I might even venture to N/SC because of it. The color scheme is absolutely wicked. With the lower positioned elements interacting with the entrance, this ride should really give a nice sense of speed. Only thing I don't really care for is that carousel towards the end; a very low to the ground helix ala Medusa/Scream would have been better. I really don't have any complaints about the ride other than that. Fury 325 will be a visual icon with it's striking color scheme. B&M really knows how to create pieces of visual art that can make a statement.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lijjj6NKGxM From IGN Really surprised no one has caught wind of this. Looks like Atari did have something other than RCT 4ail in the works; it will be interesting to see how this one turns out.
  18. Twisted Twins at KK....Those brakes are so abrupt the whole structure/station would shake....absolutely brutal!
  19. With this being The "Thunderbird", I really really really hope this ride isn't filled with sand. I really miss that old B&M roar ala Chang/Green Lantern.
  20. Congrats Holiday World on a very wise, solid addition that is perfect for the park! I just don't understand the disappointment some have considering the location of this ride......if I remember correctly, that area is heavily wooded; that makes this ride more interesting than just about all of the other wing coasters out there by default! I really hope HW can save as many trees as possible with this ride; having them go right up to the edge of the reach envelope. The prospect of flying above and through thick woods at dusk/night actually has me more excited for this than I was for Banshee tbh. Wild Eagle is surrounded by trees but from the pictures/video it seems like they clear cut most of the area; the trees that are there don't seem to be very dense (haven't personally visited Dollywood) unlike what HW has to work with. Count this guy as one who is extremely excited/anxious to ride Thunderbird in 2015!
  21. I really need to get back the the park soon. I'm really happy to see those signs though; never actually encountered the line jumpers on LR, but TR was a mad house my last visit.
  22. Woah, Carowinds is building the first GigaSplaxx (because one x doesn't cut it!)? That splash will definitely be the 8th Wonder of the World! Until they see the scoops on the bottom of the train...
  23. I will say one thing; they really do need to get a better handle on the PR thing...don't be surprised if you read some kerfuffle about breast feeding. Didn't pay too much attention but I saw the following statement on my FB news feed: "Some Facebook followers have misconstrued our earlier statement regarding breastfeeding. So, for clarity, please refer to the policy: At Kentucky Kingdom mothers can and have always been welcome to breastfeed anywhere in the park, providing they use discretion. However, for those who desire privacy, Kentucky Kingdom has several locations at their disposal including 3 health service buildings, and 2 bath houses with private stalls located in Hurricane Bay. This is our official statement and we caution everyone from posting comments that are either uninformed or posing as impostors." wth?
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