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  1. I like. A very good coaster that looks like it could be real, except for a few quirks. Like the station exit speed.
  2. Most of it is okay, but knowing how the actual coaster is in real life, you are wrong in places. The airtime hills near the end is a real pain the nail in any simulator. The coaster layout in general is hard to get due to the angles of launches and stuff.
  3. ^Which is why I won't send my future children to Catholic school. Okay, the one in my area isn't run by nuns, but I think my kids should get a bit more freedom with a public school. I've already heard stories of Church Summer camps that produced a couple of near-brainwashed kids.
  4. So far, I've beaten campaign, played some matches, and now plan to get some achievements like finding all the terminals.
  5. Since the Best Buy I preordered it at is five minutes away from where my Mom works, she'll pick it up on her way home. And hopefully all goes well. We've got less then 18 hours to go, people. Can we make it?
  6. I have played exactly 299 games of Halo 2 since last November. I think I'll play my 300th and possibly last Halo 2 game for a while, today. Preferably as the last game of the night.
  7. Cedar Fair and their garbage can monopolyic empire, but the plan was foiled by...
  8. I'm only getting the Collector's Edition. And I'll be getting it after school, most likely. Then that day's homework will be pushed to the next day.
  9. I think the techno/electronic band Hybrid is awesome. Their "I Choose Noise" album is awesome. I like a lot of techno, so BT is cool too. "This Binary Universe", was unique and very interesting. They're making a CG movie on it, I've heard.
  10. The American Idol studio and everyone in it, while having a show featuring all those who enter in the audience and on stage. Fortunetly, the nuking successfully made music around the world 80% better than when Idol was around, however...
  11. My BS meter is spiking. Nope, it broke. Fake. No doubt about it.
  12. Golden Eagles. Mascot for everything at my HS. And every graduation, SOMEONE...claims to see an eagle fly overhead.
  13. There's a teacher at my school who is the official (yes, they actually call her this...) Gum Nazi. You chew gum, she find you, sooner or later. Luckily I don't chew gum. Or eat it.
  14. Well, now I won't be getting Halo 2 Vista. With Halo 3 coming out so soon, it's not worth it. And Bioshock PC has no achievements, so no point there...plus I heard it freezes a bit more. I'm planning on definatly getting Crysis, which looks awesome.
  15. ^Are you kidding? I found out Alienware is a ripoff, they ecourage you to buy a whole ton of stuff you don't need. I'll probably just buy a DX10 graphics card. Plus, most of that cost is paying for them to build it. Just to get an idea of why I want to: -Supreme Commander (Yeah...no comments needed on the requirements...) -C&C3 (and expansion when it comes out) -Shadowrun -Crysis -C&C The First Decade
  16. Okay, I've been thinking about saving up for a decent gaming computer/laptop or even just buying some high-end graphics cards and more memory. I've looked into the obvious for high-end computers: Alienware. At first I wanted to see how much it would cost if I bought all the best hardware and extra stuff, and it cost nearly $15000. Which is too much. Then I heard about Vigor Gaming, and customized a rig on their site (maxed out everything) and it cost roughly $10,000, which is still a ton a money... Then I looked into laptops. Vigor's Atlantis laptop starts at ~$2500, and I built a r
  17. A charming little park. I like it a bit...room for improvement, but its still good by itself.
  18. At Great Adventure, its all over the place, these no-smoking announcements. I didn't witness any examples being made or anything of the sort, but after this I'm assuming that the park manager might have gotten a bit ticked off about the issue.
  19. Personally, I think the new Nano is a good idea. Its only $200 for 8GB which is enough for my music, podcasts, and videos. Maybe I'll get an FM Radio thing and use that. I don't think my entire library of iTunes STUFF adds up to 8GB.
  20. Worst: On a Class Trip (8th grade, so last year) to Hersheypark, the first thing we did was Chocolate World (of course), and what really pissed me and almost everyone off was that no matter what we did, our pictures got censored. One group made some peace signs (they were imitating Asian tourists), and they got censored. Later, losing my group so I had to stick with that same group of chums that all they wanted to do was go to the Dome Arcade and stay there all day. Now THAT is annoying when Storm Rider and Wildcat were so close...yet so far...grrrrr... Best: On that same trip, riding
  21. I'm getting an 8GB Black Nano Video for my Birthday or Christmas. Must be that my current 1GB 1st Gen Nano cost the same when it came out.
  22. I thought BB was a really nice movie. I just hope the Joker isn't so...clownish, if you catch my drift.
  23. *Clicks on RCT3* Did you start this function? Cancel or Allow *allow* Windows needs your authorization to continue... *YES* *start video* RCT3 is not a Games for Windows title. Why don't you go buy Halo 2 Vista or Flight Simulator X instead? *NO* Windows will not allow you to play pre-Vista titles. *Start anyway* ERROR! VISTA NEEDS FURTHER AUTHORIZ- *shutdown* See? Exactly.
  24. Horse Ride looks good. Better name though... Erm...try and beef up the area in the skyline pic. Make sure the paths are all fenced with pwetty fences. Makes it look not so...RCT-ish. More real-ish.
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