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  1. Well i was shocked when i bought Wild. Because i have A g-force6 in my pc [We found it for £50] And it runs really slowly at night
  2. Ok i am sorry about my spelling.But i will try to do this well,I was reckomending riding indiana jones an night.Because the queue's are 0-mins and you can get a smooth ride in the front. How was that [My 100th Post ]
  3. I actually think the bunny hop on the return will be airtime filled
  4. Yeah so am i Its good that they will have 1 good coaster from next year I think megaphobia Sucks
  5. ^ Yeah It Looks you do soren i might be going to skyline park next year and i am looking forwards to riding it
  6. I Am sorry to say but the layout is totally wrong this is the correct layout http://www.rcdb.com/ig769.htm?picture=8 I hope my advise is usefull.
  7. Hehehehehehehe I know i dont know where it was but i read on a board somewhere that if you ride gouderix twice in a row whithout getting off you will suffer from brain damage i dont know though i am not stupid enough to try it out [What me say ]
  8. Thank You Oh Yeah And what are periods But i think there called Full Stops in england or you could be thinking of a different punktuation mark This Is a full stop .
  9. Yeah i think that is the best flat ride ever because of the forces [Very High] But i am going up to the opening day for it anyone want to meet up
  10. This Looks like a pretty amazing ride i have seen pictures of the one at skyline park but i thought it just ran like a normal X-Car Coaster but it practicly launches you not like the X-Car Lift Because i have been on G-Force At Draytom Manor http://www.rcdb.com/ig2926.htm
  11. Well my original username was Nboy but i spelt it as n boy Because my name is noah and i am a boy but my new username is Coasterboi Until later i found out what it ment But i love coasters and i am a boy but i spelt boy as boi
  12. Thats Cool good for your sister because i know what it is like to have a handycap i have really bad arthritis and i cant play sports or anything [but i ignore them and Go skateboarding They cant stop me ]
  13. Going Off topic i live where the battle of 1066 happened the battle fields are all of 200meters away from me Sorry I am A Boffin Foe Saying That
  14. ^Yeah it does make the best B&M Noise but i think Nemesis at alton towers thee roar makes it look really threatining But what i love about kumba is the speed of that Cobra Roll 8)
  15. No i wouldnt go on Posiedens Fury I went in but i am quite clostraphobic and i didnt like having all those people around me But my mum tells me it was twister and i startid shaking and nearly fainted
  16. How Many Six Flags Parks In Texas Are They Going To Close Over The Next 2 Years [My 81st Post]
  17. Here Are Mine 1.Gouderix 2.The Turbo[brighton Pier] 3.Original Space Mountain[DLP] 4.SOB [son Of Beast Though It Really Is An SOB] 5.Rock N Rollercoaster[both]
  18. And in adventureland there are pleanty of caves to hide in there freekey at night but ride indiana jones a'leveres it is a highly forceful but only rough around the middle ok in the back it is pretty bad but so is rock n rollercoaster but it is quite smooth in the front it also is the 2nd best theamed ride in the park the temple is incredible and it is well worth a ride because the queue is all under cover but ride it in the dark in the front because when i did it over the summer there where some smoke effects as you go through some of the tunnels and after about 9 o'clock the queue is just a walk on use this wisely it is how i got 29 rides in one night but the studios park closes at 6 o'clock so i was sad that i cant ride rock n rollercoaster whitch is the best ride there and space mountain has insane queue's my mum hurt her ankle on the last day we where there and we had 3 hours before our train leves so i said f i could have one last ride on it overall 7 Giggidy Giggidy Giggidy Goo [sorry] and the queue said 45mins so i said i would queue and it turned out to be 1 hour and 45 mins she had to sit out in the rain he he he Heres A Photo Of The Temple
  19. As Twister11 Said tere called catwalks but i dont like them because i was on he bigone at BPB and it broke down at the top of the lift then they let everyone off and had to let the trains go and the whole track started to wobble it was the scariest thing of my life
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