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  1. I've finally stumbled upon your cunning plan to beat Misty in mini golf - you make her wear a back pack filled with bricks as a handicap! example 6 - and the prosecution rests, Your Honour example 5 example 4 example 3 example 2 example 1
  2. yeah, I can really see the resemblances now. (I'll let you into a secret, the only reason I knew it was Steve Carrell is I googled the name on his shirt)
  3. The last one is Steve Carrell from 40 YO Virgin, and the hot chick in the pink dress looks sort of like Kym Cattral
  4. Hi Kyle, I like your style. Enough of the rhyming. Great first post. I really enjoyed part I, looking forward to parts II, III & IV. Brian
  5. I've finally read the complete PTR, and really enjoyed your humour. What is on your "to do" list, as surely there can't be too much left in TN that you haven't covered?
  6. Hi Jason, always enjoy your trip reports, but you have set the bar at a Mexico 1968 Olympics level with your Seaworld TR. Brian
  7. Detachable Penis in my pants (King Missile)
  8. Basil "the Siberian Hamster" (tribute to Fawlty Towers http://www.fawltysite.net/episode12.htm)
  9. 2 more Australian beers, 1 local (Barossa Valley), 1 from New South Wales Pepperjack Ale. This is actually brewed by Saltram Winery in the Barossa Valley, infused with one of their better known wines, Pepperjack Shiraz. It was a nice smooth ale, but unfortunately I couldn't detect any wine presence. Wicked Elf Pale Ale from The Little Brewing Company, Port MacQuarie, New South Wales. This is in an APA style, with citrus/pine flavours and a hint of honey on the aftertaste. I liked this a lot. (I think my drinking glasses must have some detergent out of the dishwasher as the beer wasn't as flat as the head may indicate)
  10. I thought I would contribute some Australian beers. I'm not really that good on identifying what the different flavour components are, I just know what I like and don't like. Coopers Sparkling Ale, brewed here in Adelaide by a medium sized family owned brewery. The secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, so there is a layer of sediment requiring gentle agitiation to mix it through the beer. I think it has a banana like flavour. Not something I would drink a lot of. The back label. I wish I could have detected all of those flavours. Razorback Red Ale - apparently brewed in Jindabyne (Snowy Mountains, New South Wales). It has a sweetish taste, a bit like a porter. I didn't really like it too much
  11. Noooooo, not the Tortilla factory, they are so warm and fresh and yummy and free.
  12. The first talking pinball machine - Gorgar Gorgar
  13. ^I'm not into tattoos but that is the coolest artwork I have seen
  14. Mate, you should be proud of this thread, it's one of the classics. Of course it's no "What would rides be like on the moon?" http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21038&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=moon&start=0 That was meandering along in a nice light hearted way, until the bottom of page 13, when it turned into TPR gold.
  15. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42035&highlight=2012
  16. Smelly Sock Stout (on account of you taking your shoes off to bottle)
  17. ^ which will be cooked in a red wine reduction until tender, and served with garlic mash < is a frustrated chef v thinks McDonalds is 5 star restaurant
  18. Ooh, GUESS THE NEON COASTER! And you had Galaxion, my favourite! Spelling wasn't so good back then though.
  19. Iron Chef (I know it's old but they keep showing it here) Top Gear (BBC series, not the Australian one) Mythbusters
  20. Jeez, must have an impressive wingspan then? Wombat - eats roots shoots and leaves
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