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  1. Epic Robb! I have to say, ordering that latest version helped my customer service go up 15,000 points. People were wondering why I was so helpful and nice over the phone, straight up told them I just ordered a dvd full of coaster povs in the RAW. Can't wait to add it to my ever-growing collection.
  2. Hey Robb, logged on this morning (payday woot) so I could order it and BLAM! out of stock. Do you have an idea of when you will be putting more dvds out? I want a copy about as much as I'd like to see Fergie pee her pants in person so I could yell "Grandma", which is more than you could imagine.
  3. Ugh, I cannot wait to get home so I can check this out (darn work web filters).
  4. Sounds lovely! Lets just hope he can get the money to do so, it'd be nice to see this park go through another epic 10 year expansion/addition plan.
  5. Hmm, I wonder what happened to RCPro? They had an update that I got to check out last night, and I have to say I'm in love with the support design for this coaster. There is no denying BG went the extra mile with the overall theming experience for this ride. It's starting to look incredible .
  6. Arg, I was so late to the party. I had to step out of the house and by the time I got back, the thread exploded and we have a winner. You definitely should do more of these, hopefully I'll get to participate next time. I have a small question about Raw 5, do you plan on having a blu ray version? Either way, I cannot wait to get this next release, your videos are AMAZING!
  7. Neither, it's the same as Insane, but that might be a custom model, don't think I ever saw that version of the ride released. Edit* Beat me to it.
  8. ^^ Here is the link to the document about Green Lantern Cross promos that he is referring to. You can find the Superman pic on page 23 of the document. This was thought to be more about GL at SFGAdv than S:TE.
  9. Screamscape has posted a preview video of the new Texas Giant. It's a half- a$$ed no limits creation but one thing stuck out...the double helix is gone.
  10. All speculation on new rides for the park are really pointless anyway...at least until we find out if Ed gets his $50 mil.
  11. Now that would be pretty epic if that were to happen... Having the 3 longest wooden coasters in the world, a kick a$$ twister, and a launching wooden coaster all within an hour drive. If any person were to actually have one put in a park, I could see Ed Hart doing it, especially with what he did with the park in the past. I can't shake the feeling that this $8 mil coaster if realized will be a euro-fighter though.
  12. Best parts of the ride are the twisting turn right after the inclined loop to the MCBR (nice pop of unexpected air), and the turn that goes through the dive loop to the last corkscrew. Hopefully they will smooth out the track at the top of it though, it seemed to have a "pot hole". Can't wait to see the actual color of the track. Too bad it won't be closer to the color of Riddler's Revenge, I've always found that color of green striking.
  13. I would consider it a Yay! I mean, you could've died Final Destination style. Seriously though, I'm glad they detected it before something horrific happened.
  14. ^^A Boomerang would not be a *marquee* attraction, especially for a park that had a massive stand-up coaster. Besides, we already had a *cursed* boomerang. I don't know though, we have seen some questionable additions to amusement parks in recent years. Maybe we will get a boomerang with new trains. Not like Carolina Cobra's, I'm talking some BSG, seat-disengaging goodness. "You thought getting stuck in odd angles for 2-3 hours and being removed with a cherry picker was fun, or having your feet removed out from under you was intense, just wait until you faceplant into concrete on the new Vampire 2: Bite the Dust!"
  15. Yeah that's kinda what I based it off of. With $8 mil they could practically build a Voyage, but there is NO way KK would be able to compete with the setting the Voyage has and wouldn't really work out to well in my eyes. But really it's still too early to fantasize about it, all this could go under.
  16. $8 mil for a new marquee attraction....Me thinks wood, hopefully of the Balder variety (of course wishful thinking). But if you think about it, this area of the country seem to be all about the woodies, it would be something different to offer in this market, one that could be a big draw. Although I stopped going to SFKK after they removed STOP, I'd like to see the park flourish again. Ed sounds like he still has a great vision for the park. Exciting news indeed!
  17. That side profile is very reminiscent of Millennium Force's drop...on a smaller-scale of course. I can't wait to get back to the park next year to ride this one!
  18. Batman and Nitro's track is yellow. From what I took from his comment was something more along the lines of Bizzaro with the actual track being blue instead of the supports. I too hope they choose a different color than yellow for the track. I was always fond of the new paint scheme on V2 at SFDK, or Air at AT. Those would like nice on Chang I think.
  19. While GASM probably owns Chang in terms of intense loops, don't under-estimate the power in the front seat. On a nice warm day, Chang will pull tears out of you going down the first drop, coming out of the loop and dive loop. There is something good about a nice straight 150' ft drop. That said, I think it is sad that GASM is leaving. I always wanted to ride Shockwave and when it was torn down I started making plans to New Jersey, guess I'll be a year too late. I think I better get out to SFMM to ride Viper ASAP.
  20. Thanks for the photos. I'm not normally a waterpark person but it looks like I'll definately have to give Wildebeest a go. I'm planning my first trip around the Voyage so I haven't made it up there yet. Haven't ridden the Voyage since my marathon when it first opened, can't wait to ride it with the new trains.
  21. ^From the info it sounds like Chang was on part of the land Six Flags owned, not all. Maybe it'll get really nasty and the KSFB will end up with the lift hill, drop, and Loop from Chang and the rest Six Flags will keep.
  22. HW will see the biggest rise from the closing because everyone in Louisville knows that HW has an amazing waterpark. KI isn't known around here for their waterpark and I can recall seeing maybe two Beech Bend commercials last year.To be honest, the only park I could envision having a drastic and prolonged increase in attendance would have to be Holiday World. People that wanted to go to a park to ride coasters already traveled to Holiday World and Kings Island 2 years before the announcement of SFKK closing. Speaking from personal conversations with my friends and co-workers over the years, it seems like the small group (outside of teens mind you) that did go to SFKK for the coasters were alienated when Twisted Twins closed, and then got sucker punched when Chang was removed. With the opening of HW's Voyage and KI's Diamondback, and no new significant coaster addition at SFKK between their openings, people already wrote the park off for that. I was going to actually go to Splashin' Safari out this year to check out Wildebeest, but I can barely handle a nearly empty waterpark, let alone one as popular as HW's. I guess we will see what happens.
  23. I remember the promotional video for Tatsu, and the lead car had the head of a dragon. Too bad they didn't customize the train that way, it would've been wicked.
  24. I guess I see why they have trims on those hills now...Maybe it's just the angle of the photos but after the first and second drops, the completed hills look like baby Goliath at La Ronde hills. Diamondbacks hills seemed to just be massive up to the last three compared to those. Anybody notice what I'm talking about? Edit: Now that I think about it, it probably has more to do with the terrain Diamondback sits on compared to Intimidator. Either way, I normally hate red track, but the red is EPIC sitting on top of the grey (or gray in American syntax) supports.
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