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  1. your writing style is enchanting. I'm looking forward to future installments brian
  2. ^^ thanks for posting Derek. I miss yours, Heath's & Bubba's regular contributions
  3. Hi Jason enjoying your food TPR, looking forward to further updates Brian
  4. ^^^might have been quicker to list the ones you don't like
  5. surely you don't mean Julia "no carbon tax"Gillard
  6. ^^ saving my deposit as we speak. Might take a while though.
  7. Okay, I guess I'll just, you know, take some sea snails and be on my way. No, no, a little lower. The ones on the bottom.
  8. I'm sure the guy on the right is Antoine from Deuce Bigalow fishy fishy fishy
  9. I like option 2 as it really stands out for me, but the tag line could be in a fancier font
  10. ^our dog was a whippet, called Devo. Not overly original, but when most people got it they smiled.
  11. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!. without their flowerpot hats
  12. Mate, what are you on? They played Adelaide Oval in March.
  13. Oh dear. 10/10 for effort. 1/10 for presentation. Sorry Joe. Looking forward to the next instalment though!
  14. psst, I'll let you into a little secret. Nobody in Australia drinks Foster's.
  15. Kangaroos. So nice BBQd medium rare with a redcurrant and wine sauce. Australia, the only country that eats its coat of arms. It's good to see you back posting Erik.
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