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  1. Yes DATman the tower of terror will be my favorite ride! sure
  2. thank you very much by the answers, I have realized that the rockn roller coaster can be well for me , really thank you very much... i will ride it!!
  3. Hello everbody, i dont go to Disneyworld since 1994, i never has been on a big roller coaster with inversions, i am going to Disneyworld in march of this year and i will like to ride some coaster, i have seen pictures from the rockn roller coaster at mgn and i see some layouts and videos, but my problem is the BIG droops when you feel that you cannot breathe, looking the layout i am worry about the first droop that it begins in the second invertion. my question is, is this roller coaster to much intense for people then never has experiment invertions or BIG droops??, its to much intense the d
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