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  1. Nice Chuck. I feel like I would pick Blizzard Beach over TL if given the choice...the theme definitely appeals to me more. I have not heard, but is there any Frozen tie-in at Blizzard Beach?
  2. Hands down it is without a doubt the greatest theme park I've ever visited! Great TR! Ugh, has it already been 8 years since that TPR trip?
  3. This week I have some Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon material from 2005 for your viewing pleasure. I honestly don't see a lot of trip reports from either of these water parks and have never visited them myself. They sure do look fun! Oh and I forgot to mention previously that I have extra Disney's California Adventure brochures up for grabs, so PM me if interested.
  4. Here is part 2 of DAK - this time from 2006 compliments of thecoasterkid. Thank you Shawn! The brochure cover art is one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of mankind!
  5. I still would like to visit this park one day, but here's Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2005:
  6. https://t.e2ma.net/webview/5tbjf/ea985e53ca31838c4c399e112b4ae326 Air Race Has Arrived! Not only has it arrived, but we got to take a test flight on it today. Our test pilots raved about Air Race. Air Race is a brand new ride experience that replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic airplane flight. Banks, loops, dives and weightlessness will test even the most experienced thrill seekers. The action takes place up to 30 feet above the ground and “pilots” experience accelerations of almost 3G’s. New Swing Ride is named Bluegrass Breeze Beech Bend is also excited to introduce a beautiful carousel swing from Italian ride manufacturer, Bertazzon. “We had been thinking about a new swing ride for a couple of years. The swing we ordered is a gorgeous ride with very intricate, hand painted panels and beautiful lights", commented Park President, Dallas Jones. The Park asked for help from the public to name the new carousel swing and choose the name "Bluegrass Breeze". Congratulations to Angela Sanford for submitting the winning name. It was a tough choice as there were a lot of very clever names submitted. Breaking News - Friday Night Lights Announced For the first time ever, enjoy Beech Bend Park in the dark. You'll be amazed by the dazzling lights that create a whole new park experience. Conquer the unexpected twists and turns of the pitch black Kentucky Rumbler or be amazed at the spectacular light displays of Air Race or Vortex. "We have been purchasing rides with beautiful, LED light packages for the past few years, but we have not been open past dark to show them off. This year our guests will get to enjoy them on Friday nights in July as we celebrate "Friday Night Lights", commented Park President, Dallas Jones. Enjoy all the rides in Beech Bend Park for the family-friendly price of just $12 from 5:30 to 9:00 pm every Friday night in July.
  7. From Saturday: http://www.timesdaily.com/news/tva-land-eyed/article_060d4c0c-ba58-11e4-90e0-af4c4ec13f63.html
  8. I am really looking forward to checking out Beech Bend's Air Race this year!
  9. If you're into Disney, then you will probably enjoy today's kick-off of several weeks (months, years?) worth of Disney park nostalgia. First up is DCA with postcards and brochure from my visit in 2006 before the recent extreme makeover.
  10. http://www.timesdaily.com/news/potential-changes-on-shoals-horizon/article_bfac9e5e-b4d3-11e4-becb-434f400914cf.html
  11. Loopy Doopy Land parody: http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/02/loopy_doopy_land_parody_pokes.html#incart_river
  12. The latest headlines: http://www.timesdaily.com/news/local/ceo-b-in-funding-for-shoals-theme-park-in-place/article_7159c9a4-b274-11e4-b812-5f17ca86f910.html http://www.timesdaily.com/news/local/shoals-theme-park-vision-shared-but-details-scarce/article_dfe140ce-b273-11e4-997d-b748a8e89b29.html
  13. Another news update: http://whnt.com/2015/02/11/dreamvision-soundscape-unanswered-questions-skepticism-remain/
  14. Bump to remind of the Alabama press event this morning. Here's an interview with DreamVision leaders: http://whnt.com/2015/02/11/exclusive-dreamvision-company-executives-answer-questions-one-on-one-with-lee-marshall-ahead-of-announcement/
  15. You're probably right Chuck, although I can imagine outside the US there may be or might have been one over the years. I thought I recently heard about a zipline in a cave but can't remember where it's located.
  16. This might be an exclusive first on TPR - DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park in Alabama...which brings me to wonder has a roller coaster ever been built in a natural cave or cavern?
  17. Muscle Shoals has been in the spotlight a little more recently with the release of the movie documenting all the music recorded there back in the 70's...Rolling Stones, Aretha, Skynyrd, etc. and more recently the revival with the Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, The Kills, and the Dr. Dre/Beats interest in Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. I'm suspicious of this development though.
  18. DelGrosso's sure has an interesting history from its early 1900's humble beginnings with the creation of the now famous Italian pasta sauce. I would definitely like to check out this place someday and the sauce too! Mmmm Spaghetti Wednesday
  19. Thunder_Run...thanks for that aerial pic I'd never seen before. Beech Bend has come a long way since then. The park has some unique attractions if overlooked sometimes. Looking forward to the Air Race ride this year!
  20. This week we move on to Coney Island, Cincinnati in 2006 and 2011 with some historic postcards thrown in. This park could definitely use a new upscaled coaster from the Python, but it's a fun little place for a few hours. 2006 2011
  21. I found this to be an interesting history of the Maggie (well it says Magnum but is meant as Mag gie) Valley area: http://www.ourstate.com/maggie-valley/
  22. Thanks for the pic from City Park, Jake. I had no idea the coaster spot was barren. Here's Clementon Amusement Park in 2004-05. There's only 4 of these S&S Woodies in the world, right? Chaos!
  23. I've never visited City Park in New Orleans, but it certainly looks like a relaxing and lush environment...plus they have a few rides. By the looks of things on RCDB, it sounds like they're getting an updated family coaster opening in March of this year.
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