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  1. Happy Birthday, Robb! I'm coughing my @$$ off but this cheered me up.
  2. There are ways around that. Its entirely possible to run OSX on a PC. http://www.wired.com/gadgets/mac/commentary/cultofmac/2005/08/68501 Well...conventionally. All I'd want from Mac OSX is Garageband, anyway. And as for "Administration" in Vista...doesn't Ultimate actually make you the REAL Administrator that lets you do whatever the heck you want?
  3. You can dual boot Mac OSX w/Vista, but not Vista/XP w/Mac OSX. The Mac OS looks for a chip on the motherboard and won't run unless it finds it. Silly Apple. You let Windows just waltz on in without returning back the favor...shame, shame. And as for making your PC look like a Mac, there's always WindowsBlinds skinner for XP/Vista, dock applications like Rocketdock and ObjectDock.
  4. I'm sick, but after...ahem "blowing chunks" twice, I feel much better. And for some reason, I have a sudden craving for Iced Tea and Dole Whips.
  5. Yes, you need Ultimate. If you're willing to shell out $150 for the Home Premium>Ultimate upgrade, then why not. There's supposed to be more Ultimate-exclusive stuff coming out throughout Vista's lifetime.
  6. XD. LULZ! You should filter out LOL with something hillarious on April Fool's Day or something.
  7. I've always wanted to try the vacuum approach. Or garden hose.
  8. ^Oh, right. Wrong movie. I'm pretty sure Airplane! was rated G or PG.
  9. ^LOL. I got a Saitek Eclipse II keyboard, iPod Nano 3rd Gen 8GB Black, case for iPod, $55 in iTunes Gift Cards, extra iPod earphones, Halo 3 Soundtrack, Crysis, Crysis Prima Guide, lots of money and gift cards to Best Buy and Gamestop. There's also the $1,100 computer I got to play Crysis.
  10. Monty Python and Spaceballs were rated around G-PG, respectively. Mostly because of the satirical nature of movies like Airport and MP and the Holy Grail and Spaceballs not rated R. They're not supposed to be soap-opera ridiculous drama, but satirical hilariousness. I say keep the standards the way they are. Keep the anti-smoking/drug and the "Please drink responsibly" (or any variation thereof) in liquor ads, and eventually the addictions will decline. Upping the prices gradually might work.
  11. Razer Protone m250 Street-Style Earphones - $19.99 For my iPod, but mainly for listening to music on my new gaming PC, even though I might be getting a new iPod tomorrow.
  12. I've got a band trip to Cleaveland in May, and I really wish we were going there, but of course, we've got Cedar Point, playing a concert there, a baseball game, another concert, and a dinner cruise. Overkill much? What sucks is that people aren't signing up and whining that we aren't going to Disney. If only they knew... When me and my dad went to Sandusky, I wish we planned to go there, but we spent most of our time at CP.
  13. I worked at a Cub Scout camp and that can't be closer to the truth. Kids at that age WILL talk about what they saw, regardless of whether it was good or bad. They just feel the need to talk about things because you're the authority figure, whether 16 or 35 and above, and feel you need to know everything. The staff always had to keep their mouths shut on sensitive topics, because [the kids] repeat things, whether you (or the parents) like it or not. Whether its out at Cub Scout camp or in the classroom, the same applies. On-topic: The girl can be blamed. After previous comments, I can't say "
  14. Fruhe Weihnachten! Luckily, since I'm taking German 2 in my school right now (w/a teacher who is plenty enthusiastic and actually CARES), I could understand what you're saying. The language is much easier to understand than Spanish or French.
  15. Gack! I hates waiting for Christmas. Getting to the point: It's been hell trying to get my parents to let me buy stuff for my gaming rig. My dad tends to not take any note or inititive, typically until something like "Windows must be activated in 20 days or else". He also thinks Best Buy has everything. Hate to rain on your parade, but they don't. The good stuff you gotta buy online. And my Xbox 360 is pissing me off with its loading. It'll freeze when I get to the "Edit Profile" screen. Its ridiculous. Or any screen. I'm thinking of sending it in once I get some more games. With my new
  16. Consider it an early Christmas present. That is, if it really does end up being a Hurricane Harbor expansion. That'll be great-since if they model it after the others (I've obviously been to Great Adventure's), it'll be a good addition. Must be a happy day.
  17. Awww...another landmark gone. No anouncements? Just one day the wrecking crew comes in and demos the whole thing? Wow.
  18. I have a friend who bought a PS3 just so he could play the next Ace Combat game. Which, sucks for him, came out exclusive for 360. And he's only got one friend on PSN, which is one of his friends that I also play Live with and probably bought a PS3 out of pity so he wouldn't be comepletely lonely. He also tends to go into denial when I showed him some of the anti-PS3 SarcasticGamer vids on youtube. Which are hillarious. Plus, I was kinda disapointed in Sony for not bribing Nvidia (who provided the GPU specs) to get some Series 8 chips instead of taking the easy route and using Series 7
  19. And I'm just ripping my hair out over what to tell my parents to get me for Christmas! So it's either the iPod Nano 3rd Gen Video 8GB (Black, of course) for $189.00... Or these items for about $200... I just bought parts to a $1000 gaming PC, so my parents are limiting Santa's budget this year... Then there's the $750 band trip in May, which lands us the day before I'm supposed to go to Confirmation...so yeah. Spend-happy this year.
  20. People who jump on your every mistake becuase they think you're helpless or something. And more of those "Girl creates Myspace account without parents knowing, meets boy, boy says "try cutting yourself", and the rest goes on. Sheesh, and she's only in 7th grade for crying out loud! Do kids ever think straight these days?
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