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  1. Probably Going To Thorpe Park Tomorrow For Freight Nights but just came back from gearmany and got my first G-Force Ride All i can say is its the most amazing thing in the world the airtime is incredible and the Gs are amazing and i was surprised by how steep the drop is and all i can say is i recomend everyone on the boards to ride it
  2. Sound Intresting but being in england i cant go do you know whether the woodie is a vekoma or intamin
  3. And Here Is The Link To The Download http://rapidshare.de/files/6241665/TPRPark.zip.html
  4. Well heres mine the sanitary land rigt by the intamin rocket coaster the brown is the dog crap coaster and the yellow is the dog pee coaster know there is a place for the credit whores in this park :shock:
  5. I Am going to do all three of my tries in one No1.The Voyage No2.Rock N Rollercoaster No3.A dueling coaster themed to 2 animals farting :shock:
  6. Please can i help i have some really good tracks in the game sorry this is so late i have just found the thread
  7. This has got to be the most amasing thing i have ever seen a reacreation of space mountain in paris but with a difference you have an installsheild but install it to my dockuments then put everything in the main folders i dont now who made this but if you want to see a recreation of test track see other forum please post thoughts Space_Mountain_Paris_[M]_(pym).zip
  8. I Shall Try To Get Some Screenies And Mabie A Video On Here Sometime :shock:
  9. I Have Got Some 10/10 Mainly For The Dismount Oh Dear Lunch Time Jaws Man Over Board Just Kidding Um Help GET OFF THE F#?:@NG ROAD Clown Hatrid Gone to new extremes A Couple Made In Heaven The getaway car I Think we can make it My Bad I Smell Cheese Look at that blubber fly What The Ooh Dear
  10. Congrats to your mum! I hope all goes smoothly for her ceremony. And for the record...don't feel pressured to discover and identify yourself one way in your sexual orientation, as everyone should address it when they feel the time is right! Thanks I Will Pass that along
  11. I Was 9 when i became a coaster enthusiast after my first ride on rock N Rollercoaster in paris
  12. That was one of the funniest things i have ever seen i thought it was really funny when the golpher got it from behind :shock:
  13. My Mum is a lesbian and is getting married next year me i dont now what i am yet i really piss everyone off at school because i act like i am gay and when me nd my mum go to brighton for some reason i feel more comfortable than anyware
  14. I Am really looking forwards to stealth the new intamin rocket coaster coming in 2006 to thorpe park
  15. I Will Look fowrards to meeting up with you at thorpe But just asking are you spending the whole day at thorpe of are you going to chessington on he same day
  16. Hi i live near thorpe park but me and my mum cant aford the whole trip would we be able to meet up with you on the day
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