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  1. ^I knew there was something wrong with bush
  2. No i didnt Take your avitar found it ages ago but i did'nt put it on my profile till recently Sorry for the mix up
  3. I had mine done about 3 weeks ago [i am scared of needels ]
  4. OMFG That is crazy well the Xbox 360 has just come out over here but buy a paperclip and get an Xbox free
  5. High on this thread you post your favourate game so i will start mine is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas [PC]
  6. This is funny but i cant get it on the site so heres the link The potty song http://www.smilepop.com/index.cfm?action=view&id=1743
  7. High i found this and it made me laugh i hope you will think the same http://www.grab.com/fun/toons/f/50772/
  8. Hey Do you want a link to rock n rollercoaster scenery well heres one http://battor.77.free.fr/dl.php?id=562 This will help Oh and heres a screen http://img10.imageshack.us/my.php?image=rnrclulujarre9ws.jpg
  9. ^Rock N Rollercoaster looks so wierd whith no shell and is that the good one[Paris one] of the other whith the 7hour preshow
  10. That was what they where originaly going to do but there wasn't enough room in the spot
  11. So do i It Doesnt look as good as nemesis inferno but still looks better then coullous I dont like that ride to much to rough
  12. PENUT BUTTER CUPS! There My favourate ever candy I would quite like The family guy also And i will want the PSP game when i get the PSP for Christmas
  13. Acvtually i think i will hand my go over to anyone that wants it
  14. Well my mum also said there were fire effects in DDRF when sidney whiplash sets the sawmill ablaze
  15. The Two i have been on are 1.Shockwave Drayton Manour But ride standing backwards 2.Riddlers
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