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  1. Wow, looks like someone is pretty paranoid. I like how she sites that the are still upset over what happened in WWII. Wait, the Chinese were on our side! Didn't I see her at the PETA dog show protest?
  2. Is that kid checking out the snake or B00bs? snake2.bmp "Dad quick, take a photo of the half naked snake lady while Mom is in the bathroom"
  3. Excuse my coaster building ignorance, but are these near vertical pieces with the yellow thingies attached to them, the angle of the track? sfmm term.bmp
  4. I always wondered if those Tear-Drop vans were worth the effort, they're so small you couldn't swing a rodent, let alone a cat.
  5. Dear Title Fairy, With a great deal of trepidation, may I please request that I be granted a custom title, either: 1) Finally made it to 150 posts and all I got was this lousy custom title 2) The Phantom of the park Thanks, Brian
  6. ^ what line of work are (were) you in?
  7. "Believe me ladies, it is a rarity that Big Mike loses a longest tongue competition." Big Mike & Gene Simmons - separated at birth
  8. Well it's not a "best of" so why would it? Different singer (Bon Scott), different album "Let There Be Rock".
  9. [quote="terrancew_hod BEST entrance of a drag queen on stage EVER. (Brace yourself) quote] Ouch Good energy, but lame finish?
  10. I love cooking shows, but I can't stand Gordon Ramsay f*cking swearing all the time. Even when it is bleeped out it's so f*cking annoying. Would he have been as famous if he didn't f*cking swear, I don't f*cking think so! Get your message across without f*cking swearing Gordon! Give me Nigella Lawson any day, she doesn't need to swear to be a celebrity. Rrowrrr. yummy
  11. another speedo spanking spank.bmp doesn't seem to be any females watching for some reason?
  12. apparently the real reason it can't be shown is that it is a prototype for the US swimming team, and could have legal ramifications in Michael Phelp's upcoming court case. speedo2.bmp New hi-tech speedo swimming costume with matching footwear
  13. are thongs something different in America? Aussie thongs - you wear them on your feet!
  14. ^^"The coasters sure have some odd names!" I bet they sounded sexy in Chinese, they just got lost translating to Engrish.
  15. Methinks you've watched one too many Crocodile Dundee movies
  16. Agree - what a weird looking car, but at least it doesn't look as boring as the homologous/generic Ferrari/McLaren/Willams/Toyota. I do like the Mclaren livery though, the silver/red scheme looks classy.
  17. ^^ Albert Parque It's in Australia mate, not France
  18. we're going through a bit of a hot spell at the moment: Tue - 43.2 Wed - 45.7 Thu - 44 Fri - 41 Sat - 40 Sun - 40 Mon - 39 Tue - 38 Wed -38
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