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  1. http://www.jimhillmedia.com/article.php?id=1815 That model is really freeky
  2. hi i just wanted to know were i can get the NL Track smoother
  3. yet whith Draytom Manoyr you have shockwave that if you ask the ride ops nicely they let you ride backwards.so i would make a trip up their just to do that.Yet alton towers has nemesis so do both over 2 days Trust me whith shockwave
  4. Welcome To TPR Luke this s the best forum and site on the web
  5. i have been on it and hated it i thought it was toatal Bull and had no urge to ride it again
  6. WTF^ Why is captin Jack there he should be in london
  7. Does anyone know what day it opens and you shold check out my thread http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21402 Please someone say you want to meet up
  8. ive been on 2 Kraken and Superman La Atracción de Acero Great coasters
  9. i would have to say arrow cause they are so much older than most vekoma rides
  10. i must say it isnt the best ride i have ever been on but i hope this year Kinda Ka will be different
  11. Horray Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go Not long to go I'm Really exited about riding this
  12. Happy bityhday robb it is an unearthly our over here
  13. i saw king kong a week ago but it was way to long and you get bored through about 2 and a half hours but the end was cool 7/10 just way to long
  14. But i noticed when you saw the second part it didnt seem as scary after that when he finds his mum (That it turns out was the person that he thought was his sister) I thought that was weird. But i just downloaded it (Both parts) And knowing how it ended it didnt seem as bad
  15. No what i didnt like is the queues were all to long For everything Even the arrow coasters
  16. Their is pleanty of stuff good about Mc Donalds . But i am not a fussy eater. I could eat big macks for england.
  17. OMG This looks really weird cause i was their in August (As a Bday Presant). And spending quite alot of time in the studios. For Rock'N Rollercoaster and the tram tour After getting off the tram tour just seeing cranes and a sort of 15 mtr tall frame. This is going to be so sweet And the buzz ride next year DLRP Is really getting a move on Now all we need is Expedition Exerest And Splash mountain.
  18. Its got to be for me Funga Da Atlantide At gardaland And Tidal Wave At Thorpe
  19. Well about 10 mins from my house i have the best sweet shop ever probarbly cause they import sweets from all over the world. and my adiction for peanut buttercups started there but i will see if i can send some hot tamalies and some special Nerds over to you some time Soren.
  20. Try to sneak some booze up to my room and get plastered ^Just pointing out its a joke but i will drink some booze
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