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  1. Well, its the fifth, and...well, I have no idea where to find the news...so... I'm hoping a set of new models. Like 12GB Nanos and 120GB Videos? Or a cross between the two? I'm gettng a 4GB Nano this Christmas (or birthday, whether my parents feel like beating the Day After Thanksgiving crowds or the Christmas shopping crowds). Or maybe a cross between the two? Maybe iTunes on your iPod? Or something to counter Zune's "Social" wireless sharing?
  2. Some random 8-year old on a camp bus I work at: [talking about Halo] "OMG! T3H GH0ST IS LIEK, B1G!!111!" [/talkin about Halo] In other rants...my computer has this integrated "Graphics Card" made by Intel: the IntelĀ® 82945G Express Chipset Family...so I find out the drivers are old, so I assume it'll be an easy way to just go the site, download the drivers, and now I'll be able to play RCT3... Wrong. What I end up doing is going to about 10 different sites to try and find the exact drivers I'm looking for. All the Intel site does is redirect me to a more recent (a different one then
  3. I went there early this summer, and it was definatly a good time. There were little lines, the crowd wasn't too obnoxious, the woodies were great, the waterpark was meh, though.. Overall, good park.
  4. That doesn't clear the Irvine Co.'s name at all. In fact, it just worsens it. Also, why do these snobs build 3500 houses just to ruin the childhoods of all the campers? That's the intention I'm getting from this. And what about the people that move in? "Yeah! Let's move to Irvine to get closer to the water park!" And when they get there: "Our house is where it used to be..." Sometimes I swear these money-loving snobs had bad childhoods...
  5. Phantom's Revenge looks as cool as ever. That 2nd drop still looks "OMFG!" also.
  6. Say that to the people who grow tobacco. They probably don't even smoke, they just live off the mass profits they make. Its like working for Cola but you always drink Pepsi. I'd like to see how things would happen if say, they were comepletely banned and illegal for say, a week. See what happens.
  7. They ran off, you say? Get me my D(esert)eagle. I say charge them for murder. If they purposely did it then ran away then they should get a niiiiice....loooong...time in juvie...say 5 years. 10 max.
  8. My starts September 6th or something... . . . Which is just FOUR WEEKS and TWO DAYS away from HALO 3!!!
  9. Danimation? I was there too! I think was really my first site. So: Daninmation>RCT Station>NEDesigns/NewElement>Atari RCT3 Forums>TPR.
  10. In this order: 1. Car. Make it a 2-seater compact car so only a date can get in. I'm mean to my friends like that. 2. College Tuition. Princeton. `nuff said. 3. Video game stuffs. 4. A house somewhere slightly isolated. Or an aparment at the Burj Dubai. Top floor, of course.
  11. RCTStation. Sniff. NEDesigns. Those guys are a *bit* nuts. I'm member number 250 or something over there. Atari RCT3 Forums. Briefly. Maybe a month or two. Then I came here.
  12. Very nice so far and overall....like someone said before, is it too pretty to be Six Flags?
  13. Me and my dad stayed at some "Best Value Motel" that was slightly dumpy, but was 5 min from the causeway and right near everything else in Sandusky.
  14. I. Feel. Awful. Damn gas pains. Or whatever the hell this abdominal pain is. I need some advice for this one...
  15. I bet they're gonna use that as distraction so they can improve everything BUT the coasters. Like their waterpark. Update it. PLEASE. New paint jobs, more theming, more slides, a lazy river like NJ's Hurricane Harbor where you can swim in it or tube in it. (Yes, its true) Also, start spiffing up the park. Or, it could be the Giant Umbrella.
  16. This is why I don't wear hats. I don't get attached to them.
  17. B&M Diving coaster seems to make sense. A hyper would be nice, too. Meh. Who knows...
  18. Lives in: New Jersey Been to: Pennsylvania New York Maine Ohio Connecticut Massachusetts Vermont Delaware Virginia Maryland California Texas(Just an airport...damn flight delays) Georgia North Carolina Rhode Island Washington D.C. (does this count as a state or as the Capital?) Passed through: South Carolina (driving to Disney...never do that again) And that's it. Pretty much the entire East Coast except New Hampshire.
  19. Now that is quality. One of the best-looking RCT3 parks I've seen in a while.
  20. At least they made the computers smart enough to panic when a train is mere inches into the next block.
  21. Sigh...bad string of events. At least they stayed true till the end. Hopefully they can get someone to help financially.
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