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  1. ^^^ Location: Byron Bay Autralia. I HATE IT well robby, perhaps you could spell our "poo-poo hole" country (that you seem to hate so much) correctly?
  2. If we're going heavy metal, I'd like to see Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) or Ronnie James Dio. But it's your poll (and I voted Axl Rose). Would be interesting to see if he would make out of his bedroom to join up with the rest of the band. Well at least he would have more chance of Freddy Mercury I suppose.
  3. ^ from memory, for the first month you put lubricating drops in a few times a day, and then after that whenever your eyes feel dry but I haven't had to use any for at least 6 months. A person at work got hers done after seeing me have it done, and another guy is booked in to do it. I think it gets negative publicity because it is such a foreign procedure that goes against your normal instincts. You have your eyes clamped open (like in A Clockwork Orange) the outside layer is cut and pulled back, and a laser blasts your eye. Sounds like torture, but it isn't. I tell people that the procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. I had it done on a Thursday afternoon, my wife drove me home, and I slept most of the night. Friday morning I drove to work. The result is virtually instantaneous. I wore glasses every waking moment for over 20 years, now I just wear sunnies when I need to. It depends on each person, but I recommend it.
  4. ^I had it done 12 months ago and very happy with the result.
  5. Lasik laser eye surgery (if you can afford it obviously).
  6. Hi Bubba, there are special hop bags, or you can try putting hops into a stocking (preferably unused), which can be easily disposed of before bottling. I've tipped out 2 of the 10 or so brews I've made so far this year, sometimes they just don't work out (or you can add a dash of lemonade if you're really desperate) Brian
  7. I quite liked USH, our family found it more interactive than the other Socal parks we've been to. Fear Factor, Special Effects Stages, Animal Actors, T2:3D, Studio Tour, Nick Zone (although looks like it has been renamed Curious George since we were there 12 months ago), Waterworld etc all involved audience participation either during the show or preshow. Sure, it's not a roller coaster enthusiasts dream, and doesn;t have the iconic Disney characters, but our family appreciated the contrast between USH, and SFMM or DLR/DCA.
  8. An entertaining PTR as usual printersdevil78. I laughed, I cried, I got hungry.
  9. We just returned from watching the movie, and our whole family was underwhelmed. Harrison Ford was in good shape considering he's in his mid 60's, and Cate Blanchett was good (because she's an Aussie). I don't know, it just looked too surreal, the whole aliens thing was just not Indy. Maybe I'm living in the past, the first 3 movies were special and I still watch them on DVD, but I don't think I'll be adding this one to my collection when it comes out. National Treasure's Book of Secrets was more like the original Indy films than this was.
  10. it's been A$1.60/litre recently in Australia, which roughly converts to US$6.50 per gallon
  11. I always enjoy reading your PTRs printersdevil78, and having beer in this one makes it even better.
  12. Yay Coopers, brewed 1 kilometre from where I work.
  13. I've seen the icon before, and please excuse my ignorance - but what is RSS?
  14. In a word - Hot Date / C / F 1-Mar / 26 / 78 2-Mar / 31 / 88 3-Mar / 35 / 96 4-Mar / 36 / 96 5-Mar / 38 / 100 6-Mar / 39 / 101 7-Mar / 39 / 102 8-Mar / 40 / 104 9-Mar / 37 / 99 10-Mar / 34 / 93 11-Mar / 36 / 97 12-Mar / 37 / 99 13-Mar / 39 / 102 14-Mar / 39 / 102
  15. because they're not made from a lightweight breathable fabric. Why aren't all submarines yellow?
  16. Ellen Of all the St Valentine's gifts given, how many result in sex?
  17. No, Humphrey had a much better defensive game Whatwill we do when the sun runs out of hydrogen?
  18. Yes, and Will Smith is out to get him Why is it that people wear thongs on their feet in Australia, but overseas they wear thongs up their crack?
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