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  1. Hi Ian, I know that your occupation is a photographer so naturally your photos should be good, but these photos are seriously good, both in quality and composition. Great work. Brian
  2. Definite non-smoker. Both parents were smokers (not now, have seen the light). I can't believe how many people still smoke. I hate going out to a bar and coming home reeking of smoke.
  3. Hi, I also suffer from hypertension and take medication for it. The problem I have after riding is dizziness, so I avoid the multiple inversion rides. I recently returned from a Socal trip, and rode California Screamin, Goliath, Collossus, Ghost Rider, Hollywood Tower of Terror to name a few, without any health problems, I just felt a bit dizzy afterwards.
  4. ^ trustkill22, some good choices there. in no particular order: Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good To Me So Far Golden Earing - Radar Love Ian Hunter - Once Bitten Twice Shy Metallica - Enter Sandman Oasis - (Whats the story) Morning Glory
  5. lol = laugh out loud? By laughing out loud, isn't it the inference that you found it funny? (Not that I particularly care if you found it funny or not)
  6. People think that because I'm old (43!), coasters and theme parks should only be for young people. I've had some of the best times of my life recently in theme parks, enjoying rides with my kids (13,12 & 12). It's another opportunity for me to interact with a younger generation, and at least in my mind I'm cool again. p.s. my wife hates coasters as she is scared of heights, and is normally the one left holding the back pack.
  7. While I was vacationing in Socal recently, I scoured the local Vons hoping to find some of the brews mentioned by Derek and Heath, but with limited success. I did manage to find Fat Tire (my favourite) & Stones Pale Ale (very nice). However I noticed that unlike here in Australia (and the rest of the world as far as I know), there was rarely any mention of the Alcohol content on the bottle. Was I just enjoying the brew too much and missed it, or isn't this a requirement? Brian
  8. Best: Indiana Jones (DLR), Revenge of the Mummy (USH), Lethal Weapon, & Scooby Doo (Movieworld, Gold Coast, Australia) Worst: Soarin Over California, & California Screamin (DCA), Back To The Future (USH)
  9. 1. Ghostrider – KBF (Great layout, shame about the roughness) 2. Goldrusher – SFMM 3. Jaguar - KBF
  10. Taking family for the last 3 weeks in April 2007, have picked this time as it co-incides with school holidays here in South Australia and anticipating that weather is OK in CA. Looking to do all theme & water parks, how busy are parks at that time of year? Are they all open? Will probably visit parks during week days and spend weekends chilling or visiting other touristy attractions. Visited DL, DCA & USH back in 2002 and had a great time, so trying to re-live that happy feeling before school gets too serious and kids discover the opposite sex and forget about their parents. First post, so hope have conformed to all rules and expectations! Brian
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