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  1. yeah does anyone agree that torchwood is the cryptic message in this season like Bad Wolf in the last series?
  2. They are back in this series in i think episode 5
  3. Great episode tonight that werewolf was awsome and is it just me that thought that The opening was very matrix style. good storyline and could be considered one of the scarier episodes of the season espeshally for littler children. i thought that the telescope when they had the camera looking at the celing the CGI was crappy and very easy to tell it was CGI. And i must say horray K9 is on the next episode and he looks as crappy as ever Bring on School Reunition. and im not shure if this is against the forum rules but after every 3 episodes i will upload them a in a collection of rar files for everyone to enjoy.
  4. for me tom baker(who only lives an hour away from me) and also christopher eccleson was awsome. and some other awsome news my dads sister was the first dr who girl Morine O Brien he said tht it was really imbarissing cause all the boys at school fancied her.
  5. Well im not shure but they dont really look anything alike well here is a pic of the cybermen and i couldnt really find a good photo of anything other than Borg Assimulator. Cybermen
  6. The First episode of the new series The New World was awsome. Very clever idea on how to kill off cassandra (i wont say anything to spoil it before its aired in america ) And i must say i am looking forwards to A Tooth And Claw who would think of a werewolf in dr who.
  7. NEW EARTH Saturday 15 April TOOTH AND CLAW Saturday 22 April SCHOOL REUNION Saturday 29 April THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE Saturday 6 May RISE OF THE CYBERMEN Saturday 13 May THE AGE OF STEEL Saturday 20 May THE IDIOT'S LANTERN Saturday 27 May THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET Saturday 3 June THE SATAN PIT Saturday 10 June LOVE & MONSTERS Saturday 17 June FEAR HER Saturday 24 June ARMY OF GHOSTS Saturday 1 July DOOMSDAY Saturday 8 July Episode list Post your comments on the first episode here.
  8. Hi on this thread post you top 5 groups here here are mine 1)Foo Fighters 2)Bloc Party 3)Red hot chilli Peppers 4)Aerosmith 5)Sum 41
  9. Hypersonic XLC Thats cool cause i love that ride soooo much
  10. Well i havnt finished it yet but i am playing Eldar Scrolls 1V Oblivion Definatly the best RPG ever made i reccomend it to everyone who wants to play a great adventure game. But the last game i played was The Godfather(Xbox) It was ok but a poor use of the lisense.
  11. At least oakwood are finally getting a decent coaster i personally hatted megaphobia couldnt see what all the fuss was about.
  12. HELL YEAH!!!! it is to me one of the only coasters that deserves all the great critisism it gets. It is a G machine that vertical loop pulls some majour G's s you go into it I think it is one of the best coasters in the world but it is No 100 in N.A.P.H.A so it cant be the worst coaster in the world.
  13. earlier this morning my guinea pig G.P passed away after only being alive 1 year. She will be desperatly missed. RIP G.P
  14. I went on the vampire at chessington when i was 6 before the new trains came in that was when i loved it. But after the revamp i stopped enjoying coasters after a incredibly bad ride i wacked my head on the back of the chair(Ive still got the lump)That was the year it was revamped then i stopped for a while. But the next year i went on RNR in DLRP and that brought my love for coasters back.
  15. So far i dont think the floorless trains look any different but i am loving the new wheels and brakes. but on weeweeslap i read that gerstauler and vekoma are going to let them use most of their rides i dont know if it is just me but i would love to see a water coaster.
  16. Well disney never let anyone do stuff like this if it did happen they would do it themselfs But it would be awsome i must say
  17. I Must admit i don't like the orange that much but my room is apparently really difficult to paint. And yes i did know about the Dr who 2nwd season starting and they aired the christmas invasion on christmas day
  18. Holy Crap imagine if you got one of them tugged on all of them would fall
  19. A photo tr of my room this is truly the most random thing you will ever see be warned this will skar you for life well you have been warned turn back turn back or be disturbed for all etaernity well your stupid enough to come this far then just look at the pictures Note i cannot be held responsible for any mental anguish this may cause and finaly my Xbox Games My TV The most used thing in my house My other boxsets The start of my DVD boxstets My Guinnea pig Called GP 1st up is my computer were all the magic happens
  20. I Am testing out my new camera and the only thing i am thinking is WTF am i doing something this random for i must say this is a very bad photo of me I Meen WTF
  21. ^Yes for thorpe you can i am not sure about alton towers but dont order the fastpass tickets you can buy them at the entrance and they have alot more rides on them.
  22. Hi who else here plays runescape i am toatally hooked on it. For those who dont know what it is www.runescape.com So post your usernames here i am nboy23
  23. ^Yes weird isnt it but it is one of the greatest movies ever made
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