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  1. Nice pics. I can't think of a park where I would enjoy Halloween more than at BGE.
  2. I'll be at DL on Saturday Aug. 26th. Woo! One more week to go. Then I'll be at DCA on Tuesday 29th. Has anyone been to DL on a Saturday lately? I'm a little bit worried about crowds, but at least the park is open til midnight. I'm loving the tips y'all. Keep them coming!
  3. No I didn't go to college in Fl but at Auburn. The girl who talked about it was from Nashville, and I think she rode it at the Tennessee state fair. I just remember her saying the ride op would scream, "KICK BOOTYYYYY!".
  4. WOW. I had totally forgotten about a girl I went to college with back in the 80's talking about this ride. I can only imagine how gloriously sick it must've been. Nice to finally get to see pics of it in action. Thanks for posting them!
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