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  1. File under "if it sounds too good to be true, ..." Too bad, as being from this area so incredibly rich in music history while majorly deficient in entertainment of this type plus with the closest theme park being a good 2.5 hours away in Birmingham, it could definitely benefit with some type of Opryland-like entertainment made local, though I question the scale of this bogus and fraudulent presentation. A park along the lines of OWA maybe scaled back a little would probably be more appropriate.
  2. Thanks for confirming. I never got to visit Inventor's Mansion, but as someone who loves gravity/fun house type walk through attractions, it has always intrigued me. Hopefully something even better will replace it in that spot, but I'm not holding out hope in lawsuit happy America for a similar attraction coming to the park. I think it would only be a ride through attraction if anything.
  3. Do my eyes deceive or is the old Inventor's Mansion/Dolly's Rags to Riches museum building completely wiped off of the top of the "cave"?
  4. WOW thanks for this awesome throw back! I grew up going to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for family vacations and remember visiting DW early on when it was still Goldrush Junction. My dad put me on my first flume ride there. I remember also the park had a Mad Mouse coaster unlisted on RCDB. Plenty of park nostalgia over here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=46005 .
  5. I noticed that COLD response too. Too bad. I really enjoyed this dark ride (prob a top 5 for me outside of Disney) and felt it was one of the more unique dark ride storylines. UGH.
  6. The castle looks absolutely STUNNING! WOW. I'm always amazed at how all out Disney goes...the park looks just gorgeous. Great first TR Spears. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Oh wow I love this Robb. The Headless Horseman photos are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. I've been curious about the wigwams for a while now. Thanks for sharing this rare look inside!
  9. Since there seems to be very little on the internet about the Inventor's Mansion, I would like to know about the details of this former attraction. I never got to experience it when the park was Silver Dollar City. I know it was later converted to Dolly's Rags to Riches attraction, but I'm more interested in when it was the Inventor's Mansion. Maybe DW has future plans for this building? What is it being used for now since the roller coaster museum was housed in it? I would love to see this return as a fun house type attraction again!
  10. Great to see this PTR, Larry. I haven't been to Carowinds since 2004 so this is interesting to see. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the next installment!
  11. I'm in the path of totality here in Nashville and have family visiting to experience the eclipse with me. It's surely going to be amazingly awe-inducing by the looks of things. I wish Opryland was still around for this. Hope everyone enjoys this once in a lifetime event! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_exegtInbw
  12. I know they are vouching to the state of Indiana for starting public school later next year. Indianapolis schools went back July 31st and most public southern Indiana schools went back August 9th. That restricts HW's operating schedule to only weekends for 2017 from this point on. JULY 31st! Seriously???
  13. Agreed 100% on your take of Lightning Rod, Robb. It's hands down one of the top two or three most bat-guano insane coasters I've been fortunate to experience...and live to tell. Ejector air is my thing and it delivers in spades. So glad you all got to enjoy it on this trip!
  14. I recently stayed at the DreamMore resort too. My fav part? The smores cookout, but all of it is absolutely amazing.
  15. I'd go in expecting LR to be closed for the day and diverting attention far, far away if possible. There's night rides on mountain coasters after DW closes if needed to hype.
  16. "I'm just glad I got to ride it. Maybe they can change the name to Flash in the Pan, so I don't mess up the name again. Shut your pie hole Larry! (glad you got to ride it though)
  17. Truly unexpected. You just never know what someone is going through. The rusty cage has been broken...run free Chris.
  18. If I remember correctly, when you traveled back from Tusenfryd to Gothenburg with me and my brother, we did a stop at MAX /// Marcus Actually that was me Marcus! Bill wishes hah (sorry Bill...next time). And more Max burger at Liseberg is not a bad thing. Mmmmm! The park is looking better than ever and thanks for this trip report. Can't wait to get back there to revisit my fav park day ever!
  19. Agreed, it was really apparent from the train ride last year but not sure how this year yet.
  20. Festival of Nations has been a top favorite event I've attended the last 5 years or so. I've really enjoyed taking my mom to it and she's bought several items from the vendors. We LOVED the Irish shop a few years back, and she bought a nice thick winter wool sweater there. She loves it. She and I have also bought several CD's and DVD's from the performers over the years. As her health has been illing lately we weren't able to attend Festival of Nations this year unfortunately. I hope it's been really great though!
  21. I concur! Amazing journeys and photos in this update. Your TR's are always packed with personality which I think sets them on a higher bar than most. As always many thanks for sharing a part of the world I will probably unfortunately never get to visit!
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