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  1. Anyone been out to visit Mystic Motel yet this Halloween season? I'm intrigued by any new developments.
  2. Wow these are sweet! Thanks for sharing. Wouldn't mind grabbing one of these myself.
  3. ^^^^ As a former native Alabamian, I really had no idea that Mobile has the tallest architecture in the state. Interesting...are you sure of that? Nice pic! I used to visit there often to see my kin. The city looks great at night from across the bay at Fairhope.
  4. They were working on the Haunted Hotel when I stopped by on the way to Kentucky Kingdom last Thursday... Is that a Sleestak?
  5. I <3 JAPAN! Everything looks amazing as expected. Thanks for these updates, Robb!
  6. Loved The Smiths and R.E.M. references. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.
  7. This update takes us to WDW's Magic Kingdom with vintage postcards, old attraction tickets (yes, tickets), and a guide from 1981's Tencennial celebration! This is what opening day was like! A little worse for the wear after all these years...October, 1971! Early Main Street view 1985 Thanks Greta! Sorry about your Swatch. All the E tickets are used of course. I'm so glad Disney doesn't use tickets anymore! Monorail ticket! River Country! CONDORMAN! Thanks Polaroid! 1981 Tencennial Guide Main Street EPCOT Center Preview attraction??? Here ya go! In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was brand new! A lot has changed in Fantasyland. A lot has changed in general. I've always loved Tomorrowland. If You Had Wings! Remember kids, Tip #2 is particularly important.
  8. This looks fun: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1691320790/funtown-mountain/video_share?ref=video Hope they reach the Kickstarter...almost there. Mmmm chicken.
  9. Here's what the ice cream guy at Prairie Farms told me: Priceless Foods on Old Hickory Blvd. (yes, he can be so cold ....) They're still working on placement in additional stores - so don't hesitate to "demand" Thunderbird Ice Cream at your store if it normally carries PF products. Thanks Paula! I found Thunderbird ice cream yesterday.I bought a carton and absolutely love it! I have to put the carton up now before I make myself sick on it!
  10. Here in the Evansville area I've been able to get it at Price Less foods, Schnucks, and some Wal-Marts. Since we don't have either Price Less or Schnucks, I'll check Wal-Mart. Thank you!
  11. Where have you have found Thunderbird ice cream in you grocery store and your location? I have not found it in Nashville yet.
  12. Snacky snack snack snack snack snack...the media kit looks suh weeeet. Thanks for sharing, Robb! Edit to add I could see SF selling a play toy of this ride in their gift shops.
  13. From my visit to Larson WAY back in 2007 since some of you may not have seen the Super Loop and other stuff at the factory (there's some other really good stuff too. Thanks Larson!!!): http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1042751#p1042751
  14. I just saw this today: http://wiat.com/2015/04/25/around-town-splash-adventure/
  15. This week is a look at Disney's Hollywood Studios (fka Disney-MGM Studios) from 2005...
  16. Nashville is lucky in a way.. It's about 3 to 4 hours away from Holiday World, SFOG, Dollywood, Kentucky Kingdom, not to mention Beech Bend is in Bowling Green, which is about an hour or so north of Nashville. Add Lake Winnie 2.5 hours away and Alabama Adventure about 4 hours away. We'll have Guntown Mountain back open this summer too. I'm always a bit surprised though when locals haven't heard of Beech Bend.
  17. ^^ Have you tried resizing the photo files to make them smaller? There may be a better one, but I use Fast Image Resizer which you can download. Never had a problem with posting here after using that resizer.
  18. I was only ever able to visit the gift shop at the bottom of the chairlift as the rest of the place was closed. The video is creepy but yet interesting. It's almost like a Pigeon Forge or Wisconsin Dells tourist area that just lives in an alternate universe. I can't wait to go check out the place once it opens.
  19. It's nice to see these photos from a park rarely reviewed here. Thank you for sharing!
  20. This EPCOT Part 2 update brings us into more modern times circa 2005-6. By the way and if you missed it earlier, I still have a few Disney's California Adventure brochures to give away, so PM me if interested. 2005 2006 compliments of thecoasterkid!
  21. Looking like a really fun time so far, Robb! I'd totally forgotten where Laser Loop ended up after Kennywood. Gotta love those old Schwarzys.Thanks for sharing all the photos!
  22. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow: Part 1 Let's check out my collection of EPCOT nostalgia from the 1980's and beyond... YAY EPCOT! Jolly jolly! EPCOT press release before the park was ever built! Here's what Disney is planning to build. What kind of name is EPCOT CENTER? What do you think about the plans? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074559/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Maybe you have a favorite country you like to visit? Ok enough with the facts...let's get on with the good stuff, and we may need this guidebook to get around the Community of Tomorrow in the 1980's. Peter Fonda are you in here? Let's park the car for 3 bucks. Don't forget which section! YAY Junior Ticket! 14 bucks...what a deal! And a few years later as an adult... but still a pretty good deal! Don't miss out on the Skyleidoscope show! Turn the wheel! Turn the wheel! Let's go with Mickey and Goofy to check out the Universe of Energy! But first a crossword puzzle on an oil barrel... Let's not be "fuel-ish". Hyuck! $1.27 Hey let's see what's inside the World of Motion. We'll be stylin' in the Celebrity Eurosport Wagon for sure! This Community of Tomorrow is pretty cool! Come back next time for more from EPCOT! Here's a neat cardboard encased guide... Watch out for Yul Brynner!
  23. ^ & ^^ Yeah it's actually a bit surprising that we've not heard of a significant Olaf appearance here to my knowledge. It does seem like a perfect pairing. Maybe someone can fill us in if they've seen any Frozen tie-ins at Blizzard Beach.
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