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  1. Wow. Linksys products are awful. The Wireless G-Adapter in one of the family computers likes to turn off whenever it darn well pleases. Have to restart the computer to get it working again. And my no-name Wireless-N adapter has not stopped working since I put it in.* Don't you just love major brand-name products? I don't. *-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833180052
  2. WOO-HOO! The Gateway 22-incher is MINE! Too bad RCT3 only goes up to 1440x900.
  3. I felt this was a cool wallpaper. I like the city landscape wallpapers a lot. BTW, the city/country is Monaco. Looks like a nice place.
  4. My dad doesn't trust me with anything about computers. I wanted an after-market cooler for my EVGA 8800GT because it was hitting the 90C range. Not good for the card's lifespan. So I got this* product, knowing what I needed to do (take off stock heatsink, clean leftover paste w/ rubbing alcohol & q-tip/cloth, install new heatsink). But...he doesn't trust me with it. He wants Geek Squad to do it. Next time I get an upgrade/new part for my PC I'm doing it when he's not at home to prove I can do it without breaking the $1500 investment ($1100 without Geek Squad installation mind you)
  5. I say this is a very unfortunate event, but could have been avoided if the kid thought for more than a second about why they put fences around the coaster instead of acting on boyish tendencies. Dad says he lifts weights? He must've felt a need to prove his macho to his chums. If the family sues, then I will have lost all respect for them, and hope Six Flags wins it.
  6. My latest as of 6/24. Looks pretty good. Hopefully I can get a nice 22" LCD sooner or later...
  7. Macs? Eh. I have a friend who has a ye olde PowerBook G4 and its the only mac he uses. I'd like to get a cheap Mac Mini just to play around with from time to time. Mainly Garageband...8th grade memories...
  8. WOOHOO! Band trip to Cleveland, Ohio this Wednesday after school at 4:00PM! 6-hour bus ride and missing school till next Monday FOR THE WIN! And yes, we're going to Cedar Point. Marching band is performing in a parade. Watch for us. We're pretty good.
  9. Quite excellent park, CoasterExpert13. It looks very detailed in a small space, while not looking too crowded. If I had RCT2 installed on my computer, I'd view it certainly. Looks very well-done.
  10. Coincidentally, a group of seniors at my HS who were taking a high-level CAD course drafted the coaster in CAD and then bought a model kit to build it. It took a whole marking period to draft it. Its on display and it works, too. But this is even better, I think. Comepletely DIY and it looks like some great effort was put into it. Great job and good luck with the judging.
  11. Since Windowsblinds simply does not work for me anymore, I'm back to my old style desktop. Ah, well. I want to get a nice big 22" or 24" monitor so I have a little more room. How big is your Mac's monitor, wes?
  12. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? Lists the most interesting events on the left, most recent on the right. I like having both rather than just one or the other. 2. What do you find least useful about the front page? Not much to speak of. 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? Not really, no. Its all laid out in a simple format with no filler. 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? Not much, mainly because I look for the most recent. 5. How often do you look at the front page? Whenever I come to the site. 6. How often
  13. Yeah, I'll try to get a better Pic without the UI and better quality, so yeah... I've cleaned up a lot, I guess.
  14. I trust this guy more than the last one, most certainly. I'd like to see what happens to Great Adventure in the next 2-5 years and see if they will get my money (for Season Pass) again.
  15. It costs much more at Best Buy because other costs are figured into the price, such as storage, showroom floor space, etc. Newegg (one of my favorite online stores BTW) is basically a big warehouse and they can pass on the savings to you (without sales tax). You're just paying for the convenience of going to the store and getting it; if you can wait then I'd order it online. I went over to Compusa's "going out of business" sale and it wasn't much of one. The case i wanted to get was $200, marked down from $250... Newegg had it for $160 with an additional $60 rebate, so I'll end up paying a
  16. I play the clarinet. I'm 3rd chair, but I don't care because there's 17 of us in the band. Small army of sorts. I play well, better than the guys next to me. There is this one kid in another school in the district who has an Alto Sax spaypainted clarinet black. It was intense. Our band teacher is an Alto Sax player too, and brags that his one of a set of 100 hand-made sax's, and that the factory was burned down, but when they rebuilt the factory they never got back to making more hand-made insturments because the instructions were burned also.
  17. You'd like my band teacher then. He saw some preps in the back (we were not playing that day) watching something something amusing on a laptop. He said something like this: "What are you watching back there? Porno?" "Dragonball Z..." "NERDS!" The best thing I've heard out of a teacher...evar. "NERDS!" Anyway, I'm a little mad at Best Buy for putting stuff that's been out for years at full price and then some. I got this headset for $50 (with Gift Cards), and then later checked the price of the same headset on Newegg.com, and it cost $17! My mom told me not to tell my dad because he re
  18. John. Probably gonna name my kid's middle name Rosenthal or something like that.
  19. Delta difficulty in Crysis, and beating CoD4 on Veteran. I'm getting Halo 2 for Windows soon, beat that on Legendary, then Gears of War (PC) on Insane. All over again. Free gamerscore FTW.
  20. Wow. I agree with that 100%. Espescially with the homophobia. I live in a very conservative suburb, and countless times, I've heard people talk about how much they hate gays. And not just kids, parents have told me about how much they hate gays and whatnot. And btw, I'm bi, and if you have a problem with it, I don't give a $hit. Not that I would think anyone here would. If you're bi, you're safe from any sex-crazed aliens that invade. (i.e., that BBC show Torchwood) Anyway. My rant. My mom's mom (Grandma) has been in the hospital and in rehab for a while, which sucks because it means 1)Ca
  21. I love these "Obvious" instruction pictures. They make you laugh because its something you know is so obvious, but never think of doing...
  22. This actually won't affect the movie, since its already in Post-Production. Its sad to see a man with talent go out like this. The only thing that annoys me is the way people are trying to find out the details, when it doesn't truly matter.
  23. Something that has always annoyed me about some students in school are the types who take classes *just* to put them down on their college registration. I'm pretty sure this is the most academically cruel thing I've ever said, but: Quite frankly, if you're more concerned about your Myspace page, your date(s, in some cases), or your half-time job at McDonald's, then why are you even considering taking Advanced courses, Physics 1A, or Spanish 3? Because I don't think you need Euro History AP to be a pimp, I'm sure. Rant is half-over. There are seriously more students concerned about their
  24. A Crysis fansite I go to: Crysis-Online, is worth $133,972. But still, knowing that your site is worth $$$ might motivate you.
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