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  1. Hi on this board you can post the episode of Dr Who that you thought was the scariest. Mine is The Aliens of london Its the episode where the nano genes find the Boy in the gas mask and the boy goes around calling for his mummy The only thing i can say is eeeewwwww That episode scares me Sh#tless
  2. I got this game 3 days after release over here and it is awsome but quite stupid in parts
  3. Cool Fyn got the same game that i got For the PSP Do you know if he has finished it yet Cause i have
  4. OMFG The atomic coaster is a shuttle loop but made by arrow :shock:
  5. Wow looks like a really cool park.That jungle cruse shure looks better than the Florida One Fire is cool whith me. But i am surprised buy how clean it is because wern't they having real trouble whith people peing in the fountains.And litter?
  6. Stealth Thorpe Next Year [You all probarbly Knew that]
  7. ^I could'nt do that I need sleep and i sleep in untill about 1pm when i can
  8. The only other Rocket coaster i have been on is Strom Runner. I know this won't be as good but it will be cool. And i Know what you meen buy the Intamin Restrents They do look unsafe and they Bloody hurt when you whack you head on them
  9. That is one of the cutest little Rodents Ever. I want one
  10. That was a great Pic as you all know i am a GTA Maniac but this isnt a pic but it is funny. It is a GTA Parody. http://rapidshare.de/files/306812/chapelles_show-_vice_city.mpeg.html ^Download it here.
  11. Well i have just come into £200.00! Buy selling sweets at school And the Holidays started today so me and some Friends are gona go out. To the shops On Monday The Last game i played Was GUN it was a very good game i highly recomend buying it. So here is a list of which game to play next Please PC Games. Age Of Empires 3 Call Of Duty 2 Star wars Battlefront Ok One Xbox Game. True Crime Streets Of New York Thanks In Advance. Oh Yeah is there any way of getting NL Fairground whith out using a credit card[Mum doesnt Have One]
  13. Well at BGW You should Hit Alpengiest i thik it is one of the best inverts ever. Plus you should go on Curce Of Darcasle [i think thats how you spell it] I have dark rides ut this is a really sweet one. And at PKD you should ride Volcano TBC Hypersonic XLC Drop Zone And Beast
  14. ^Yep me to but have you all noticed it is only all of us that live near thorpe that are talking about it
  15. YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I am going here whith school next year
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