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  1. Yeah i dont like that either but i dont want the track to be visible around the bits on the road but i will try to make apiece of thheaming that hides it
  2. Sorry for the double post but the first pics are done and i think it looks quite good http://nldc.interfix.net/u761 Comments please
  3. I Have decided to make a coaster based on my all time favourate film i have started on it but there isnt enough done for me to want to show pics but i have made the sign. Please post comments on the sign
  4. Im still thinking about the drop tower cause im not great whith them and i thing this is a little tall for me but we will see. i am very curious about sea odessy i think it looks like a very cool ride does anyone have any pics?
  5. i love the mad hatters tea cups one. and eric just asking are you intrested in doing any trades for some florida attraction pins?
  6. Hi i am going to port adventura whith school in october. And i wandered what rides should be done when we are there i know Dragon khan Thanks in advance
  7. I didnt think the pirate ride was up to much when i went but i love Gardaland i think Funga D Atlantide is my favourate ride there mainly cause of the theaming.I Also loved the merlin show in the medievel aerea the effects are really cool in that
  8. Yeah it was funny last night "Hey crabman i wasnt like this when you did it" "What i never had sexual intercorce whith my mom"
  9. Im really upset i had 2 Lion ing limited edition pin box sets that there were only 250 of it contained. Timone and pumba Baby Simone and adult simone in a box set but i am trying to find it but i should be able to post a few pics of my collection but not for a while i am toatally addicted to BLACK on the XBOX one of the best FPS ever you can blow practicly everything you see up
  10. The Bloodhound Gang -Bad Touch I think it works when riding a coastr in NL
  11. Well tomorrow i will post photos of my collection in the disney pin trading case(Yes i have a official one) Oh the ones i have to trade are as follows. 2limited edition pins whith both lilo and stitch on under a palm tree whith lilo playing the guitar and stitch drinking from a coconut sitting on the lilo and stitch banner. 1stitch bueried undersand sitting up whith a starfish ontop of the sand. 1Limited edition nemmo pin whith nemo over a glittery N whith coral behind whith the jellyfish on a chain underneath 1Retro mickey and Minney Mouse on 1 pin 1Slinkey from Toystory whith a spring stomouch 1From 2003 it is Mickey written whith mickey's clothes hanging from the writing 1Tinkerbell lying on her wand whith Disney land paris written hanging on a chain undreneath PM Me if you want to trade
  12. Ive Got 20 of the stitch pins on that site. And i have a mike form Monsters Inc whith his eye over one of those boards directors use that according to the back of it there are only 150.
  13. that does sound quite nice actually.
  14. this started on channel 4 a couple of months ago and i have not missed 1 episode so far. but randy is so funny but i think he has mild brain damage but it is awsome one of the best things on TV. Desperate Housewives 2nd season has been crap so far
  15. Its The New Veckoma Ride that throws you out at the end of the ride. but that was one of the funniest things ever.
  16. That Pizza looks nice but there is something dodgy about that "Cheerwine" It reminds me Of "Jesus Juice"If you get what i meen
  17. Im sorry to hear about this Guy he was really cute.
  18. Well The launch may or may not hurt her because you really get thrown in the seat in the front train at the launch (But at 0-58mph in 2 secs its hardly surprising)but to me the corckscrew is the only rough part just warn your mum about that cause i remember when i went on it first, my neck dangled around it but just keep your head pushed back and you should be fine,but would 5 g's hurt a sensitive neck.But it is one of my favourate rides but i have arthritis and have never hurt anything on it so i dont no whether that may be usefull to know. Well heres a picture of a clone of it just outdoors so you probarbly will be able to see. I Hope i have been of help Horray
  19. 512 Credits well do you count water coasters as credits if not then 510
  20. I know its just weird i have just done something funny. But maby this will shut him up for 5 mins. I just made this cause james Blunt is really annoying me now. Its all you hear on Englist telly. HEHE
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