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  1. Amazingly at DLRP they let me stay on indiana jones the temple of peril for 45 mins cause the queue was walk on.I got 24 rides
  2. Ive got all the 2001 DLRP ones. And all the Stitch's from England. Some even whith flashy lights .
  3. Horray for Montu that is definately my second favourate B&M but my fave is alpengist(I think thats how you spell it )
  4. Because on the ones i have been on in england the ride ops will hurt you they look really scary
  5. The station looks like the Auction scene in POTC just no pirates but it looks like it is pretty much copied from POTC But i will have to make a point to get out here again this year
  6. are you sure i meen wouldnt there be a g-force pushing it left or right Are you sure? I mean, wouldn't there be g-force pushing it left or right? Mod Edit: Coasterboi, please read the Forum TOS and Rules, specifically about grammar and spelling!
  7. Ive always wanted to ride a coaster Prefrebly a mine train that has a gorge and one piece of track on one side and one on another and it jumpj from one side to another but i dont want a Final destination 3 Style thing to happen i dont want to loose my head on a coaster or get stalled in a loop like that but loosing other cars and wheels would be coaster hevan for me
  8. Trust me i am more tham tall enough i am over 5ft so Ha
  9. im really exited about it because i have anly been on TTD and hated it but this is going to have loads of airtime buy my guessing so i cant wait but thats because there is nothing like this in england ] Stealth will rock Ass
  10. i lust got back from seeing it and i thought it was Bull sh*t it was the worst film i have ever seen i meen how could a video camera wrap around a coaster that well and how could it stall in a loop like that and i still think Final destination 2 is the best one. My review. This film only gets 2 out of 10 from me i thought it was trying to hard to be scary. the gore was very execive espeshaly in the sun beds that was grose but this film is crap YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  11. Just saying stealth doesnt open untill the 15th on a wednesday and me and a freind are going up on the day and we cant wait to get this credit either
  12. Me and my friends are going to try to get into this tomorrow but i bet we will cause the cinema lets people of our age into 15 rated films but i am really looking forward to seeing the murderous Vecoma [Like all Vekoma rides ]
  13. The theaming is absaloutly Stunning the best at thorpe i think
  14. I have finally done it my obsession whith Billie piper lives on +the most icons on a desktop Beware of the icons
  15. Just saying i am struggiling whith this i have pressed PrtSc But then what do i do cause i cant paste anything
  16. Sorry this keeps happening my computer is going dodgy i meen it posts something loads of times Sorry for the double post PS Robb could you please delete this post
  17. hi i just wandered if anyone had a working copy of Phantasia for RCT2 http://www.nedesigns.com/?ne=spotlight&s=phant the download has worked but the park doesnt and yes i have installed the Rides and i have opened all the parks so could someone please post a working copy of the Park Thanks in advense
  18. hi there i have found the 2 best compleatly free online games www.runescape.com www.mapleglobal.com Runescape in awsome loads of quests but if you want to become member you have to Pay Maple stories is compleatly free and my favourate of them both But my Usernames are Runescape(Nboy23 Maple stories(NoahJG you can add people to your friends list so on this thread post your usernames so everyone can meet up on the games Happy Gaming PS.If anyone else has found some awsome free online games please post links
  19. I think this is picture of a clone of the ride it is a very cool ride but 7 year olds came off it and wanted to ride again Yeah
  20. So romency im glad to see that you are continuing this park and i hope that Rock N Rollercoaster recreation i did for you a wile back on the atari forums is still looking as good as it was when you released the videos Welcome to these forums though romency
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