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  1. Is it me, or does that triton look like something familar...? *snip* So that's where RCT3 took inspiration from for the Atlantis theming... Is there a stone head somewhere? Or even big stone legs? ANYWAY... I've always wanted to go to IOA. Seems like a great theme park that isn't exactly all family based, but isn't all Six Flags either.
  2. Generally if they have a staff with a positive attitude, a nice atmosphere, doesn't emphizize to one age group or type of group, has some sort of quality food somewhere in the park, and has a good mix of rides that are all different in some way. So Cedar Point is #1 followed by California Adventure (#2), followed by Epcot(#3), and lastly...uhh...nevermind. Sorry SFGADV! You never even made it past the preliminaries! Odd...I don't like my "home" amusement park!
  3. EDIT:Whoa. I even pressed stop action...
  4. I've only had to replace my iPod ONCE. A black 1GB Nano. I was on a class trip, and foolishly put it in a plastic bag under another plastic bag with a water bottle in it. It worked fine, the screen was messed up, so I couldn't see anything. Luckily, Apple decided to be good that day and got it replaced with a brand-new...Black 1GB Nano! [sarcasm&pun] It might have to do with where you live. They might have bad apples there. Morristown, NJ has good apples. [/sarcasm&pun] Seriously, a burn-out hard drive...? The warrenty is usually based on a super-large survey of teste
  5. Its also funny how robbers think whatever they got exposes your personal life or something for their own entertainment. A robber stole my mom's digital camera, and all it had were pictures of a certain city in Pennsylvania and before/after pictures of a remodel on our kitchen. Nothing with the family in it. Sucker! Sometimes I never bring personal items on a trip. A bunch of high-end students from my school went to Europe and within 2 days, a camera was stolen that had something like 140 pictures on it. And a wallet got stolen too, but most of it was spent and in AMERICAN dollars.
  6. Eh, I live in NJ too, but it took us 10+ hours. It was a pretty good trip, I just didn't go to Marineland.
  7. Well, I've decided on the standard lift hill out of either: A:Cable Lift-Ended up with the train crawling over every hill and helix. B:Keep Jagged Lift-Basically keep the original design as-is. C:Standard Lift hill- Pros: Gained a single mile per hour tottalling to 71. Better than about 68 with the cable lift. Easier to support and "realisticfy". Smoother on the guests(okay, that doesn't really count since they are driven by bad AI) Cons: Lost 4 seconds of airtime out of 35 with jagged lift- Pity. Just barely fits into the map where I want it- Yipes.
  8. Well, its not done yet...that's one thing. I'm kinda in a bind with the lift. If I make it a normal 18-degree lift, it'll be too long. If I make it with the "lift same angle as drop" it'll look bad to me. I might keep the lift, I may scrap it. I'll see what I can do. But thanks for the constructive and thought-provoking critism.
  9. Save the park FILES to the MyDocuments/RCT3/Parks folder, and scenerios to MyDocuments/RCT3/Start New Scenerios folder.
  10. EDIT:Lift hill changed. Well, without further ado, here is: Leviathan, a design in-progress by CommanderLock. Of course, post questions/comments/concerns/moans/gropes/gripes. I'll take as much feedback as possible and try to correct any errors you find. A train full of happy riders makes it way back to the station. The generally WIP queue for the ride. I'm quite happy with it. The Leviathan's minions watch you from the trees... The big animatronic beast that the guests encounter when in the queue line.
  11. Closest is Great Adventure (yes, that means I live in New Jersey), which I only went to twice so far, and wasn't very good. Then I took the 8 hour drive (no breaks) to Cedar Point, which was certainly worth it. I'll probably do anything within the United States driving or flying, but Europe is too far for now...
  12. Just something that's been nagging me forever with RCT3 parks:Have you tried recoloring the queue line? It looks kind of bland. Black path with white walls? But maybe a Red-White-Blue scheme? I love the inverted, generally like the theming, goes with the theme. I like it. I really like it!
  13. I say this is quite a good start for a park. Have you ever tried the David Walsh cheat then Ctrl+U to get rid of the GUI? Great for taking screenshots. Makes for great shots. Also, can you show us what the area looks like at night? Overall, a pretty good starting block for greater work.
  14. Gemini, 2nd row. Still line for 1st row so long, 2nd has NO ONE!
  15. Hmm...I had this INSANE airtime on my first Lightning Racer ride (out of randomness, which I found helped get over my slight fear of heights), then when I went on Gemini, I thought that airtime would be even worse. Turns out I was worried for little of anything. That drop was over so quick I decided to go on again to feel the airtime WITHOUT being nearly freaked out. Then afterwords it started going away. Probably because I wouldn't stop riding until blue won. That took a REAL long time. By the time blue FINNALY won, that "I think I left my stomach back at the drop" feeling was gone. I
  16. That's EXACTLY how I am. I'll go on Magnum anyday, but there is NO way you'll get me on any coaster that sends you through an inversion. Only exception may be the Space Mountain at Dlrp, or RnRC. First coaster over 100ft I went on was Gemini. I must say, after the first drop, it wasn't too bad. What gets me over it is not to scream, but say something like: "I am such an idiot!" When cresting the hill. That kind of gets me going for those big drops. I can stand anything after that big first fall. Pity that's the first hill you go over.
  17. They've put up one of the pieces laying in the site already? Wow. I just got back from my trip, and there were only three rouge pieces just sitting there. So are those used up or did they take it from the massses of track outside the Breakers Express?
  18. I really like this style for the inverted. Looks like something a NewElements person would create. That is FAR better than anything I could ever do in RCT2.
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